On politicians

Edit: I’m not really happy with how this one turned out. May be pending a rewrite.

Politicians are the fourth rank up in the Overwatch hierarchy.

Outputs: Behavior-shaping policies, to be enforced on demagogues by technocrats.

Inputs: Ideology and funding from an alchemist handler, where ideology is understood as a system memes for value-shaping through behaviorism.

Society-enabling function: To meme corporation-scale group cooperation by exploiting others’ prestige-seeking behaviors and projecting the appearance of indomitable group strength.

Motivation: A politician exists to use their funding sources to seek out and secure more funding. They do this by sensing, navigating, and appealing to other people’s value systems, while having no fixed morals of their own.

Most politicians are snake melons, and it seems likely that this phenotype devolved from arch melons in order to fill this ecological niche. Their immorality is what precludes them from ascending to the rank of alchemist or higher, because they can’t be trusted with money in any capacity other than to spend it on self-advancement.

I’m going to try something new and organize this description according to the typical politician’s OODA loop.

Perception (Orient)

Politicians are first and foremost extraverted sensualists.

They are masters of all things obvious and unspoken. A sensualist will be happy if you give him the accoutrements of success. Successful rappers (the low end of politics) don’t have existential crises when they achieve ennui; congressmen may have higher IQs but they have the same pituitary glands as their hip hop forebears.

Superego, worldview (Observe)

Politicians are adept at interpreting esotericism but surprisingly tasteless in producing it. Because they tilt extremely verbal, they will tend to wear highly symbolic clothing (often a polo shirt sporting the insignia of their prestigious alma mater) that is nonetheless ill-fitting, gaudy, and often downright ugly. If this is a form of peacocking, it appears to be mostly accidental.

The complexity of a politician’s worldview is determined by their IQ. To understand this, consider the IQ levels of political attainment: < 100 rapper
< 110 self-help guru, cult leader, pastor < 120 CEOs, public office < 130 charity and hospital fundraisers, NGOs, university endowments managers, etc < 140 finance.

Every perception is processed according to a pseudo-utilitarian ideology of maximizing parasitic behavior. Politicians have anti-morality: they actively resist holding any values or consistent patterns of thought that could be used to manipulate them.

Ego (Decide)

Where is the wealth?
What do those people value?
How can I appeal to those values to convince them to pool their money?
How can I appeal to those values to be put in charge of that money pool?
How can I spend that money on myself in a plausibly deniable way?
How do I divide and ostracize people who catch on?

A politician’s success is determined by Dunbar number of their memes, or how many steps removed they are from the money they’re siphoning.

Rational action (Act)

The only things politicians actually do are Frame, Powertalk, and schmooze. (They aren’t really big on work.)

Eventually politicians manage to insulate themselves from the pain they cause and become blissfully delusional, forming a leisure class unto themselves (per Fussell). Unless their alchemist handlers can control them properly, this insularity destroys the societies they feed on. Their weakness is in abstraction: they believe their instinctive cunning will save them from the accumulated incompetence of their submissive lackeys.


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12 Responses to On politicians

    • Ophiuchus says:

      >”Edit: I’m not really happy with how this one turned out. May be pending a rewrite.”

      Rewrite all you want, but this does do a good job of conveying the essence of the modern politician, particularly with the application of the OODA loop to their thought process.

  1. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    What about the ENFJ (FeNiSeTi) ones? There’s definitely those as well. Are they the narcissistic socialites, dopamine ritual addicts and prototypal head girls? Going by the Pod’Lair method and my own observations their faces are very close to extravert (warm, glowing and expressive = high dopamine frontal lobe) and narc (the empty and psychotic high chemical energy gaze) faces.

  2. Akuma says:

    “They aren’t really big on work.”

    Which means they are weak and Beta. A real leader would know how to do it himself, or at least know how to figure it out, or do it proficiently. They need us we don’t need them. Which is another reason the snakes hated the Amud:

    Snake: “Hes stronger than me, smarter than me, and can bang hotter babes. This means Im useless to him.”
    Amud: “Thats very perceptive of you, useless fool.” Rides away on Auroch, while playing a flute, and shooting a crossbow with his eyes closed into the snakes heart.

  3. Koanic says:

    Great stuff

  4. Aeoli, this time you have really nailed the nail on the nail, so to speak

    • But not to be flippant this matches with most of the behaviour that I have seen. I think you’re being a little too harsh on them. However I would also say that a lot of this behaviour extends to Demagogues also, but then you do also say that similar types are once removed from each other up and down the layer-cake so that fits, but I also think that good politicians are better than this. The person you’re describing here is very much of the 120 IQ variety I would say.

      Too low class for me obviously.

      • I would say the high IQ politicians are totally a-moral but at the same time have a good intellectual grasp of morality and philosophy. They will tend towards nihilism, obviously, but Shakespearean Theatrical Satanic nihilism, like JM Keynes, where the intellectual truth is woven into the convenient narrative that still broadly holds up, as opposed to sleaze bag money-grubbing POS nihilism, like Tony Blair.

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