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Meanderings on “Crumb” (1994)

I watched this documentary on Jordan Peterson’s recommendation. He says you can understand Freudian pathologies through it, and particularly serial rapists, and I think he’s right in an important way. Now, I don’t pretend to know or understand Freudian psychology, … Continue reading

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The gnostic and naturalistic fallacies

The gnostic fallacy: 1) Mind precedes matter in philosophical analysis, in the Cartesian skeptical tradition. 2) Therefore, mind precedes matter in causality. All matter is contingent and therefore derivative from mind, which is primary and not contingent. In brief, “mind … Continue reading

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I just watched this movie with my troo noo melonboooon brainparts. Turns out esotericism a lot of fun once your parietal grows in. Spoilers follow. There’s a lot of esoteric shit just in this advertisement, and the inverted triangle alone … Continue reading

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America’s foundation myth

The Corruption Of The White Westerner Foundation Myth John Derbyshire wonders why Europeans are so susceptible to guilt. One explanation is that all cultures have a foundation myth that tells them who they are, and the foundation myth of modern … Continue reading

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