On Oppositional Defiant “Disorder”

Air quotes because it’s really quite adaptive on the individual level, even if society formally disapproves.

ODD is a fixation to a common human behavior I call “conspicuous rule-breaking”. It’s a variant of virtue signalling where a person will flagrantly violate a social or institutional taboo in the view of others to demonstrate their high status. Chicks dig conspicuous rule-breaking because it demonstrates unpredictable wildness (the opposite of slavish predictability), which is why civilization is incompatible with feminism. Men fall into three camps, based on their preferred social style: signalers are impressed and attracted to conspicuous rule-breaking, spergs are offended and repulsed, and small-talkers are just surprised and confused (hence the nervous laughter).

There are two variables which determine the success of this behavior: the strength of the taboo and the severity of the punishment. The best-case outcome for a taboo breaker is to maximize the former and minimize the latter, so that people see them performing heinous crimes without being punished. If they can pull this off, it demonstrates extremely high status—after all, a person would have to have high value to the tribe in order to do whatever they want without consequences. The perception creates the reality, hence the feedback loop that propels extreme taboo breakers like Tony Podesta and Jeffrey Epstein to the highest levels of political power. However, there is always a risk-reward calculation involved in breaking large taboos, because the tribe might decide that public displays of pedophilia and cannibalism are more than they can rationalize and still feel like good, moral people.

Once again, ODD is a fixation on this behavior. ODD can be either biologically hardcoded at birth or hardcoded during early development via idealistic fixation, similar to warrior idealism. To illustrate, I’ll describe a very interesting case in the kitchen at my weekend job, the pizza place. He’s 100% German and has many of the stereotypical traits, but his dad was a deadbeat and ran out while he was an infant. This combination of German-ness and dad issues leads to a very unusual set of behaviors: he does a lot of drugs and still shows up half an hour early to work every single day. When nobody’s looking he follows the rules and does the work of five people, but when he’s being observed he breaks rules and starts shit. He’s a great guy to have around during a dinner rush, not so great when he’s bored. As you might expect, he’s been to jail several times and does extremely well with women: right now he’s moving into a swanky apartment with a hot upper class girl whose mom is paying for it (not even exaggerating). We get along marvelously. I figure if the race war goes hot he’ll be an excellent ally too; I’ll just arm him and point him in a general direction, so he can take a little initiative.

ODD can be distinguished from merely impulsive/short-sighted oppositional behavior by observing the response to punishment: impulsive/short-sighted misbehavior will cease, whereas pathological defiance will intensify.

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11 Responses to On Oppositional Defiant “Disorder”

  1. Boneflour says:

    I like this post. This is a good post.

  2. Ophiuchus says:

    Confirmed and upboated.

  3. Koanic says:

    Few documents are more defiant than James LaFond’s introduction to Alienation Nation.

    Read it for free with Amazon Look Inside.

  4. Thal Melon says:

    For such a smart guy you sure end up working in some low places.

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