More wild speculations on anthropology

Apropos of nothing, here are the names I use inside my head for the edenic types. I’d need to check these with someone who knows Latin:

Melonheads = “the rationalists” = homo economicus.
Neanderthals = “the dreamers” = homo naturalis.
Cro magnons = “the republicans” = homo politicus.
Sapiens = “the opportunists” = homo impulse…sus. Impulsus.
Heidelbergensis = “the man-eaters” = homo gigantus, homo magnus, homo cannibalis, something that communicates the idea of man-eating giants.

Denisovans are tricky because we have zero reason to believe my previous wild speculative anthropology post is correct, except that it’s kinda plausible. My feeling is that they were more vampiric than properly cannibalistic, and kept herds of hominids like cattle stock rather than merely hunting them. So basing my opinion on that, I figure the name ought to call out the amoral familism that characterizes these psychopaths. Homo vampirus? Maybe I should shop that one a bit. On the other hand, I am much more confident that melonheads in general exist on a spectrum between denisovan-leaning and neanderthal-leaning, i.e. snakes vs. owls. Hence the tension between the two.

Habilis I haven’t decided on. I think they were the ancestors of neanderthals, and maybe had a common ancestor with heidelbergensis or sapiens. So, to sum up my anthropology (aeolipology, if you will): Early on there were three races, heidelbergensis, habilis, and sapiens or the progeniturs of sapiens. Enter hybrid theory. The only rule in hybrid theory is “if the bits can fit, they eventually will”. That is, the probability that two mutually fertile species in close proximity will hybridize approaches 100% over time.

Habilis hybridized with somebody to create neanderthals. Heidelbergensis hybridized with sapiens, backbreeding into heidelbergensis to create denisovans. Denisovans hybridized with neanderthal to create melonheads. No idea in which direction the backbreeding would have gone in that case. Melonhead then hybridized with something to create early cro magnon proper, probably sapiens. The big-skulled ones are nowadays called EMH: “early modern humans”. I suspect fuckery in this, but I don’t know why exactly. Cro magnon would have backbred into sapiens. Then these cro magnons hybridized with neanderthals to create EMH, backbreeding into cro magnon.

Anyway, that’s where my head’s at these days.

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31 Responses to More wild speculations on anthropology

  1. Santoculto says:

    Homo impulsivus isn’t better?

  2. MM says:

    >Denisovans hybridized with neanderthal to create melonheads
    I’ll cry if that is true :(

    • Ophiuchus says:

      I think melonboons are most probably the entities/abominations created via the events described in Genesis 6 along with their various subsequent offspring/hybridizations/backcrossings. Itz still a fun topic to speculate on from a materialist perspective though, which I’ve done over on the vitamin A repository forum.

      Also Thals (and people like you who get emotional satisfaction from the aesthetic properties of sound and the like) should be dubbed “Homo A E S T H E T I C V S”

      • MM says:

        When ANYTHING gets done it’s usually a “melon”. Good or bad. I don’t buy the majority evil thing one bit, having lived around melons my whole life. “Melon Envy” is a powerful thing.
        As far as the sound obsession goes, that would take a while to explain. Was spawned during a period of very high psychoticism that thankfully subsided with hard work(Was also when I started reading the thal stuff. If it had been found now would deff ignore)

        Also, didn’t you say you were a super melon?

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          He is, very pronounced backswept.

        • Ophiucuck says:

          >”I don’t buy the majority evil thing one bit”

          Neither do I, but I also can’t truly blame people for thinking about us that way, most especially when they don’t have a lot of interpersonal exposure to and interactions with us outside of a professional setting and/or following politics, history and the like (especially the freakshow that is modern politics).

          >”‘Melon Envy’ is a powerful thing”

          I think that more powerful than a sense of envy toward melonboons is perhaps an over-willingness to ascribe responsibility to them for being the at the root of every single one of the world’s many ills (in fact, doing so is not unlike hwhyte pride types blaming the Jews for the grocery store being out of milk– though that’s not to say that the Synagogue of Satan aren’t certainly to blame for their fair share of wrongdoing).

          ‘Boons are similarly to blame for their fair share of the ills of modernity, but there are also myriad other forces in play, most of them impersonal, emergent properties of ever-increasing techno-sociological complexity, entropy and xXx_420_S.C.A.L.E._420_xXx. It’s easier to slap a human face on our society’s problems (especially a smug Melon McMelonson face, the dirty bastard) and call it a day than it is to see the gigantic, whirling firestorm of chaotic sociological entropy for what it is and track each ever-evolving issue back up through its respective causal chain to its ultimate root.

