Why narcissism leads to globalism

In my post summarizing the motive forces behind globalism, I said:

The essence of globalism is the desire to reduce the complexity of human populations by removing the barriers between them and distinctions among them. There are several reasons a person might desire this, but the most common is extreme narcissism.

Globalism 101

The link isn’t obvious. I didn’t even know why I was saying it at the time. So now that I do, I’ll expound.

Narcissism is a combination of psychological solipsism and entitlement. The need to be special and better than other people springs eternal. This is due to a fundamental desire for attention and worship. In order for the narcissist to be special and better, it is necessary for other people to be relatively similar and worse.


Therefore, high average “desire to reduce the complexity of human populations by removing the barriers between them and distinctions among them” must follow from high average narcissism. This isn’t just theory either. Heaviside informed us (or maybe just me?) a while back that the US military did a study on average narcissism in the US population because it was bad enough to be interfering with their recruiting efforts. It follows that the average American is more inclined than a normal human to desire a world with fewer cultural details to distract everyone from paying attention to their virtue signalling.

Thus ends the sensible portion of the post. What follows is woo.

In my opinion, the gnostic proposal for the most special people of all to become gods is due to extreme psychological narcissism. This may manifest as literal godhood (as in Mormonism), the expression of ancient divine genetics (as in the cult interpretation of edenism), or as aliens whisking us away in their spaceship (gods and aliens are interchangeable in dream logic). Thus, the whole “striving for the stars” aesthetic is a masquerade for autoerotic masturbation. Only a supreme autiste like von Braun would take all of that esotericism literally enough to go to all the work and actually make it happen. Bro, it was never about the stars. Stars are just metaphorical stand-ins for gods.

And that’s why GATTACA is actually a mythical story about how a person with an indomitable spirit can overcome both nature (genetics) and nurture (caste system) to achieve gnosis (spaceflight).


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11 Responses to Why narcissism leads to globalism

  1. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    So, the globalism-admiring managerialists and other hierarchic parasites are just narcissistic achievers that attach to whatever ideology happens to be popular in their circles for even more goodfeelz dopamine while simultaneously using it to justify their will to power and desire to control? Another example would be those HR monsters spouting about innovation and such without understanding a word.

    Another question: when is it narcissism and when just realism? We all know that people are different with vastly differing abilities, and it gets even more complicated if you are a materialist or just generally tend towards abstract thought. Should I emulate neurotypical and either somehow compartmentalize my worldview or think in a naively dualistic way? While that xkcd panel is good for slapping narcissists and dimmer nerds, it is often used in a snarky manner by midwits who don’t understand it’s implications.

  2. Koanic says:


    But it’s definitely about the stars, mate.

  3. Akuma says:

    The comic misses the next stage:

    “The man trying to talk to me is a Beta learning game.”

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  9. Obadiah says:

    >The need to be special and better than other people springs eternal.

    Says the literal Edenist lol

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