Aspie disregard for social norms

I think will be nice to have a bit of light-hearted sperging after all that…whatever it was.

Someone (wink wink, nudge nudge) should disambiguate between aspie, schizoid and sociopathic disregard for social norms. They are clearly distinct but with some neurobiological, psychological and phenomenological overlap. Many to-be geniuses display properly antisocial behavior in their youth (John Carmack’s computer theft, for example).

Pseudorandom Bypasser
Comment on Reinventing normal, self-help for the new underclass

“Someone” is probably busy so I will have to do for now.

People with Asperger’s are easiest to describe in the general sense: we disregard social norms because we don’t notice them. (This may or may not be properly autistic—it’s an interesting thought experiment to imagine whether a neurotypical would absorb aspergic social norms if they grew up in a predominantly Asperger’s society.) But this comes with some interesting peripheral phenomena. It’s pretty well accepted that many aspies lack the reciprocity instinct, and I’m an exemplar specimen for this. But what I realized today is that this absence of reciprocity corresponds strongly with boundary issues, to the extent that I suspect they’re the same thing.

Everybody knows everybody on the Faroe Islands so they don’t lock their doors and anybody can walk into their houses, even when nobody’s home. It’s impolite to do it to people you aren’t friends with, but it happens.

Uninvited Guest

There appears to be a hyper-individualism in the neanderthal personality that typically leads to a libertarian/anarcho-capitalist mindset, but with an altruistic flavor formalized in Kant’s categorical imperative. In a normie white society this is pure solipsism and looked upon as harmless eccentricity, but in a low-trust society entering a stranger’s house without knocking is a good way to win a Darwin award. It’s a good thing I grew up in a high-trust milieu because I never understood why I had to knock when I already knew my friends were going to let me in.

Tomorrow, schizoids.

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13 Responses to Aspie disregard for social norms

  1. Heaviside says:

    Happy Halloween! Don’t get s p o o k e d.

  2. TMNEETLord says:

    Sent an email to your a.p Gmail address, fyi.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    That’s nice, I grew up on that street too, and then they changed our society to what it is today. Many such cases. Sad! itz funny they say people with high T are spastic lashing out freaks, when the people guilty of that behavior are women soyboys bugmen nu-males and crom-blockheads.

    • Akuma says:

      High T people only lash out when the others cause serious problems. What we have today is something different. The others (Gammas) want the High T people to lash out hence why they act so crazy. They are unconciously looking for daddy to come and smack them down, they then have pretense to label the High T person as deranged.

      Remember, this is why very few Alphas (Mainly White Alphas) exist anymore. They are too busy covertly virtue signaling. If they weren’t the Alpha Lawyers would have changed laws that are backed by pseudoscience long ago.

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