Some aesthetic correspondences

Visual: Literal

Water: Subconsciousness, Superego
Air: Consciousness, Ego
Underground: Unconsciousness, Id
Wind: Change (of emotional tone, usually)
Rain: Separation of people(s)
Fire: Violence
Meteor: Mass extinction event
Spring greenery and fauna: Vitalism, life energy

Altitude: Abstraction level
Mountains: Organic abstraction (e.g. ancient mysticism)
Skyscrapers: Rational, manmade abstraction (e.g. neoThomism)

Breadth: Complexity
Forests: Organic complexity (e.g. culture)
Urban sprawl: Rational complexity

Modes of travel
Walking: Naturalism (contra Gnosticism)
Running: Self-actualization (contra Naturalism)
Bikes: Tribalism
Cars: Individualism
Trucks: Capitalism
Semi trucks: Libertarianism
Public transit: Socialism
Trains: Fascism, national socialism
Buses: Global socialism

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19 Responses to Some aesthetic correspondences

  1. Ophiucuck says:

    Sup, Kensuimo?

    Cars and trucks are backwards.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I disagree. Consider the actual difference between a car and a truck.

      • Ophiucuck says:

        Pretty good example of symbolic vs. concrete thinking.

        When I hear the word “car” I think of people in an urban environment, wearing business casual on their way to work, politely obeying the etiquette and rules of the road, perhaps enjoying a chai tea or a latte; etc. The cogs of the machine of capitalism functioning at various capacities across various modalities using the most fuel-efficient means of transport to move about.
        Conversely, when I think “truck”, I picture something like a somewhat beat-up 1995 F-150, its front grill covered in mud, with hay bales stacked up in its bed and a shitty old toolbox under the rear window that the owner can’t bear to get rid of even though neither of the latches work and he has to use bungee cords to hold it shut. The vehicle of the individualistic rural man.

        Whereas the actual, physical difference between cars and trucks is that cars are quieter, more fuel-efficient, and less obstreperous in general than trucks (i.e. less literally dependent on the machine of capitalism to function than trucks are).

        • Ophiucuck says:

          ^Which kind of misses the point of your metaphor for increasingly scale’d-up modes of transportation representing progressive steps toward the Human Instrumentality Project, but still. Just seeing the text
          “Cars: Individualism
          Trucks: Capitalism”
          made my autistic burger-sense flare up something fierce.

        • Rime says:

          Nigger, when he says truck, he means lorry or semi. Damn melonboons, get off my lawn!

          • Rime says:

            Welp, I reread Aeolis post. My reading comprehension is off the proverbial charts, but in the opposite direction of Tex.

            My take on it:
            Cars: Capitalism
            Trucks: Libertarianism
            Semis: Individualism

            How many truckers do you know? Can you define a lot lizard without googling it?

            • Ophiucuck says:

              >”How many truckers do you know? Can you define a lot lizard without googling it?”

              >Not being a melonboon from Middle America
              >Not having a fledgling career in political consulting/operations in early 20s
              >Not being deputy campaign manager for an unnamed Republican congressional candidate in an unnamed district in Southern California in the 2012 election cycle
              >Not making it all the way to Frank “Fucklord” Luntz’s sprawling subterranean Beverly Hills compound/mansion for the largest Republican fundraiser of 2012
              >Not listening in silent horror while various Neocohen Jew overlords give their less-than-kind opinions about the American people/voters and be regaled with laughter and agreement by the Cuckservative faggots in attendance for doing so
              >Not having the #woke train hit you like a ton of bricks, nope-ing the fuck out of mainstream politics forevermore and getting your CDL class A + doubles, tankers and HAZMAT endorsements
              >Not going to work in the oilfields instead of being a parasite
              >Not nodding in silent agreement every time Heaviside goes on a rant about overthrowing the government


              Also, if you can’t put the ass end of a 57 foot tractor-trailer combo into a 12 foot hole hole on your first try, you are a literal subhuman.

              Also, a lot lizard is a type of bipedal reptile endemic to the North American continent that will suck your dick for five dollars.

            • Ophiucuck says:

              *12 foot wide hole

            • MM says:

              Ophiuchus, you remind me of my little brother.
              He looks just like vox day. Except actually white.

              BTW Im in Ireland on vacation all week nibburs so suck it yeeeee potatoes n fish.

            • Ophiucuck says:

              I actually physically resemble Vox Day pretty closely, albeit with a more elongated face, an upturned rather than hooked nose, and a lack of visuospatial retardation.

              Phrenology is real yada yada etc etc

              >”Im in Ireland on vacation all week nibburs so suck it yeeeee potatoes n fish.”

              Implying you’re not going to spend the majority of your time shitposting from your hotel room, nigger pls

            • Heaviside says:

              for you guys:

  2. MM says:

    boringboon tbh

  3. > Fire: Violence
    This one seems off.
    Energy. Chaos. Not necessarily violence.

    > Bikes: Tribalism
    This one also seems off.

    Camel: Tribalism
    Horse: Aristocracy
    Mule/Donkey: Peasantry

    Fun post!

  4. SirHamster says:

    Altitude: Abstraction level
    Mountains: Organic abstraction (e.g. ancient mysticism)
    Skyscrapers: Rational, manmade abstraction (e.g. neoThomism)

    Hrm. Many Bible references calling man to worship God at His mountain.

    Tower of Babel first skyscraper.

  5. Santoculto says:

    Trabant = …

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