Pathological virtue signalling vs. pathological altruism

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I think people get these mixed up because they want to. It’s not a difficult distinction, and yet…R-selection is also a state of mind.

RIP Pat Tillman. This country didn’t deserve you.

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6 Responses to Pathological virtue signalling vs. pathological altruism

  1. Ophiuchus says:

    ~Firsties!~ :P XD hee hee!!

    One of the all-time best Aeoli poasts:

    “This is the sort of thing that happens when people think they’re ULTRA INTELLIGENT because they had good grades in school. 4 A’s, an A-, and a B+ in Spanish, incredibru! You, sir, have the makings of a philosopher king. Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to reorganize society for all 350,000,000 of the rest of us in America so that you won’t need to work a day job making things people actually want”

    • Ophiuchus says:

      Also, a wild shitpost appears; Songs by the band Cake expressing the mindsets of various Edenic archetypes:

      Arch-Melon: “Commissioning a Symphony in C”
      Bigeye Melon: “Comfort Eagle”
      Snake Melon: “Satan is my Motor”
      Owl Melon: “War Pigs”
      MT: “The Distance”
      TM: “Sheep go to Heaven”
      Ferrathal/Amud: “You Turn the Screws”
      Archaic Thal: “Comanche”
      Mousterian: ???
      Starchild: ???
      Cro-Magnon: “Long Line of Cars”

  2. Op 36 1913 says:

    if a person fails to understand an idea after a certain amount of time and tutelage, it indicates either low general intelligence or immorality.

    I suspect this of simplism…

    and it is, as long as we don’t define “immorality” as what ever runs against your mind’s own stream (neurotypical definition).

    People have vanity pride will-to-power and will-to-self-preservation at the core of their ID, the rest is activity to feed it and safeguard it. Effective morals that spread across populations serve the same end (collective self-preservation rather than personal).

    So, either a lack of intelligence or any of the afore needs will prevent them from understanding. In the first case, their whole “I” won’t understand. In the latter case, only the conscious I. You can replace “understand” with “see” (indicating intuition, not eye-sight, but not so rarely eye-sight as well!).

    This is what has replaced the archaic man and society.
    It is good, and only unobservant people much ahead on the road of evolution can fail to see that. We’ll have to wait a little before the rest of mankind reaches our step. Just that.

    • Op 36 1913 says:

      I forgot envy.

      An enormous amount of personal and collective energies is paid to preserving individuals and groups from envy, feeding their vanity, … keeping everything deep in their minds at bay, feeding it as much as it must be but possibly no more, …

      This is the task of laws, charismatic leaders and their cults, myths, and a lot of identity-symbols, from Greek Gods to Equality.

      If humans lost envy, will-to-command, vanity, unthinkable achievements would be within reach, with no need for more intelligence. God, if you hear me, Aspie-fy the world, it will never be too soon.

  3. Santoculto says:

    I think people are very engaged in intellectual signaling too.. Well most of post modern philosophy, arts and “march for science” is like that… Signaling academic/social/ intellectual status.

    What I read in somewhere hbd

    “Dumb” people think a
    “Smart” people think b
    “Smarter” people think a

  4. glosoli says:

    I was going to copy in a convo from Facebook that chimed with your conclusion about Pat Tillman.
    But it was on my MP’s (member of parliament) thread, with another serviceman, the MP is ex-service too.
    I can’t copy it in because the MP has deleted the comment and blocked me too. He’s probably figured out he wasn’t getting my vote when I called him a state-funded murderer. Arrogant leech fucker. I think I hit the target though.
    Ironically, his fellow serviceman was singing the praises of the brave soldiers, and their fighting for our freedoms.
    I mentioned some truths re Al Queda, ISIS, Iraq, the Saudis etc, and paid homage to my grandfather who died in WW2, as he wasted his life fighting to keep satanists in power. And our freedoms are rapidly vanishing.
    Fuck the state, fuck my MP, fuck democracy, fuck satan.
    Now that’s off my chest, I can get to bed. God bless you all.

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