Sympathy for the devil

Over at VP, DissidentRight asked:

Are you as sympathetic to SJWs you are the Alt-White/Reich? What can we do to save the white SJWs?

The only reason I turned out the way I did is I was homeschooled and my dad was interested in creation/evolution. Growing up with the truth protected me. They didn’t have that.

If they can’t even STFU and listen to what smarter and wiser men have to say just because their precious feels aren’t being massaged 24/7, what is the point of “trying” to fix them? Either they figure it on their own…or they don’t.

That’s a great question I hadn’t asked myself before.

I feel about 30% of the sympathy for SJWs as I do for Alt-Reich. Ideally it should be around 60%. To be frank, the discrepancy probably comes down to class differences—I feel less sympathy for the upper middle class than for the lower and lower-middle classes.

The uniting element between SJWs is extremely high trait Agreeableness. Jordan Peterson explains this better than I could, but in short the violence stems from the maternal caregiving instinct redirected from kin to victim groups determined by government policy and propaganda. It’s like a mother bear and her cubs. In general, the way to “save” SJWs is to give them a more appropriate target for their care/harm morality. SJWs can be divided into internal factions, just like the Alt-Right. There are women, virtue signallers, social climbers, Gammas, Jews, etc. Saving some of them, e.g. Jews, is a logistical impossibility. Anyway, it’s arguable whether they all fall under “white SJWs” because many are mixed, and then their use of social justice to pursue identity politics confounds the SJW issue.

[Akuma is right, this is bad advice.] SJW women are the easiest to save. Put babies in them (omg RAEP) and they’ll become less interested in risk-taking activities like punching Nazis at political rallies, for obvious reasons. Virtue signallers are simple but not easy- change the prevailing morality and they’ll play the same game within the new system. Social climbers are already drawn to the Alt-Right because it’s fashy and edgy, but many of them aren’t sold on the viability of that risk. You convince them by making it look like the movement is inevitable and gaining momentum (get in on the ground floor!). Many of the Alt-Reich leaders match that description (Spencer, Anglin, Enoch…). And the way to convince Gammas is to bring the women over, so they can niceguy it up.

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15 Responses to Sympathy for the devil

  1. Akuma says:

    I remember the exact moment the thought entered my head about how the science of polygenetic traits can be used to explain to the nigger problem. It was 2009. All this cheerleading and e-celebing gets us nowhere. Our plan of action of action ought to be getting someone in actual power to say these things.

    • Akuma says:

      Thats been the plan for years, but a few Gammas showed up here or there and derailed things. Financial and resource issues. Original Plan was to run at 35 then Presidential run after that. Now time tables are a about 15 years in the future.

    • glosoli says:

      ‘…getting someone in actual power to say these things.’

      I think it was Mark Citadel who dropped this one: no one has power any more.

      At some point that will change, within 20 years probably. But for now, humanity is like a toilet that has been flushed and is making its way down the sewers.

  2. Akuma says:

    “SJW women are the easiest to save. Put babies in them (omg RAEP) and they’ll become less interested in risk-taking activities like punching Nazis at political rallies, for obvious reasons.”

    As someone whose *cough* performed some tactical strikes in his day, this is bad advice. Dreaddy Mommas are bat shit crazy. PLUR Girls are a much better target.

  3. Tom Kratman says:

    No, the SJW women will abort those babies as a _sacrament_.

  4. everlastingphelps says:

    You are trying to treat the symptoms without dealing with the underlying cause. You’ve even touched on it with the class divide.


    They are SJWs because of r/K reproductive theory. Resources are free to them, certainly the amygdala-firing core resources (food, shelter, dopamine), and until those resources contract, they are going to act like rabbits. There has to be at least the danger of going broke and starving, or they will continue to do all this ancillary doesn’t-matter bullshit.

    End federal guarantees of student loans, let students discharge debt in bankruptcy (so that the lenders have skin in the game again) and you will see all of this SJW nonsense end. They won’t go AR, but they will almost certainly go middle class normie again.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Better analysis than mine. So the next question is…how do we convince enough voters to care about discharging student loan debt? The current attitude is:

      Millenial: “I’ll pay it off no problem, the future is progress and free stuff, this Starbucks thing is just a hiccup. I’m applying to grad schools right now…”
      Xer: “That mountain of debt is your just desserts for being retarded.”
      Boomer: “Debt is good! Education is good! Work harder, not smarter.”

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’m gonna be stuck there until I can figure out how to appeal to the various value systems. Hmm…

      Millenials overweight the Care/Harm moral axis and their personalities are shifted toward Agreeableness. To propagandize them, appeal to anecdotes of people victimized by usury.

      Xers overweight the Liberty/Oppression moral axis and their personalities are shifted toward Conscientiousness. To propagandize them, appeal to ideological purity.

      Boomers overweight the Fairness/Equality moral axis and their personalities are shifted toward Openness to experience. To propagandize them…maybe appeal to social justice for racial minorities victimized by high tuition.

      Gen Z overweights both the Loyalty/Betrayal and Sanctity/Degradation axes and their personalities are shifted toward Extraversion and Neuroticism. Appeal to group strength and virtue.

      • everlastingphelps says:

        Millennials: Student debt hurts minorities worst, minorities end up in bankruptcy anyways, but student loans prevent bankruptcy from succeeding. If you could discharge student loans, minorities could start over with bankruptcy and they’ll be middle class SWPL latte sipping investors in no time!

        Xers: Fuck the banks. Let them eat it Fight Club style.

        Boomers: . . . (just wait for them to die)

        Gen Z: That FIght Club movie was awesome, I’m on board, let’s blow up bank buildings. Oh, you just want them to eat the bad loans? OK, but then we blow them up?

  5. Biceflour says:

    Feminist-lite (read:average person) can be saved by Not Being Mush Man. Be like Jesus, start a small business teaching men to fish. Everytime a belle rings, a secretary marries her boss, itz a wonderful world.

    Dreadz Momma is too far gone, only cure is White Sharia. The Jim’s Blog version, not the Anglin one. MAAA! (Make America Australia Again) = AAA gaming, Call Of Duty, Active Vision

    The farther you go down the rabbit hole, the more you have to suffocate before someone can drag you out, knowimsayin?

    I hear there are 0 catlady feminists in GangTown, why? Because single wimminz = easy pickenz when you’re Thug Mug. Find a man or man finds you, no choice is best choice

    This isn’t Rubik’s Cube, itz not even Peg Game from Cracker Barrel… Itz Walk Up A Hill Game, coming soon to Get Off Your iPhone.

    The easiest game, meaning the hardest game. “That hill looks tall, let’s go downhill instead.” Many such cases. Sad!

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