Amoral familism, generalized to explain Jewish support of Muslim immigration

Amoral familism – Social action persistently oriented to the economic interests of the nuclear family. In a controversial account of poverty in a village in southern Italy (The Moral Basis of a Backward Society, 1958), Edward C. Banfield argued that the backwardness of the community was to be explained ‘largely but not entirely’ by ‘the inability of the villagers to act together for their common good or, indeed, for any end transcending the immediate, material interest of the nuclear family’. This was attributed to the ethos of ‘amoral familism’ which had been produced by the combination of a high death-rate, certain land-tenure conditions, and the absence of the institution of the extended family. Banfield’s thesis provoked considerable debate about the nature of ‘familism’ and the role of culture generally in preventing or facilitating economic development (see development, sociology of).

Oxford Reference

We can generalize this idea to account for the different empathy group horizons I’ve speculated correspond to different regions on Koanic’s mohawk. These empathy horizons suggest individuals possess group selection strategies that encompass different group sizes. An individualist will pursue individual reproductive success at the expense of all larger groups, a familist will pursue family reproductive success at the expense of the tribe, a racist will pursue racial reproductive success at the expense of the nation, and so on. Although family reproductive success requires high average individual reproductive success of the family members, a familist may still cut off or destroy an individual family member who is costing the family average too much. This idea also generalizes to tribes, castes, races, nations, etc. That generalizes the familism aspect.

The moral/amoral aspect will be defined here by the trust/faith k-axis in the edenic political theory, and the definition of leftism as advocacy for cheaters in commons dilemmas.

Leftism and rightism emerge from the free rider problem in group selection. It’s about trust, which leftists are fundamentally incapable of having, deserving, or understanding. Rightism is the political expression of high in-group preference and is primarily concerned with enhancing group fitness and punishing defectors. Leftism is the political expression of high individual preference and bad faith, and is primarily concerned with removing the group’s ability to punish cheaters. You can explain all political activity this way: rightists vote to make marijuana illegal because this punishes social parasites, whereas leftists vote to make marijuana legal.

The right/left political spectrum

The essence of faith is to be worthy of others’ trust. A wife can trust a faithful husband not to cheat on her while he’s gone all day, and vice versa. The benefit of this high-trust environment is high group strength in group-selected environments—the part that’s no fun is that this requires serious personal sacrifices of reproductive success from individual members of the group, up to going full Pat Tillman. This leads to a phenomenon I’ve called the Pyrrhic cycle, where the most adaptive empathy horizon and group size cycle dynamically.

Leftism is here defined as political advocacy for cheaters who break the anti-parasitical mores of their societies. It follows that leftist amoral familists will advocate to remove punishments of amoral families in general and as a matter of principle (as well as advocating for particular causes that will immediately benefit their family). This general advocacy to remove the mores against familial cheating makes sense because such laws, traditions, and unspoken rules would undoubtedly restrict their future activities. Imagine you’re a mob boss and a court is about to rule against a rival mob that’s been practicing nepotism, giving their family members cushy jobs in local government. Even though that ruling would be bad for your enemies and good for you in the short term, you want to nip that in the bud because it sets a bad precedent.

With that in mind, Jewish support for Muslim immigration makes sense as a manifestation of amoral leftist racism.

Why do American Jews, as democrats / liberals, support the importation of Muslim migrants who want them dead?

Why do Jews support them? Because Jews remember what it was like to be excluded from entry to America and be sent back to Europe to face Hitlers gas chambers because no one would let them into America and we learned what the words “never again” truly mean.

When someone arson burned a Mosque to the ground in a small town in Texas – the local Rabbi walked, it being a Sabbath to the Imam’s home and handed him the keys to the Synagogue so they had a place to go and pray while their building was being replaced…

Dan Erlich

It’s not good for the Jews for borders to become less permeable in general for diaspora peoples, therefore they pose pictures of dead Syrian refugee children washed up on the beach.

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29 Responses to Amoral familism, generalized to explain Jewish support of Muslim immigration

  1. Z says:

    “Why do Jews support them? Because Jews remember what it was like to be excluded from entry to America and be sent back to Europe to face Hitlers gas chambers because no one would let them into America and we learned what the words “never again” truly mean.”

    I agree with the general point but I’m going to disagree here with this explanation given by Mr. Erlich. Jews have been playing the divide-and-rule game from much before. Anything that weakens the host/direct competitor for elite power is good in their book. After all, they also support the Mexican illegal immigration with equal fervor, and it’s not as if they (or even Muslims) have any pressing need to go to Europe or America (there are no “gas chambers” to face.).

    It is the most annoying aspect of Jews because it is not sincere empathy for other groups, it is literally just using them for their own benefit. And exploiting genuine guilt/compassion of white majority, to the point of rupture.

    But the general observation of amoral familism is true, honor among thieves and all that.

    • Kike Killer says:

      Yeah, but they are fucking over their family in the process. Amoralism is hogwash if you lose in the end. They are only amoral to win, but when the immigrant has kids with your daughter your screwed. Those bad genes are now in your stock. Your sons wont have the masculine training to impregnate any decent females from your tribes. Ive seen thes before.

      Its like the red pill. Itll get you laid and youll win, for now. Or at least the next few months. After that though bottom line though is you lost cause you are still a feminist.