          A huge amount of the problems facing the West actually stem from a broad loss of faith in Christianity (and erosion of religiosity in general) on the part of Westerners as a people around the beginning of the 20th century (I have argued the Promethean antithesis of this perspective in the comments section here before for devil’s advocate purposes but that’s obviously a retarded position for any number of reasons). The thing is that European Christianity’s zenith and heyday weren’t presided over by TruThalz, they were presided over by a Christian melon aristocracy. It was the inbred melonboon House of Habsburg that saved Christendom (not to mention their own asses, of course) at the Battle of Vienna, just like it was any number of other melon aristocratic leaders who were defenders of the faith for nigh on 1000 years. The point I’m making is that the people who comprise the Babylonian Death Cult/Freemasons/other Niggas of Spiritually Dubious Empowerment are a small subset of lunatics at best when you consider them in the context of the broader McMelonson race. Characterizing all people who have enlarged parietal lobes as being PUPPY-TORTURING SATANIC PSYCHOPATHS FROM HELL is a mindset that is effectively orthogonal to the truth (though I will say anecdotally that a disproportionate amount of the snake melons I’ve known personally have indeed been pretty shitty people, though I think that’s actually more of a frontal/facial thing than cranial thing).

          >”Also, didn’t you say you were a super melon?”

          The preferred nomenclature is “Individual of Parietal Endowment”. Learn my pronouns pls.

          The circumference of my head is 24.4″ (62.5 cm) against my height of 6’3″, putting me in (if I recall correctly) the top 1-2 percentile for having a giant nigger melonboon cranium (according to a study that I believe Polymath posted on the old Altrugenics). As one of the 3 million Americans diagnosed with McMelonson’s Syndrome™, I should qualify for government benefits and/or gibz, but alas, I do not, so I mainly just spend my free time ranting about insane shit in the dark corners of cyberspace in my free time.

          The upside of all this is that I can psychically sense the presence of Cleve Blakemore from over 150 miles away.

          • glosoli says:

            The Christendom you describe was not much to do with Christ or God though.
            Hence the Reformation.
            Power/evil has sought to corrupt the faith from the very beginning.

            I wonder what Melons are doing hanging around with Thals? I think I know:leeching. You’d have us as slaves given half a chance, literally, rather than the debt-slavery you use these days.

            No good can come of it (for Thals), but Thals are clearly easily duped, hence their likely voluntary genocide back in the day, unable to spot the danger others presented, and kindly letting them share food and fireside.

            Really, I am convinced Thals need a homeland of their own, every other type can fuck off.
            No offence, you seem to think you are a nice guy, but from the way you write, I’d have great difficulty listening to you blather on face-to-face without walking away, or punching you. Nothing worse than a superiority complex coupled with faux humility and attempts at wit that fails to hit the mark every time.

            • Rime says:

              I wonder what Melons are doing hanging around with Thals?

              They are as alienated as we are. We are the last men living among the ruins. If these melons could make it work they would. It is a sad state of a affairs when melons can’t so much as leach a penny off a bunch of a half-autistic reThards like us.

            • MM says:

              >from the way you write, I’d have great difficulty listening to you blather on face-to-face without walking away, or punching you. Nothing worse than a superiority complex coupled with faux humility and attempts at wit that fails to hit the mark every time.

              ^THIS but for weak loser Glosoli
              Ophiuchus=high class winner

          • Rime says:

            >It was the inbred melonboon House of Habsburg that saved Christendom (not to mention their own asses, of course) at the Battle of Vienna,

            Lol typical melonboonery rewriting history. The Emperor fled Vienna to leave her to her fate in the hopes he could escape to France if it all went completely south. It was a Polack, by the name of Jan Sobieski (HAIL!), who so saved the White Race – just as it was JPII who saved the Whyte Race from commie bullshitt. God bless the Polacks. I can say this because I’m (klein)Deutsch wie alles ficki ficki ficki

            >just like it was any number of other melon aristocratic leaders who were defenders of the faith for nigh on 1000 years

            Charles Martel was a truThal! We wuz DEFENDERZ and all that jazzz

            +1 for the rest of your post. Regards, Thard ReThard

          • MM says:

            Methinks snakes and hook noses ARE THAT BAD. Rest of melons? Better than thals from what Ive seen. The one advantage the thal has is that his self hatred and extreme negative bias makes him open to a huge chunk of horrible but extremely useful info. But since the likelihood of a thal doing anything useful is slim slim slim it pretty much just gives the movement some internet trolls and entertaining blog posts.
            And they are truly entertaining! Buy your thalforce goy.

