Army moral demographics, and Skype office hours

Post copy/pasted from a Skype friend who has first-hand knowledge of this.

Guest poster: “I’ve met some incredibly good people here. I’m grateful for them. Like a gay guy who hates gays. I think his master plan would be to kill all the gays and then save the last bullet for himself. He used to be degenerate but he fixed himself a few years ago…Eastern Orthodox. Now he wants to be celibate.

[The ratio of incredibly good to others is] maybe 97 to 1. I’ll pretend that there are 3 classes here, just for the sake of simplicity. Class 1 – Someone who re-enlists after 4 years. Class 2 – Normie who gets out. Class 3 – Red Pill/Black Pill/Bog Pill (you get the point).

Class 1 – 95% shitty people who were in debt so they stayed in, terrible at their jobs, hurt other people purposefully, 5% salty motherfuckers who love killing and are good people, they just don’t fit in with society so they stay in to kill sand people.

Class 2 – 70% Good Dudes who are sick of the bullshit, 30% shitty “people” who were so shitty they cant re-enlist, I use “people” loosely with them.

Class 3 – 100% pure bavarian phenotype. 1% or less of gen pop. Ranges from 1488 to Optimists to Nuke the World/Blackpill.

This is only people who I interact with. So only infantry. This is the best of what we have to offer. The POGs (Personnel Other than Grunt – auxiliaries) are fucking cucks, about 99% of them. Meanwhile us hurr durr ground pounders are eating crayons and shooting gunz.”

Aeoli talking again: Now that my life is getting settled, I’m going to start doing Skype office hours in the evenings from 8-9 PM Eastern time. My username is aeoli dot pera, hit me up if you want to chat about something. I can only talk to one or two people at once, so preference goes to people who make arrangements ahead of time, then old friends, then syssitia, then TTs, then altrugenics people in general, then others. Don’t be shy- if I don’t feel like talking, I’ll say so and maybe set a later date. If I’m not going to log in, I’ll try to remember to say so in my profile (but no promises, I’m not very responsible). For example, right now it says I’ll be around Saturday night but not tomorrow or Sunday.

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9 Responses to Army moral demographics, and Skype office hours

  1. lflick says:

    Skype is bad. You should have an irc channel, like the cool kids, or a discord, like the gate-gamers.

    • Akuma says:

      Second that on Skype. However, XMPP chat room on Jitsi or pidgin with OTR installed are far superior. Both run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

      Both are a lot more secure and decentralized. However thats two much discipline for a lot of folks around here. Other than at tech companies where its necessary, Ive only known one other person besides myself that uses XMPP frequently IRL.

  2. Akuma says:

    There’s more than one Marshall Mead.

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