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Two pathological aspie cognitive biases

Aspies enjoy abstract conceptual frameworks immoderately. Most of the time this is okay, if off-putting to neurotypicals (“why do you have to constantly analyze everything?”), and sometimes it’s quite productive (e.g. engineering, programming). But this emotionality lends us to a … Continue reading

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Vampire Hunter D: All Melonboons Go Back (to the heavens)

This movie falls into the 5th percenter category of awesome, but not sublime. Like Cowboy Bebop, I’d recommend it to normies without qualification. There are a couple of excellent edenic archetypes that deserve mentioning without overmuch elaboration. The protagonist, a … Continue reading

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Pathological identity signalling

Edited: Previous label was gayer than Milo, fixed broken link, added awesome Entwaifu pun. Pathological identity signalling is defined as “virtue signalling within a new moral framework which spirals into pathological inaction, because defining yourself as one of the special … Continue reading

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Herding behavior as the avoidance of Schelling points

First, you need to know what a Schelling point is. Consider a simple example: two people unable to communicate with each other are each shown a panel of four squares and asked to select one; if and only if they … Continue reading

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The Manichean dialectic

The Manichean dialectic is my term for a common social engineering technique used to shift cultural values. The name and concept are inspired by the Manichean heresy and Hegelian dialectic. It exploits pre-existing dual-axis political cycles like the Pyrrhic cycle … Continue reading

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How not to search for a church

Addendum to my guidelines for avoiding pozzed churches. Sometimes it can be just as helpful to see some counterexamples.

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Quick guide: learning to compose

This is an addendum to my previous advice to compose your own upbeat music and learn to play it. If you’ve been fiddling around with your instrument for a little while you may have had the pleasure of accidentally producing … Continue reading

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Rules for getting along with neurotypicals

Neurotypicals constitute the majority by definition, man is a sociosexual/political animal, and the difference between a Delta (a functional breeder) and an Omega (a social pariah) is the ability to work well with the average person. Please understand I’m not … Continue reading

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The second step: music hack for black-pillers

If you’re like me, you have zero baseline internal motivation and willpower. Maybe you went through a burnout, maybe you acquired the CFIDS, maybe you took all the red pills at once, or maybe you were born with biological deficiencies. … Continue reading

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Analysis of Dark City

Podrag told me to watch this several times and I finally got around to it earlier this year. Something finally clicked on Tuesday and it all made sense: the key is that the memory-swapping is about reincarnation. If you aren’t … Continue reading

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