Succor for invaders is not altruism

Understanding how this follows from the definition will require some knowledge and some autistic analysis. glosoli raised this point for me with his comment on the previous post:

It is very hard to love one’s neighbour I have realised.

How do you actually do that, in our modern society, when local bonds just don’t exist, and most neighbours are heathens anyway?

(My next door neighbours are Indian, been there for 9 months, and I have yet to even see them, let alone speak to them.I really don’t want to love them. They’re Indians).


His instincts are correct, but can you figure out why? It’s tricky. I thought about leaving it as an exercise for the reader, but decided it was too hard. Try it out, then click through to the comments to see my explanation.

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22 Responses to Succor for invaders is not altruism

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    For starters, it’s pretty easy to see why helping invaders isn’t altruism in the traditional wartime environment. You’re selling out your neighbors, so even if you’re benefiting the invader there’s a significant debit against your altruism account there. One man’s sexual emergency is another man’s child being raped in a public pool. So unless you ignore the context, not altruism.

    4GW makes this weird and complicated, but the principle still comes through. The Indian neighbors in the example given can’t be reasonably described as hostile enemy combatants (probably) like the young Muslim invaders of Europe. They are likely to be typical economic immigrants trying to get along, preserve their home culture within their family without making a fuss. But insofar as they are peaceful and abstain from political self-advocacy, their alienation will make them unhappy. This is directly due to diversity. As a rule of thumb, if you help your peaceful but diverse neighbors it will only enable them to continue living in exile from their own kind, thus you are not helping them. (See also: the cosmopolitan’s curse.) Again, not altruism.

    (This rule of thumb fails in cases of extreme need like when they’re having a heart attack and need a ride to the hospital- in that case, helping is actually helping. I’d advise you to overcome your autism at such times and employ situational morality and as much common sense as you can muster.)

    Anyway, this leads to a dichotomy with non-altruistic results on either hand. Either your diverse neighbors are consciously involved in displacing your neighbors, in which case helping is treason and therefore not altruistic, or they are victims of circumstance, in which case helping is enabling and therefore not altruistic.

    • Akuma says:

      “As a rule of thumb, if you help your peaceful but diverse neighbors it will only enable them to continue living in exile from their own kind, thus you are not helping them. (See also: the cosmopolitan’s curse.) Again, not altruism.”

      This is a great observation. The times I’ve had Indian neighbors it turned out they were physics and IT majors. I vaguely pointed them in the correct direction. Showing them one arcane monograph, and helping them with several tech problems. I was also able to scare them away from there women as well, by taking up space on the girls porch one night.

      They loved me for it and began following my lead unconsciously. They’d scatter back inside when they knew, I, the leader left his porch. However, it backfired after several months as the other neighbors were liberals. This led to some tense 4GW real world experiences. Two of them radicalized, became clear Alphas and set up a “sniper” perch to watch my movements.

      • Akuma says:

        “They’d scatter back inside when they knew, I, the leader left his porch.”

        Basically, to get back to work. Or after I was done shoveling my the areas of the sidewalks or driveway Id witness them shoveling there’s. It happened to many times to be a coincidence.

  2. everlastingphelps says:

    What is a neighbor, Jesus was asked. We got the parable of the Good Samaritan.

    The Samaritan was not a physical neighbor. If he was, he wouldn’t be a Samaritan, he would be a Judean or a Nazarene. He was the person who showed mercy on a man who had been beset by bandits (almost certainly bandits who were his physical “neighbors.”)

    Our neighbors are our fellow Christians, our fellow travelers in this fallen world. Fuck your heathen street-mates. They aren’t your neighbors. They just happen to be proximate.

    • glosoli says:

      Yeah, that was the conclusion I had reached, although being introverted, I can’t say for sure if any living near me are good orthodox Christians. The Indians was an easier decision.

      I am tending to consider my church congregation as my neighbours, so now I have to figure out ways to love them. That itself is a challenge.

      Also, I have often thought that the command would read better as ‘Love they neighbour as you love God’, rather than ‘…as you love yourself’. I don’t love myself, but I love God.
      Perhaps I should try to love myself, but that smacks of pride.

      Enough brain exercise, time to hit the weights.

  3. Koanic says:

    The Indians aren’t supposed to be there. They won’t reciprocate. They are altruism leeches. They are dysgenic. They are non-Chrisitan.

    The Good Samaritan helped his genetic superior survive, not his genetic inferior. And he helped a traveler, not a colonist.

    • Akma says:

      Exactly. However, youd be hard pressed to find a strict neighbor these days. The Indians are not to supposed to be there. However, the tribal loyalty is stronger in other racial groups than whites. Probably, owing to the lack of the empathy gene. So the the whites assume wrongly that they are dealing with their own kind,

  4. Akma says:

    Also, I went to an Anti-Cville Rally tonight. I stood in non-clapping dissent. None of the so called leaders were there. Just goes to show how much of a bunch of fucking sissies they are. Vox is a cuck as is Cernovich.

    • Akma says:

      Oh wait though, theyll call me kid or sick their minions on me, so they are a real tough guys. Id love to meet these faggots in meet space and give them a peace of my mind. I gurantee they have never said nigger in their fucking lives.

  5. Edenist Whackjob says:

    You are arguing about heart-truths from the perspective of the mind. It’s like writing about Russian from the perspective of the English language – you won’t learn Russian that way, you can only point in the right direction but never get there directly through symbols. Iow, be silent and let the heart speak its truth.

    That being said, the right symbols in this case would be the Golden Rule – do unto others as you would have them do to you.

  6. deplorabard says:

    I sometimes disappoint myself, I sometimes let myself down, I sometimes become angry at myself for lack of discipline. However, I always have my best interest at heart. That is how I love myself. The question that prompted the parable was “Who is my neighbor?” because we desire simple choices. The parable ends with another question “Which one was a neighbor to the traveler?” and has nothing to do with who lives next door. Christ walks him through it and his final answer is to go and show mercy. Non Christian Indians that have no pressing physical need require little more than politeness. However, maybe God put them in his life so they would experience the gospel through his actions and receive the greatest mercy of all. Jonah didn’t want to love/show mercy to the Ninevites. Love your neighbor = show mercy when it is in your power to do so.

    • glosoli says:

      Yes, well said.

      I read some more, asked a few men at church, and thought more.

      As Christians, we should do good for anyone we encounter with troubles , wherever we encounter them, if we are able to.

      If we can spread the Word of God via our actions, we are doing the ultimate neighbourly good.

      The caveat that still niggles me is that we still have to be mindful of our nation, our kith and our kin, and our survival, and be prepared to do war with invaders and evil. But they’re not contradictory, such is life.

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  9. Obadiah says:

    [video src="" /]

  10. Obadiah says:

    They could have stopped him quickly if they’d have just ganged up at the edges of either side of the main room, or circled back through the side room and tackled him from behind. It was surreal seeing them bunch up in the corners trying to hide on top of one another for cover.


  11. Obadiah says:

    2-3 men on either side of the hallway ready to jump him as he stepped into the main prayer room would’ve stopped him (or if one man circled back through the side room to come up behind Tarrant). A few of them would’ve gotten hit, sure, but if they didn’t do it then everyone in the building would’ve ended up getting hit–which is of course what happened.

  12. Obadiah says:

    Watch the whole thing turn out to be a false flag :/

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