            Also, since you posted your pic I will do the same! Sometime…
            but no benis pics EL OH EL :D :D :D XDDDD

            • Ophiucuck says:

              @MM I disagree with Thals being “useless”. They’re less likely to commandeer and take charge of the situation ala Hitler or someone like that, but I don’t think being oriented more toward introspection/refractory/creativity for its own sake makes people “useless”. Just think of all the technology that Tex alone has developed and how useful it would actually be to the survivors of a real-time nuclear holocaust scenario (which is never really off the table in the modern world). Not having inherently strong leadership traits doesn’t make someone useless, just useful in a different capacity than immediate action/strategic/tactical thinking.

              @Rime I agree with you that Martel was most likely TruThal (or MT at the very least) and also that the Siege of Vienna was indeed POLAN’s finest hour. But don’t forget about Nicholas “Based God” von Salm, the 70 year old German mercenary to whom operational command of Vienna’s defense was trusted. Without that nigga we’d all be mudniggers speaking gibberish and praising Allah

              @Glosoli Lol, calm down my man

            • Ophiucuck says:

              @Glosoli Also, the point I’m really trying to make here and why I’m going through so much trouble to do so is that we are not all these monstrous, wretched, evil people that everyone here seems to think we are. That’s all. The question is more complicated than that. The world is more complicated than that. That’s all I’m trying to say.

            • MM says:

              Not useless- just not as good as their IQ should predict.
              IE Tex. CD-OS still not released. Grimoire has taken 20 years and has been a huuuge shitfest. Yeah they will get done maybe, and normies couldn’t even attempt them, but there is a LOT of inefficiency, perfectionism, and start-stop working(Multiple projects all at once instead of focus on one, which causes time waste as any brain-even a genius one- must re-focus, especially between complicated tasks).
              Essentially, the problem of the “thal” is that they serve the whims of their mind instead of focusing mental energy on their most important project, ideas, and actions.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              What you’re describing is all true, but you’re missing the pros for the cons. Focusing in fits and starts is how you solve the most problems (and the most difficult ones) over the long term.

              The opposite attitude is where you sit at your desk and think “This is the part of the day where I write a joke. I am going to write a joke now.” Doesn’t work, problems don’t get solved this way. This is how you do exercises, which enables you to solve problems later on during periods of unfocus.

            • glosoli says:

              Tex has given more to this world via his blog than (apparently) you can comprehend, it doesn’t even figure in your brain as an achievement at all does it, just a waste of time?
              So too have Koanic and Aeoli.
              These men have something about them you cannot even grasp, how sad.
              Your achievements? Jerkboy videos and snark. Well done indeed.
              Thals know what your kind are like, who are you trying to fool? Yourself?
              Crack on.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >Tex has given more to this world via his blog than (apparently) you can comprehend, it doesn’t even figure in your brain as an achievement at all does it, just a waste of time?

              He doesn’t believe the melonboon stuff, et al, is true. Therefore, it would be a giant waste of time. Diverting at best. I happen to think he’s the greatest autiste on the internet today.

            • glosoli says:

              Even if you don’t believe the melonboon stuff, Tex’s blog is still a great service to humanity. If you don’t believe it, why hang around both Tex’s blog, Koanic’s old blog, and here. Something missing in his life clearly. Perhaps he could try massively increasing his recreational drug intake level to find some escape from his empty life?

            • MM says:

              The only “service” Tex has given is entertainment and ITZ awareness. Like the entirety of the “edenopsphere”.
              I am here for entertainment Glosoli, and you ALWAYS provide.
              Where is your blog? What have YOU done?
              Fuck off loser cunt

            • glosoli says:


              ‘Fuck off loser cunt’. And some capitalised words too.

              The masterful rhetoric of an angry young manboy. Imagine him banging away at that keyboard. Heh.

              Try not to be upset at the truth.

            • MM says:

              All the communication you do is negative, sniping, beta bitch behavior.
              Just like that unwarranted BS you wrote about Ophichus. Are you capable of doing anything other than attacking people that are better than you?

            • glosoli says:

              Yes, sometimes I attack people with their head up their arses, who struggle to *do* communication, heh.

              Other times I heap praise on the likes of Tex, Koanic and Aeoli (see up the thread), but only because they’re smart honest principled Christian guys, and Thallish sorts too, brothers really.

              It’s not for me to judge who is better or worse than me, I answer to one judge only, and we all have different attributes, maybe yours will show through as you grow up, we can but hope?

              Have a good week at school.

      • Rime says:

        If Thals are so * A E S T H E T I C * how come everything they touch is such a mess? Nyuk nyuk nyuk…

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Our aestheticism is more characterized by intensity than complexity or order (e.g. teh metul \m/). No one ever accused thals of nuance or conscientiousness. When we follow through on something it’s generally due to obsessive compulsion.

          • Rime says:

            Do you have a skype account? I’m only half as retharded as I seem.

            Shall I send you my address via email? Aeolius Peraid @ Jewmail dot Company

  3. djones1 says:

    aeoli as a christian what do you think of mormons?

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