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Aspie disregard for social norms

I think will be nice to have a bit of light-hearted sperging after all that…whatever it was. Someone (wink wink, nudge nudge) should disambiguate between aspie, schizoid and sociopathic disregard for social norms. They are clearly distinct but with some … Continue reading

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Local man anointed High King, shocking neighbors who “remember when he was just this big”

We at Aeoli Pera have just received a missive from the land of Altrugenics announcing that the Jagged Crown has passed to Boneflour, first of his name. It appears to be a semi-literate transcript of a primitive ordainment ceremony where … Continue reading

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Reinventing normal, self-help for the new underclass

There’s a philosophical divide on the quality of “responsiveness” that I described in the previous post, evaluating whether it’s a virtue to be cultivated or a vice to be mercilessly crushed in favor of the ability to deep focus. It’s … Continue reading

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Subtraits of reliability

In order to thrive in the real world you need to be 1. smart, 2. tough, and 3. reliable. People in this sphere do well enough in the first trait, we’re passable in the second, and we are miserable failures … Continue reading

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The function of ambiguity in powertalk

Thanks to the power of autism, we have a very precise idea of what ambiguity in natural language is: the number of comprehensible interpretations. [Natural languages] are fraught with a lot of things unacceptable for providing instructions to a computer. … Continue reading

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Color aesthetics

The sun came up in the east today, so I’m a bit behind on things. Anyway, here’s a post though. Believe it or not, it took me a month to complete this list. Red = Desire Blue = Ideals Yellow … Continue reading

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Introduction to Edenism

You may have heard that a bunch of weirdos on the internet think they’re neanderthals. This is partially true and partially false. Consider this photo. Is this baby Caucasian or black? Clearly it is an edge case that requires a … Continue reading

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