Globalism 101

The essence of globalism is the desire to reduce the complexity of human populations by removing the barriers between them and the distinctions among them. There are several reasons a person might desire this, but the most common is extreme narcissism. This takes two different forms, following Steve Sailer’s concise description of American foreign policy: “invade the world, invite the world”. The masculine aspect is imperialism, the paternal drive to dominate. The feminine aspect is commiseration, the maternal caregiving drive. Or as Heartiste puts it so eloquently, “men invade, women invite”.

The ideology of globalism rests on the belief that Man is a superorganism, such that all organs (nations) have a moral duty to support the greater good of the incorporeal body. Those individuals (cells) who fail to support the body with sufficient zeal are considered wayward souls to be re-aligned, and those who oppose this greater good are considered a treasonous cancer that must be excised for their immorality. Complementary cooperation is considered the most natural, vitalistic state for the superorganism.

The problem with this belief is that it’s completely unrealistic. Cooperation is most certainly NOT the natural state of man—the opposite is much closer to the truth. In reality, where pretty ideals perish, humans have and will always compete for resources and sexual success. This is because of the Selfish Gene idea—those who don’t compete will be outbred and replaced by those who do. Even when times are good and people don’t feel like fighting violently, they’ll be undercutting and backstabbing each other in the social and political realms.

The main idea behind ethnonationalism is that people who are genetically similar feel less desire to compete with each other, due to their selfish genes. Keeping all else equal, twins are less likely to kill each other when times are tough than people with extremely different genetic interests. This logic generalizes to keeping nations as ethnically similar as is practically possible, to reduce unnecessary racial strife. Diversity + Segregation = Peace.

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11 Responses to Globalism 101

  1. Mutually Familiar Ectoplasm says:


  2. Franklin Jennings says:

    Its the opposite of Diversity+proximity=war. Its a positive statement.

    And its true.


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