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On guilds

A guild is an institution that crystallizes tribal knowledge into institutional knowledge. Guilds are the coalescence of atomized technocrats into a political class, and may be compared to industry standards organizations today, e.g. ISO, OSHA, the American Petroleum Institute, and … Continue reading

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The root of all Feminism is BDSM

‘MATTRESS GIRL’ TURNS HERSELF INTO A BDSM ‘ART’ EXHIBIT IN PROTEST OF TRUMP You will never find a feminist who isn’t into BDSM. There are no outliers from this rule who disapprove of it, just neurotic liars hiding their power … Continue reading

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On politicians

Edit: I’m not really happy with how this one turned out. May be pending a rewrite. Politicians are the fourth rank up in the Overwatch hierarchy. Outputs: Behavior-shaping policies, to be enforced on demagogues by technocrats. Inputs: Ideology and funding … Continue reading

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The cosmopolitan’s curse

People really, really have trouble understanding what altruism is, and how it works (kind of like trust, now’s I think about it). Even Heartiste, who is (IMHO) the most important writer of the century thus far, posted this meme under … Continue reading

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Two laws of corporate spending

A budget is a pooled capital resource, and is therefore subject to the problems inherent in commons dilemmas. It is meant to be used for the group’s interest, rather than the interest of the individual who is trusted with the … Continue reading

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