Game = Framing + Value + Kino

This is a slight variation from MM’s formulation. Esoteric Alt-Right podcast version is here, complete with a black pill segment and ridiculously long tangents. Very dank, the ladies will love your delicious penis.

The following is muh boil down of Heartiste (Roissy?) into a semi-manageable format. VERY dank.


The shortcut to game is value+ style + frame control


I agree with pretty much everything he says, except that kino (escalation of physical intimacy) doesn’t get emphasized enough, and I’d lump style under value. Style is just sales re: yourself, and all sales is navigating status/virtue signals, and sales is a high-value skill. Kino is the all-important essence that separates Game from teasing your sisters.

12. Dont Forget to touch the girl:

This one is huge. Probably the number one alpha trait is comfort with touching other people. A guy totally gives away his betatude if he is uncomfortable touching girls. Touching should start immediately, literally within two seconds of the approach. During your introduction, lightly touch your target and the potential cockblock on the elbows simutaneously. Start inoffensively, like on the forearms or shoulders, then gradually move to touching more erogenous zones, like the upper back, upper arm, or thigh. Avoid accidentally touching the bra strap, the hair, or the face too soon, as these spots will fire off an instant recoil reaction in a girl who isn’t yet attracted to you. When you talk in her ear take advantage of the moment to graze her cheek with yours. The small of the lower back is a highly charged zone, so move your hand down her back as the pickup progresses. Wrap your arms around her waist when you want to move her to another location in the bar. Anytime you say something funny, anchor it with your touch. When I have a good pickup my hands RARELY break contact with my target.

I’ll add here: eye-fucking may fall under semi-intimate kino, maybe somewhere between touching the upper arm and lower back. For some reason yesterday, I was getting very horny while talking shop with a gal, and practically raped her face with my eyes. I’ve never seen anyone toss their hair around so much in the context of a boring work conversation- it just goes to show that women really do get turned on by inspiring strong lust in men. Amateur tip: if you’re doing the eye-rapey thing, chill out a little before moving in to escalate the touching or you’ll freak her out. You want her fantasizing about rape, not considering whether it’s a thing that’s actually about to happen.

Everything else you need to know is in the Chateau Heartiste archives (art), Mystery Method (science), and The Rational Male (the “why” of Game for nerds who can’t do things that don’t make sense). If you’re a Christian, you might read to read Dalrock to break out of some of the subversive feminist programming.

Anyway, don’t go reading my archives just because I’m not posting anything lately, you’ll find it’s pretty terrible. Go read MM’s shit instead, he’s doing the Lord’s work over there.

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26 Responses to Game = Framing + Value + Kino

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    Thank you! It was terrible though, especially in comparison. The new one is much better.

  2. Akuma says:

    Examples of kino are needed. Vin decarlos escalation ladder only refers to clubs or festivals. Hell even the RSD makeout escapades take place at clubs.

    Anything else outside of those environments is dangerous unless you are calibrated right.

    • Akuma says:

      High fives are good too.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        My feeling is that high fives are social validation, not kino.

        • Akuma says:

          Depends on the location. At a gym its good if the chick does something worthwhile. On the street its a good hook point to pull her into you. Especially runners if its calibrated correctly. At a concert its a good way to get her close for dancing. Chicks pick up on these little things.

          P.s. A gamma will form a high five line. I’ve seen it enough times to know it to be true.

          P.s.s. Thumb wars for beer are good too.

          • > P.s. A gamma will form a high five line. I’ve seen it enough times to know it to be true.

            WTF? What is the logistics with this? I’d feel like a total dweed if I started a high five line.

          • Akuma says:

            Oh trust me. It was the big thing to do when I used to go to festivals. Some fat guy standing where everyone is walking yelling high five time. I remember thinking “This guy just stopped in everyones way. Three girls almost fell flat on their face.”

            Alpha: High fives the girls after taking a shot with a group. Or walks up, high fives then brings them along on a walk.
            Beta:He makes an effort to down the shot. She high fives him for encouragement. Or he tries to talk to a girl and his girlfriends high five him for encouragement.
            Gamma: High fives girl after taking her to a romantic comedy. Or saw an Alpha interrupt Two girls with high fives so he does the high five line.
            Delta: The girl comes back after doing her thing, he gives her a you go girl high five.
            Sigma: Passs her on a run and high fives her. In an office he can do this while rolling by in a chair. Or thumb war for beers. Or if she’s sitting somewhere high up, forces her to jump down.
            Omega: Attempts and gets crushed by her land whale friend.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              See, this sort of ironic social overproduction is cringe-inducing for me. High fives are for congratulating your buddy on some performance: in sports, after a great speech, a great joke, something like that. In any other context it’s stupid.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            >Chicks pick up on these little things.

            This is true, as MM pointed out nice girls prefer to be indirectly approached (read: manipulated) rather than directly approached. It’s a plausible deniability thing: she likes the attention but doesn’t want to look like a total slut.

          • Akuma says:


            Direct vs Indirect. Men and women can’t be friends. What is this direct vs indirect crap. Unless it’s a business establishment or your trolling for photography models theres no reason to be talking to her in a friendly way.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That sounds sarcastic, wouldn’t a full-handed grasp of the shoulder be a better idea?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      This is a great point, will be necessary for someone to give kino the full sperg treatment at some time.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Good start, that’s how I was figuring. One time I was in a girl’s room (we were alone but I wasn’t interested) and grabbed her thigh to demonstrate that you can’t entirely control the way you feel. Even though I’d told her “this is just to show you what I mean” she immediately excused herself to brush her teeth.

  3. Awesome MM.

    > Anyway, don’t go reading my archives just because I’m not posting anything lately, you’ll find it’s pretty terrible. Go read MM’s shit instead, he’s doing the Lord’s work over there.

    IDK if you have the time, but you may want to do an Aeoli’s Greatest Hits, or list your fav/most useful articles somewhere =)

  4. Themanhasaplan says:

    But, but, but….you’re a virgin, my man. No intent on harming the ego of one of the most profound geniuses in the blogosphere, but you have had such little success with women that your advice is nill.

    • Themanhasaplan says:

      It’s like the blind leading the blind.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      More precisely, my advice is theoretical at best, and I could be entirely wrong without knowing it because I haven’t had my preconceptions blown away by ugly realities.

      Then again, I didn’t have any first-hand experience of Glubb’s historical cycle when I improved his formulation. Genius has its perks.

      • Akuma says:

        Yeah like when you Kino a ten too early and her and her friend start screaming at you. Or a chick gets pissed at you and starts fist fighting you at the bar. Or a lone white might jaywalks across a city street and tries and punches you for flirting with a girl. Or baristas openly flirt with you and your gamma coworkers lose their shit. Or a gym trainer threatens to punch you because he saw you talking to some girls.

  5. Josh says:

    Social status #1. Take “beta” Bob from accounting and make him a club promoter, and all of a sudden he’s getting laid with HB’s. Girls can’t think for themselves; they view guys through the lense of the group.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      There’s some truth in this. Making Bob a rockstar would be an example where it’s entirely true…but I think you aren’t covering the majority of cases.

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