Interesting prayer experience

I usually pray in the shower. It helps me focus, and concentration is a huge problem in my prayer life these days. I’ve been experimenting with mental techniques that I’ve picked up from what I know about the law of attraction, like visualization and mantras. The way I figure is, we know the law is true and the tools work, so as long as I keep my focus on God I’ll only be attracting godly spirits and godly spiritual stuff.

Today, I was doing a visualization of something I’ve been requesting for several days running. Almost immediately, the back of my head started to frisson in a way that I usually associate with a feeling of cosmic terror, like after an old hag experience or something. It was about twice as intense as I’ve ever felt, and spanned from the cerebellum to the midpoint of the parietal bone, and between the left and right squamous sutures. My scalp muscles also became very tense in this area and pulled my ears back.

Inside my head, I spontaneously chanted the mantra “Increase our faith” three times in the cadence of the train that goes “I think I can” in that old children’s book. (Incidentally, if you ever want to know what TPTB want us to believe, read children’s books.) This particular mantra was probably picked because the case I’ve been arguing is that divine intervention would increase our faith, and increased faith would empower more divine intervention (ref Mark 6:5). This entire experience lasted about 3-5 seconds and recurred twice with different subject matter, with the three episodes being about 15 seconds apart. Afterward I felt spent, reflective, and fulfilled, like after a particularly impactful dream. I felt confident that God has great power to work in the world if we ask him to.

Usually when I use the word faith I mean it in the archaic and more correct sense where we get “faithfulness”, as in the fidelity end of the trust equation. However, this experience made me highly aware of the modern meaning of belief or conviction.

Take from all this what you will, I share because I care.

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14 Responses to Interesting prayer experience

  1. MM says:

    *inserts shitpost from Irish potato hotel
    Seriously though:
    A week ago I was out walking very late at night, in the woods on our property. Was overcome by a feeling of spiritual evil that has only been topped in New Orleans, 2013(I havent been able to go back since. Long story). Anyways, I prayed very very hard and it eventually went away.
    It was PITCH black outside, no fog, no moon, nothing. It was so surreal.
    Ive got to eat breakfast though so cant finish my thought. Anyways, Im taking all that much more seriously.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Syncs with experiences I’ve had. Honestly, I think it’s good to be disabused of our comfortable materialism every now and then.

      • Robotnick says:

        I’ve always had that feeling about New Orleans. That spiritual evil/vibe in general seems to be prevalent in at least some parts of the American south in general but I’d imagine it’d be much more pronounced in New Orleans. Not sure why. Maybe voodoo.

        • MM says:

          Its the the people. All those altered states of mind add up to an atmosphere that is unbearable if you are in psychosis or any other unusual frame of mind. Add in “hallucinations” and the place is pure evil.

        • Ophiucuck says:

          @Robotnick The south in general seems to carry a stronger atmospheric “psychic charge” than the other areas of the U.S. (you can see this expressed in fiction via the Southern Gothic genre, for example).

          You can visit any given city across the Midwest and get the same comfortingly familiar “Heartland America” spiritual vibe, but the first time you go to New Orleans, it’s like stepping into a foreign country populated by Francophone papists, witchcraft-practicing nig nogs, and a colorful array of prostitutes, drug-peddlers, thieves and other luxuriantly felonious members of the criminal element. The stained glass windows of gaudily-decorated neoclassical cathedrals and lazily-swaying palm trees alike leer down at you silently while street performers shout in your general direction in their incomprehensible pidgin-speak. You feel like you’re being followed any time you’re on foot, and you probably are. Beautiful French Colonial buildings conceal dark alleyways that lead to ultra-shady strip clubs that probably lead to back rooms where people probably do unspeakable shit. Super-interesting place in general. Borderline Lovecraftian tbh.

          • Edenist Whackjob says:

            You know how to write! Would be cool if you did some fiction!

            • Ophiuchus says:

              Well thank you. Though that is my legit impression of New Orleans and the best description that I could give of the place. I didn’t understand what people were talking about when they said things like “this town is alive” until I went to N’awlins. The city is like a Lovecraftian superorganism that has taken up root in southern Louisiana. Think Lavos from Chrono Trigger but fueled by Jazz music and debauchery instead of human life force or whatever.

          • MM says:

            In my very nice suburb of Bham Ive been told secrets so fd up it really changes your frame of mind (being “that guy” ppl tell their secrets to).
            IE: A friend in highschool was ritually abused by his mom, had his back covered in scars from knife wounds and candle burns.
            Yay upper class!!!

            STILL much better than the East/West Coast.

          • Robotnick says:

            I grew up in the Great Lakes region, in western New York State to be more specific. I was rather settled in there and grew an affinity for the place. It was a region that had the “Great Awakening” in the early 1800s. I believe that kind of spiritual vibe is still there to an extent.

            When I was 16 my family and I moved to North Carolina. I was a bit traumatized by the move which is sort of natural I would imagine. But the vibe of the place was so distinct. It was dark. Where I was from had a darkness to it as well, but this felt like something more malevolent. The general impression I got was that the women were more promiscuous, among other things.

  2. Edenist Whackjob says:

    “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

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