Examples of amoral tribalists, amoral racists, etc.

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This is some add-on list fodder for idea in the previous post. The group sizes are defined in this post.

Amoral egotists: Psychopaths, sub-Saharan Africans
Amoral familists: Sociopaths, European royalty, CEOs
Amoral clannists: Arabs
Amoral tribalists: Brahmins, 13th to 17th-century Ashkenazim
Amoral racists: Han Chinese, 13th to 17th-century Europeans, modern Ashkenazim
Amoral nationalists: Enlightenment-era Europeans
Amoral universalists: Modern Europeans

I’ve noticed a trend in the attitude these groups have toward women and children. I don’t know why this would be true, if it is.

Amoral egotists: Women and children are prey
Amoral familists: Women and children are property
Amoral clannists: Women and children are capital
Amoral tribalists: Women and children are investments in our future
Amoral racists: Women and children are people, subordinate to men
Amoral nationalists: Women and children are people, equal to men but with different roles
Amoral universalists: Women and children are more important than men

If we define “moral” to mean the opposite of “cheating”, then we expect there will be moral counterparts to the amoral categories, e.g. moral familists, moral tribalists, etc. So these would be groups who emphasize one empathy group size but refuse to do so explicitly at the expense of the larger groups. Presented with a chance to lie and steal, harming the group by omission or commission, a moral familist/tribalist/etc. would be inspired by shame or guilt to do the right thing. Here are some examples of groups I believe are moral.

Moral autists: Hermits, late neanderthals
Moral egotists: Libertarians, ancaps, high-church atheists
Moral familists: Virtuous pagans, American “muh Constitution”-style conservatives, Japanese
Moral clannists: Tradcon churches in extremely conservative rural areas, e.g. Western Michigan, rural Alabama, rural Texas, etc.

I don’t believe any significantly moral population groups exist at a level above that. Maybe that’s what Amud was, who knows?

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  2. Rainbow Confederate says:

    Moral tribalists: hmm…

    …the Amish?

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