The gnostic and naturalistic fallacies

The gnostic fallacy:
1) Mind precedes matter in philosophical analysis, in the Cartesian skeptical tradition.
2) Therefore, mind precedes matter in causality. All matter is contingent and therefore derivative from mind, which is primary and not contingent.

In brief, “mind over matter”.

A person who takes the gnostic fallacy as axiomatic believes that nothing may exist outside of the collective consciousness of all existing minds. That is, nothing exists unless it is being created by someone observing it. Put another way, “nothing unprincipled exists”. Or another way, “everything that exists is a subset of what can be imagined to exist by someone, somewhere”. Gnosticism therefore elevates the perspective of the individual soul to pre-eminence, and tends to solipsism. I believe people who have an unbalanced intelligence profile favoring speed over caliber will tend to believe this more often. Gnostic pagans will tend to believe that the universe is a manifestation of the collective unconscious. A good example of a gnostic pagan is Andrew Anglin (ref: The Daily Shoah #171). Their attitude toward other people is equalist, optimistic, and pedantic. They believe they can fix you by raising your consciousness with their idealistic clarity.

The naturalistic fallacy:
1) Mind is contingent upon matter, because e.g. alcohol makes us drunk.
2) Therefore, mind is made of matter. All mind is emergent, incidental, and ultimately meaningless.

In brief, “matter over mind”.

A person who takes the naturalistic fallacy as axiomatic believes that meaning is an illusion, except insofar as it has utility, and likely believes it is an evolutionary artifact. That is, everything exists and nothing is actually being “observed” in any meaningful sense, i.e. qualia are also ephemeral illusions. If any material behavior of particles is predictable, the naturalist argues that the laws governing this predictable behavior arise from the chaos of complex systems. Opposite of the gnostic’s elevation of the individual soul, the naturalist will devalue consciousness relentlessly, and if possible dismiss it entirely in terms that indicate disgust and contempt. I believe people who have an unbalanced intelligence profile favoring calibre over speed will tend to believe this more often. Their emotionality toward people is decidedly negative and domineering. A naturalistic pagan will tend to believe that gods, spirits, and metaphysics are mere fancies of the complex electrical signals racing across our deterministic brains, and useful for statesmen to understand so as to properly govern others. A good example of a naturalistic pagan is Mike Enoch (again ref: The Daily Shoah #171).

The nature of the mind-body connection is extremely tricky ground and, in my opinion, remains unsolved to date. As for me, I have a certain attitude toward it when I do psychological speculation (assuming rational materialistic determinism, but stopping the logic short of devaluing consciousness and free will, which I observe in myself), and I remain agnostic on the philosophical points. However, I believe my heuristic for paradoxes may provide a step in the right direction for a higher caliber mind than mine: look for the feedback loop.

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25 Responses to The gnostic and naturalistic fallacies

  1. Koanic says:

    If consciousness is an illusion, why does it hurt?

  2. Akuma says:

    “The nature of the mind-body connection is extremely tricky ground and, in my opinion, remains unsolved to date.”

    My brain controls my cock. Not the other way around as the Alphas would have you believe.

    Your brain is an antenna. Thats why sometimes insights hit you better in certain environments or physical locations than others.

    • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

      >Thats why sometimes insights hit you better in certain environments or physical locations than others.

      What about nighttime when everyone is asleep?

    • Akuma says:

      “The naturalistic fallacy:
      1) Mind is contingent upon matter, because e.g. alcohol makes us drunk.
      2) Therefore, mind is made of matter. All mind is emergent, incidental, and ultimately meaningless”

      1) Alcohol is good for deepening logical conclusions.
      2) Aeoli, find the nearest rave stat.

  3. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Today’s insights:

    1) The universe operates on karma-libertarianism – we are all allowed to have exactly the hell or heaven we want, as long as we do not interfere with each other. (You are allowed to give freely through love however, this counts as trade, not coercion).

    2) We are here to learn how Heaven works, by putting together our own mini-Heaven on Earth (or Hell). We will be graded on how well we did our project (by ourselves).

    3) The key to issuing requests to the Universe, do not do it from one of the 7 power centers individually, ie:

    My Safety

    My Sexuality

    My Willl

    My Love

    My Truth

    My Vision

    My God

    Do it rather from the unified whole, feel your whole being as “My trip” and then ask whatever you want to ask. Of course to do this, requires that you know each area of life individually (hence why it’s so important to be born into a karmic system of maps – eg Christianity – that lets you process each area individually for your benefit).

    Ultimately, the universe/God/whatever wants us to make decisions, but we are to do so from our Whole Being, not just from our lust / power / greed whatever. So it’s important to get every aspect of your personality rolled into the energy / concept of “My trip” rather than being divided.

    4) Learn the machine-code for your psyche, ie “mercy” activates right-brain. Cry then for mercy when you are fearful!

    5) EW is insane and in magical reality, cum grano salis applies.

    • Akuma says:

      1) Yes, but homo sapiens never left the High School lunch room. That is why Sigmas and recovering Omegas need to Adopt the Hall Monitor Frame. Never start the food fight, but always finish it.

  4. I’m probably on the Gnostic Pagan spectrum, being a Tibetan Shamanist who believes that the Christ was a Mahamudra Meditative Assassin sent to purge a Babylonian degenerate society of its demonic forces.

    That being said the ‘creative void’ is very tricky ground and why Meditative Mind Science is split into three schools: Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana. Reality is a very tricky subject, especially in this time when minds are very susceptible to magic and negative forces. Unless you’re forced by circumstance to go full jihad it’s best to live like the cow in the field I think. Let the grass grow, let the light of God fill your heart, be happy and peaceful. That is never a bad option in this time I think.

    The truth is that at the very top it’s all like a David Blaine/David Copperfield thing. It’s all assassin/magicians playing tricks and knifing and poisoning each other in the night. Very little substance. In fact there is much more substance in the tailor, the engineer, the poet and the artist than in these petty children’s games. That is most important I feel. The genuine philosopher, the good heart, the compassionate soul always wins.

    • Either way, we should not let our views on these things overtake our basic humanity and get in the way of our basic goodness and thankfulness for this human life that God has blessed us with. Either way it will be over very soon. Maybe a bear will attack us overcome with hunger, maybe a robber overcome with greed, or an enemy overcome with hate.

      We should focus more on overcoming our negative, destructive emotions. These are common to us all, regardless of our worldview. If we focus on our state of mind I think the answers become more self-illuminating and clear.

      I know that I love all human beings and ghosts and angels and animals, fish, aliens, demons or whatever… all beings suffer. Our worldview is never really correct and our destructive emotions and desires are never satisfied. This, for me, is the most immediately important truth. The rest is not so important.

      • Yes being generous with positivity and light-heartedness is very noble. We should be careful that this does not become too rigid, however, like a militantly enforced happiness, where sadness or tenderness are not allowed. Sadness is also very wholesome, perhaps the most noble emotion of them all.

        I think that Americans can have a very confused view with respect to ‘positivity’, material gain and their connection between their inner and outer world. So positivity should come with wisdom and acceptance also I think. Otherwise your bowl is always full. Your bowl has to be empty for the universe to fill it with what you really need.

  5. Also Aeoli if you don’t, like, do a dual back post soon I might get, like, mildly impatient or something. And I hate it when I can’t control my emotions.

  6. Thal-Melon says:

    Aeoli, I need to talk to you, man. Have you got a contact address of any kind?

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