More flag-reading

Reading flags and corporate logos is really fun for me now that I have the basic language down. Previous installments on this topic:

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Today’s examples come from this post by Vox.

The design recalls the sickle and hammer, indicating they want national socialism. Quills refer to scholarship and tomahawks are for war, indicating the values they’ll use to make policy and economic decisions. So basically, they want to be an aristocracy of warrior poets, financed by expansion and conquest of lesser peoples. The black and white refers to absolutism rather than relativism. The circle refers to holism, universalism, completeness, etc. If they take power and their economy takes off they’ll probably try to conquer Europe and then Jerusalem.

There’s nothing implicit in the salute itself. That’s a very common method of saluting when you’re holding a flag like that. You’ll see that in the American military as well (the dude in the shades is doing it wrong).

The flag itself is a black upward arrow surrounded by a crown of laurels on a gold field. Again, “muh filosofy kangz”, although a bit more traditional. The gold field is a garish pronouncement of the prosperous utopia they intend to build, and the crown of laurels recalls the Greco-Roman tradition for celebrating military victories. The arrow probably refers to Tiwaz (and the Luciferian ethos in a nutshell), because alt-white hates Christ.

I’d warn these guys that having an underclass is far worse idea than cutting your own grass, but they wouldn’t listen. “How would the kangz have time to filosofize?” There’s a reason we Americans caution specifically about resting on one’s laurels.

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3 Responses to More flag-reading

  1. purpletigerbot says:

    These flags just reek of bad lumbersexual hipster logo design => an empty mishmash of symbols choseny most on a feeling of ‘it looks good bro’

    The only flags that resonate with me are Britain’s Union Jack flag and Japan’s Rising Sun flag. The crosses/rays spreading outward to all corners display a confidence/dominance w/ sincerity other flags lack.

  2. King Boss says:

    “The only flags that resonate with me are Britain’s Union Jack flag and Japan’s Rising Sun flag”

    Are you gay?

  3. King Boss says:

    The meaning of the tyr-rune is not correct at all. This is the real meaning [verbatim]:
    Tyr is a one-handed god;
    often has the smith to blow.
    Tyr = god with one hand
    and leavings of the wolf
    and prince of temples.
    Tir is a star; well does it keep faith
    with princes; it is ever on its course
    over the mists of night and never fails.

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