  2. Lizard King says:

    Profound! Bravo!

  3. Lizard King says:

    Aww, I miss that guy that this was meant to reply to. Now my comment doesn’t make sense. Can you delete it Aeoli?

  4. Mycroft Jones says:

    Since you referenced your post on Koanics mohawk and empathy group horizons, please see my latest comment there.

    • Mycroft Jones says:

      Short summary: the Asian approach of “layers” is appropriate; not all or nothing, but degrees of empathy based on genetic distance. Some people are empathetic based on caste rank, but this is a mistake (only apparent over a long time period) brown nosing is good up until the “yes-man” contingent unhinge the uppers from reality enough, then the middles come in and eat their lunch. The bottoms stay on the bottom. Always.

      • Kike Killer says:

        Most people dont know their genes though. They know what their supposed ethnic group is. Unless widespread genetic testing is performed theres no way of knowing if your altruism is eugenic or dysgenic.

  5. bicebicebice says:

    “The essence of faith is to be worthy of others’ trust.” I trust these people to always be evil and always emulate their Christ killing ways meaning I can Trust these people… whom can’t I trust?

    my own people because I never know what the flavor of the month trend is going to be. thats pretty sad and very dangerous, more dangerous than any jew can ever be.

    • glosoli says:

      Deep stuff Bice, and true.

      You can trust your Christian Thal brothers though.
      We’ve got each others’ backs.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        You can… until some Melon gets in there and starts twisting the definition of “Christian” and suddenly every Thal outgroups every other. There are a lot of backdoor safety triggers built into mainstream Christianity to do just this. Very few people, even Thals, can stick to the Bible and the Bible alone. More about that when we talk.

        • glosoli says:

          ‘Very few people, even Thals, can stick to the Bible and the Bible alone.’

          I was blessed to find such a man last year, turns out he likes lamb oggies too.

          • Kike Killer says:

            So this old man you know obviously lives in a shack in the woods and kills niggers who wander onto his property. Maybe hes the leadership we need to take down Vox.

      • bicebicebice says:

        Thanks that means a lot.

        “Mycroft Jones says:” sure, but does that Really happen tho? the comings and goings are steady if small in number, can’t remember any major butthurt episode besides maybe some people wanting to study nothing but phrenology without the Woo which seems pretty moot.

  6. glosoli says:

    I am reading Miles W Mathis’s research. The ultimate black pilling.
    All of history is faked by the Jews.
    Muslims are imported by them for the same reason as everything else they do: money and power.
    They want to own the world.
    Destruction of the family and the West and Christianity are merely mechanisms to more money.
    All politicians (ALL) are bought and paid for, even the anti-semitic. Yep, Hitler and all of his crew were Jews.
    All of the civil wars and fighting and death and destruction that lies ahead in the next 100 years is just good for business.
    It’s not all Jews, it’s just the top dozen or so families.
    I wonder if the Asians will get lucky again, as it’s impossible for Jews to appear Asian?
    Or will Asians sell out their brothers for money?

    Judgement day cannot come soon enough. Meanwhile, escape to the wilderness seems the best option, away from the madness.

    Click to access hiller.pdf

    • Mycroft Jones says:

      Glosoli, I’m happy to see the progress you’ve made. You have a little ways to go. If you don’t mind, could we schedule a skype call, so I can see if there is anything I can provide to your development at this phase. You are in a phase, an important phase, but it is important to get through it safely without doing yourself lasting harm.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        To wet your appetite: Jews are Asians. That is why Jews never got traction in the rest of Asia, such as India and China. The other Asians were too tribalistic and big and powerful to let Jews get a foothold. After Europe, Africa was the next best place for Jews, but even Africa was more like Asia than it was like Europe. Wherever the Chinese and Jewish diaspora meet, China eats Jewish lunch. Other Middle Eastern Asian groups hold their own.

      • glosoli says:

        I feel like I’ve been in a phase all of my life you know.

        Would be delighted to skype with you, Aeoli has my details, sure he’ll be happy to pass them on to you. Thanks.

    • Kike Killer says:

      Yep Brah it must have been a conspiracy /sarcasm

      The Nazis won anyway all our modern tech is based on stuff they had. Too bad they never got ahold of Tesla.

  7. glosoli says:

    Inconsistency (hypocrisy) —> distrust —-> disgust.

  8. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    This guy has an interesting physiognomy:

    • Nottuh says:

      Stereotypical Nordic morphology as per Carleton Coon’s definition (at least Nordic that is not of the Keltic subtype), along with great asymmetry to the point where I think he has some sort of neuromuscular disorder beyond the coordination issues sometimes comorbid with Autism.

    • bicebicebice says:

      looks like a guy i know, except for in his case, he chooses to be “smug pose” almost all the time whereas this guy in the clip was born into it. is my friend just progressing back to the mean, mean being smug as shit swede?

      a new race has appeared in the Edenic universe, the Derpid.

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  10. Rainbow Confederate says:

    Occam and Hanlon would both argue that (some of them) really do believe that being nice to the sandniggers will be enough to domesticate them all within a few generations. They managed to defang and neuter the Christians, after all, so why should Muslims be any harder?

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