On the Alt-Right, part III

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It would be a horrible mistake to ascribe ideological or political motives to Gamergate. In fact, the actors involved were among the most secularized, apolitical, degenerate hedonists that humanity ever produced. It would be much more accurate to compare them to Roman peasants demanding bread and circuses while their civilization collapsed around them. “Two things only the people anxiously desire — weed and video games.” What caused these peasants to revolt was that the American Lugenpresse despised them, and conspired to take away their bread and circuses.

For years the video game press, academics, and Hollywood spat on gamers as angry, violent, bigoted, worthless losers, not to mention lazy and celibate, and the source of many evils. The very identity “gamer” was born to describe half a generation of Millenials and many Xers who had completely given up on the rat race to pursue dopamine in its purest forms. The communists, being totalitarians, could not abide the existence of people whose lives were not driven by ideology. There is nothing more painful to a communist than the idea that someone, somewhere, is having a good time outside of the workers’ paradise. Thus, they infiltrated. And subverted.

Almost overnight, the video game press was saturated with listicles about sexism, racism, and white privilege in video games. Sociology turned its baleful eye toward video game demographics and was disgusted to find many Eurocentric protagonists, worlds, and stories! (Never mind the concomitant Nippocentric protagonists, worlds, and stories.) Such over-representation could only be explained by discrimination, and of course not by the much greater over-representation of white men (and Japanese) among game designers. It was a powderkeg.

The history of how that powderkeg was sparked has been written better elsewhere, but mind your sources. Milo is the best, but IIRC Vox’s book SJWs Always Lie also has a chapter on it.

Unlike other fandoms, gamers have fought back against this social justice incursion with waspish humour, internet memes, relentlessness, attention to detail and utter ruthlessness, exposing the lies and dodgy pasts of the feminists and busting journalists for outrageous professional malpractice, such as Polygon writer Ben Kuchera, who nearly destroyed a game developer CEO’s career by repeating lurid sexual allegations about him.

They have also staged massive letter-writing campaigns to the advertisers who support Gawker Media and Vox Media, whom gamers accuse of spreading lies about them. The campaign has cost Gawker Media seven figures in ad revenue to date. It’s the first time an organised revolt against sloppy, city-dwelling bloggers has got off the ground. The wider media has been watching, slack-jawed, hoping it doesn’t spread outside of video games. (Imagine if other readers got the same idea!)

Milo Yiannopoulos
I’m Writing a Book about Gamergate

Gamergaters were up against the wall. Video games were the only thing they still had that made life bearable, and the communists wanted to take them away. This violates the most important rule of war: Never back your enemy into a corner without the option of retreating. It’s a great underdog story, but what primarily concerns us with respect to the Alt-Right is the spontaneous organization of a highly effective, decentralized population of NEETs using 4GW propaganda tactics.

Mr. Lind and I had a conversation about #GamerGate. He recognized it as an obvious manifestation of 4GW, so it’s interesting to see that the students of 4GW see it clearly as well.

Vox Day
Gamergate and 4GW

This is getting a bit long for its purpose, but I think it’s important to recognize that Gamergate was a turning point in the culture war and eventually resulted in Trump’s election. This cartoon puts it better than I can:

Gawker is gone now, in part due to techie funding (Thiel). The ranks of the most influential gaming news websites like The Escapist have been purged of Cultural Marxists. And so…the gamers were victorious, the communists had fled to their ivory towers, and Gamergate was over. But the 4GW apparatus remained.

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12 Responses to On the Alt-Right, part III

  1. bicebicebice says:

    The thing about games is that probably all of them contain elements of meritocracy, cheaters even get jailed in some countries, dishonorable conduct etc. SJW games would not be fun to play, so obviously an SJW world is not fun to live in. Build, maintan, defend and expand.
    Then do it all over again.

    I can’t put it in words but if anyone is amazed that beta NEETS caused this uprising, then you havent played a single video/pc game ever. The fantasy element is very alive, it is just the soul of the ancient adventurous K-City State archaic mensch. They swapped their muscles for pot bellies but the wavelength is still intact.

  2. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    Are you aware of Terry A. Davis’ latest antics, Aeoli?

    If this was an advertisement, I would write “This man could be You!”

    • MM says:

      fucking Roosh- a childless and sad shadow of a human. People don’t need help being black pilled.
      Hope he finally kills himself. He is part of the problem and on some level knows it.

      • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

        He’s a far, far less interesting character than Casanova, who he wishes to be compared to.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I have nothing to add, it’s a good piece. Do you mean for visibility’s sake?

  3. about 15 points below the proper verbal IQ says:

    “spat on gamers as angry, violent, bigoted, worthless losers, not to mention lazy and celibate, and the source of many evils.”
    Many are, and an online multiplayer gaming session with random strangers turns into a 95-IQish nightmarish trial for the nervous system made of “u loser” “dikhead!” “idont play wth ths s**t”, defection, displacement of blame, and general meanness.
    The point is, these people keep their minds below even reading the video game fakepress. In other words, they made up at the most 10% of #GamerGate, and we are talking the least active 10%.
    Among the champions, were people like Christina Hoff Sommers, a Chinese-ancestry professor whose name I seem to be unable to recall, and a ton of non-mainstream very intelligent people, game developers, small indie publishers, genuine artists, and last but not least people who run small e-zines dealing with videogames that actually aim at dealing with videogames and play them (the mainstream press is just a public relationships and marketing dep branch of big publishers + an army of socio-political propagandists, an appendix of university’s social-sciences “troops”, after all, it’s the same people)
    So, Pear, that junk exists, but was not part of gamergate. And of course, the videogame-related verbalist class made of status-thirsty sociology post-docs (who have never played a game) played their tried and trusted trick, like when somebody says they want to halt immigration from the world’s South and they react with cries of Nazis-are-among-us.
    At that point, a rat… I mean a signaling race began within the ranks of the videogame fakepress, and it was a race to who will find the foulest of foul words to be addressed to these evil devils of gamergaters.
    ”Fascist” and “Nazi” showed up, along with the rest of the verbal and rhetorical warhorses.
    Where I disagree on: these sociology and liberal arts saw there were some non-ideologized young having a good time and felt compelled to go brainwash them.

    It’s not like that, and simpler than that.
    The videogame outlets workforce changed. It was made by fans of games who played games, not by journalists (let alone “mainstream” type journalists). But then, games entered the realm of Big Business. So they become a matter of culture, politics, sociology, … they ended up at the intersection of this type of interests. Sites writing of them, in turn, grew: they had to hire professionals, behind-the-scenes managerial types, and “talking head” verbalists alike.
    We know the cultural background, the drives, purposes, tactics and strategies, of these people.

    They just had nothing to do with games till games were no big thing.
    Gamergaters perceived the insincerity and manipulation, and tried to fight back. Only to be portrayed as cultural and moral monsters synchronously on the entire spectrum of respectablepress (they just write their hit pieces once, and publish them everywhere with little changes, if you ask me. No matter if the subject is Russia, North Korea, of the last RPG that doesn’t have any black brave persona — never mind it is set in 19th century Poland).

  4. bicebicebice says:

    yeah maybe but they did so on the computer! the said thing is how that rocked an establishment, and I would argue that at heart this is not foreign territory to the NEET, regarding the credit taking alt right you are correct tho, but they shouldn’t get to take the credit!

  5. Obadiah says:

    Good analysis of historical forces; flawed by the exclusion of imageboards and imageboard culture

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