Frame technique: Context denial

This McDonald’s advertisement is a revolution for marketing. It allows the viewer to watch it “ironically” for “entertainment”, while believing that the advertising isn’t affecting their hindbrains.

The ad is good enough to examine on its own, but it helps me to express a truth about social skills. You don’t have to be taken seriously for your reframing to work (alt: Frame, Game, sales, marketing, socializing, debate). You can play a symbolic part ironically and still get the same hindbrain effects as if you were taken seriously, because even if the motif is interpreted critically the background context will be processed uncritically. In Game, you can dress like a rock star ironically and even if the girls you’re talking to know it and are laughing at the joke (“haha 80s night”) they will still be more attracted to you.

If the background is properly managed, you can distract the prefrontal cortex with fast-paced humor and make the sale directly to the thalamus. What is the real selling point in this ad?


It’s not the sandwich because that’s in the foreground. That’s just a decoy. It’s the wood panels, the clean, white kitchen, and the apples under the jar. The sale is made by everything you see but don’t look at directly, and everything you hear but don’t pay conscious attention to. This ad is like a heat-seeking missile for huwhite people.

This is analogous to the “ignore and plow” strategy in Game. No one is better at it than leftists because context denial is quite literally their entire mindset. If you want to get better at ignore and plow, watch a debate where a leftist gets called on their bullshit. They don’t even hesitate. Dialectic and details were never the point, just like the Frork was never the point.

I use this principle constantly in work-social situations because my facial appearance gets me pigeonholed as a gangly white software engineering cuck who’s easily bullied into doing bitchwork. (“I have this great idea, all you have to do is make it.”) So I have to constantly violate expectations to keep people’s expectations off that “first impression” set point. What I do is rebuff people using the language of low-trust races—blacks, Mexicans, Russians etc.—but keeping a white frat boy’s cadence. The “joke” is that these things don’t go together, which provokes laughter and comments about how I’m the whitest dude on earth. But the real message still gets through: “I see you trying to play me and it’s not going to work because I’m a low-trust person like you.”

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7 Responses to Frame technique: Context denial

  1. lflick says:

    If you’re watching it, it’s for you.

  2. MM says:

    vitamin d
    no sugar, low complex carbs
    saturated fat and cholesterol
    B vitamins especially B5 in pyradoxal phosphate form
    ^AS MUCH as you can stomach of all of the above
    Your test will rise as high as your body will naturally allow!

    • bicebicebice says:

      Having switched to basically only meat and fat, the only carbs being from milk and some treats, I feel that I can more “own into” my body/physique/strength, more so than when I was objectively more bodybuldish, you feel very solid, and people feel it too.

      Change the food change the people.

    • MM says:

      >only meat and fat
      Your doing Keto, Bice?
      Did it for a year and a half, deff healthy but lowered energy a little too much.
      Also carbs are v important in forming memories. Methinks up to 100 grams carbs from sweet potatoes mainly is good area. Good luckz.

  3. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    Don’t forget the British accent. I swear, it’s like a meathook to American hypothalami.

    Danke for the dank insight porn. Good post.

  4. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Now I want a burger.

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