Theory of origin myths

1. (The first law of Edenic political science) “Intra-species conflict stems from various phenotypes unconsciously trying to alter the environment to favor each of their respective reproductive strategies.”

2. Human breeding populations are best adapted to the selection pressures that produced them in the first place.

3. Therefore, each breeding population is unconsciously attempting to recreate the environmental conditions that originally produced them.

4. The aesthetic expression of this desire in the form of a story is therefore called an “origin myth”.

5. Every major human breeding population has an origin myth. Like breeding populations, myths can be layered, interwoven, and complex, corresponding to variation at the level of species, subspecies, race, etc.

Enjoy :-).

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15 Responses to Theory of origin myths

    • Robotnick says:

      lol. I wonder what type Stirner was. Looks Parietal with a sloped forehead (Anti-univeralist)

      • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

        He looks different in photographs of him. Maybe the drawings of him purposefully exaggerate certain features, as he looks rather caricaturistic in them. He would be an arch-melon according to them. In the few photographs he looks like a backswept MT or FT, CBS forehead and front. Looks similar to Nietzsche, who is also a CBS FT and has similar philosophy. Maybe CBS front (along with Fauxcipital) allows for greater egoism, if we go by the belief that the CBS type is based on late neanderthals or early thal-crom hybrids.

        Google info box stays spooked. It used to have a pic of Nietzsche, now it has a pic of Steiner.

  1. Boneflour says:

    I’m really happy that quote became a thing.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Doesn’t/wouldn’t change anything we speculate about around here. Habilis is the earliest hominid that interests me, because I think they split off and became the neanderthals. But the symbolism will drive the KANGZ crowd nuts.

      • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

        I’m surprised the article was even published, actually. Proclaim it from the rooftops: Science is Dead!
        A recent live-action exchange with a pair of scienmagist physicists at a bar confirmed and exceeded my direst and most morbid suspicions as to the state of the Academe.

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