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Archetype spiraling

A while back Ophiuchus said that melonheads are teh real autistes, except that they’re only autistic about the importance of hierarchy. It was one of those things that I didn’t see until somebody said it out loud, and then I … Continue reading

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The first step

In order to figure out where you need to start, you need to know where you are. The first step in fixing your problems, in a broad sense, is to identify them as first-world, second-world, or third-world problems. I used … Continue reading

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Examples of amoral tribalists, amoral racists, etc.

Office hours are off for the time being because my living situation is changing. When/if they are back on they will probably be from 5 PM to 6 PM, and I’ll be hiding somewhere around the office. This is some … Continue reading

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Amoral familism, generalized to explain Jewish support of Muslim immigration

Amoral familism – Social action persistently oriented to the economic interests of the nuclear family. In a controversial account of poverty in a village in southern Italy (The Moral Basis of a Backward Society, 1958), Edward C. Banfield argued that … Continue reading

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Speculative phrenology of solipsism

Solipsism syndrome refers to a psychological state in which a person feels that the world is not external to his or her mind. Periods of extended isolation may predispose people to this condition. In particular, the syndrome has been identified … Continue reading

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Analysis of origin myths

I’d like to extend the edenic idea of phenotypal origin myths into a form of analysis. Recall: Identity groups continually advocate the reenactment of their origin myths. Christians advocate reenactment the early church, American conservatives advocate reenactment of the American … Continue reading

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Self-rating on success strategies

Scott Adams has this good idea that I want to generalize: Adams has analyzed his rise to the top of his profession as well as the lives of other successful individuals. The result is the Adams success formula: “Every skill … Continue reading

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Sympathy for the devil

Over at VP, DissidentRight asked: Are you as sympathetic to SJWs you are the Alt-White/Reich? What can we do to save the white SJWs? The only reason I turned out the way I did is I was homeschooled and my … Continue reading

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Guest effortpost: Savant-like abilities in non-savants

Hi Aeoli, I am a sometimes reader. I had an idea which I thought you might be interested in. I suspect that Vox’s “spatial retardation” in fact, means that his spatial intuition is co-opted by his brain to be used … Continue reading

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Regarding the recent food fight

While I’m sure we all enjoyed the hue and spectacle, it’s time for us all to come back to earth. Everyone who jumped in gets to take 48 hours off from commenting at this blog, because we all need vacations … Continue reading

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