Oh, the humanity

As support for one of my odder psychological theories, that increasing globalism is the expression of mass narcissism, I appeal to the authority of Fyodor Dostoevsky:

“It’s just the same story as a doctor once told me,” observed the elder. “He was a man getting on in years, and undoubtedly clever. He spoke as frankly as you, though in jest, in bitter jest. ‘I love humanity,’ he said, ‘but I wonder at myself. The more I love humanity in general, the less I love man in particular. In my dreams,’ he said, ‘I have often come to making enthusiastic schemes for the service of humanity, and perhaps I might actually have faced crucifixion if it had been suddenly necessary; and yet I am incapable of living in the same room with any one for two days together, as I know by experience. As soon as any one is near me, his personality disturbs my self-complacency and restricts my freedom. In twenty-four hours I begin to hate the best of men: one because he’s too long over his dinner; another because he has a cold and keeps on blowing his nose. I become hostile to people the moment they come close to me. But it has always happened that the more I detest men individually the more ardent becomes my love for humanity.'”

The Brothers Karamazov

This explains the oft-observed tendency of conservatives and classicists to be politically cynical and interpersonally agreeable, and vice versa for liberals and egalitarians. You don’t want to be roommates with someone who is optimistic about “humanity”, understood as a giant abstraction standing in for a bunch of individuals, anymore than a woman wants to be with a guy who worships the divine feminine. That’s because men who actually love IRL women, spend time with them, and know how to make them happy know that women are made of warts just like the rest of us.

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5 Responses to Oh, the humanity

  1. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    One wonders which attitude is more directly informed by feedback from experience;

    “I am accustomed to hearing editors and publishers talk about the low mass level of intelligence, and how writing must be slanted to that level; saying nothing because it will either be misunderstood or not understood at all. I am accustomed to hearing this, but I do not believe it. For more than twenty years I have been intensively interviewing people…. I have had over 200,000* such interviews, almost all of them off the record and man to man. During all this time I looked for this stupid mass level. I never found it. With only a small percentage as exception, I found each man was open for thought, hungry for thought.”


    “When I was 13, I got a job teaching school in the swamp country of Arkansas… I was fired for teaching that the world was round [ca. 1920] There was a sort of schoolboard made up of farmers, the justice of the peace, the preacher-moonshiner… Individually these men might possibly have admitted privately that there might be something to this round world business, but collectively–

    “I have traveled over most of the world. I have been lucky in knowing some of its great people… I have never met a group, as such, who were, in any respect, different from that swamp country schoolboard…”

    Mark Clifton (H/T Chris Wayan of the World Dream Bank)

    *pretty sure this figure’s an error. That’s more interviews than there are hours in the timespan indicated.

  2. LEATHUR says:

    See also TLP.

  3. Z says:

    How do I find if I have Thal genes in smaller or larger proportion, 23andme, or a profile picture suffices?

    • Z says:

      This was supposed to be in the other post. O well.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >How do I find if I have Thal genes in smaller or larger proportion, 23andme, or a profile picture suffices?

      If you want a percentage, you’ll have to get a DNA test done. I’m not sure if I trust 23andme though, it’s run by Jews and they’ve been fidding with the numbers lately. We may have to wait until the Chinese come out with the cheap version, and then some white people come out with the high-trust, high-quality, high-cost one.

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