The first step

In order to figure out where you need to start, you need to know where you are. The first step in fixing your problems, in a broad sense, is to identify them as first-world, second-world, or third-world problems.

I used to work with a homeless guy. He was a really nice, hardworking guy who was pleasant to be around, but he was bankrupted by divorce and incapable of accumulating money. The alimony collectors would visit him in the shelter regularly and demand everything he had, threatening debtor’s prison if he refused. He carried a ball-peen hammer in his sleeve because living on the streets near Somalitown in Minneapolis is extremely dangerous. He had third-world problems, related primarily to physiological needs (obtaining basic nutrition, water, and shelter) and secondarily to safety and security from criminals and state predation. If I’d suggested he needed to get an apprenticeship in a marketable skill, he would have just laughed at me and would be right to do so. Building a marketable skill is a second-world problem—he wasn’t suffering from hopelessness so much as desperately fighting off malnutrition.


I’d also put genuine mental illnesses in the third-world problems category.

Second-world problems are concerned with the middle of the pyramid. (These are the kind I’m most familiar with and can advise you on.) The most common case these days has you living in your mom’s basement with no social network, no understanding of the outside world, no marketable skills, and a load of student loan debt. Probably getting a job is financially counterproductive because it removes the forebearance on your loan payments, which are higher than you can make at a minimum-wage job, and getting a proper trade education is out of the question because your credit is too poor and you’re too white to receive grant money. If your problems are causing you hopelessness and ostracism then you have second-world problems, concerned primarily with a lack of any tribal, social, or ethnic support network. You may also be concerned with some safety and security issues (e.g. I’ve had to avoid some risks for lack of access to healthcare), and you might feel the sting of low self-esteem, but you probably have access to enough complex carbohydrates to know you’ll be alive next week. This is a surprisingly large problem in white America because, as genetic mutts with no tribe and a tendency to the gnostic fallacy, we “throw the children’s food to the dogs” with a cynicism that would shock Europeans. (See also: the Alt-White phenomenon, MGTOW, NEETs.)

First-world problems are concerned primarily with self-actualization and self-esteem issues. I don’t have any advice for these, but they from the outside they appear to stem from delusional worldviews (liberalism, cosmopolitanism, secularism), ennui, and selfishness. Personally, my focus in salvaging the next couple of generations will be on second-world problems because that’s what I know, and that’s where I think the sweet spot is for an effective salvage attempt. As far as that goes, I expect the effectiveness will follow a Pareto distribution where 20% of young white men can be salvaged with a reasonable expenditure of effort, money, and time. Those 20% (hopefully) only need replacement families/social networks where IRL communities were supposed to be, after which they will have the right stuff to enter the lower-middle class, at least. (Yes, I know “success” means upper-middle class in America but in the context of NEETs I’m defining success as lower-middle class with an LTR and a baby.)

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19 Responses to The first step

  1. Edenist Whackjob says:

    With Aeoli’s high IQ, the logical thing to do is to become a self-employed programmer, doing contract work. He should soak up the personae of men like this:

    This will allow him to solve those 2nd world problems quite nicely, and do so within 5-10 years easy.

  2. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    You should try to woo this woman, Aeoli.

  3. Kike Killer says:

    “Yes, I know “success” means upper-middle class in America but in the context of NEETs I’m defining success as lower-middle class with an LTR and a baby”

    This sounds like a cop out. I know plenty of schlubs that have LTRs and theres no concievable reason why the women are with the men. The men are disgusting. Im talking about complaining about it being cold disgusting. Women dont like NEETs because they have Aspergers. Theyll date a NT man in the same situation.

    Socio-economoc status hahah. Those college professors really got to you. I once lived on less than 1000USD a month and got into the best shape of my life. My rent was 600 dollars or more too. For at least two years. Without an American Horse (car) either. Socioeconomic class is a crop out for laziness and a way for the warren to keep you down. We are at war and you complaining about things like socioeconomic status. Im surprised your not concerned with what your resource intake actually allows you to accomplish.

    • glosoli says:

      Are your wages at the CIA much higher these days?

      The Feds have a printer, you’d think they could afford someone brighter than you to do what you do.

      • Kike Killer says:

        Theyd never hire me because of the NEETness. Which is funny once you look up how many agents fail the polygraph test at Government Agencies.

      • Lizard King says:

        Lel he doesn’t even sound .gov silly.

        Not enough buzzwords…and he didn’t tell us to start shooting people so obviously not a fed.


  4. glosoli says:

    Aeoli, all my life I have felt a certain pointlessness to things. Especially my career, which has been reasonably successful (allowing for my low motivations).

    The starting point for those you seek to help (surely) must be understanding the point of life, and how to live a good life, a life with purpose. How can you not guide these young men toward a Christian life as a starting point? It’s like sending a ship out to sea without a rudder or a compass, and banning them from looking up to the skies. We need a coherent framework, and it’s there in the bible.

    An example, I have always been ambivalent about a wife and children. But now I know that God wants us to go forth and multiply, so I have that purpose.

    • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

      Many of those people in question have a specific neurobiology that tends to render one incapable of religiousity, emotionally resonating values and various other matters of the more mentalistic kind. I’d almost say that they should be protected from the more mentalistic and social authorities and their herding instinct that sometimes borders on predating. The help offered to them should be something more general, practical and independent of specialized and possibly dividing values. Most important would be to somewhat “sort out” their current situation, help them develop a likeminded social support network and stimulate their independent intellectual, mental and spiritual growth, possibly leading to Christianity. In the rare case of endogenous personality onset they should be left to their own [de]vices with basic care and some overseeing until it settles. At least personally I tend to be wary of people that want to help in the name of some institution or with an agenda. Remember what Kant said!

  5. Lizard King says:

    “He carried a ball-peen hammer in his sleeve”

    Dude, this guy sounds awesome.

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