A quick note from management

Time gets a bit tight on my end sometimes and a number of people are waiting on replies, so I think it will be good to formalize my process briefly, so you at least know what to expect. Generally I do the following things, in the following order, until I run out of free time in the day.

Read blergh comments (0-15 mins, usually includes triage)
Read blogroll (30 mins)
Read various e-mail inboxes (30 mins)
Write a blog post (1-2 hours)
Respond to blergh comments, roughly from newest to oldest (30 mins)
Respond to e-mails (20 mins)
Long, thought-out responses to long, thought-out comments and e-mails (1 hour)
Check for Skype messages (5 mins)
Respond to Skype messages (10 mins)

You can probably tell by looking at this list that I rarely get further than posting something, except on weekends. What this means, in general, is a lot of stuff slips through the cracks for lack of organization and working memory on my end. If you want attention on something, I encourage you to remind me until I respond because it doesn’t bug me and a lot of you are already too shy or anxious (whereas I’m neither). Just don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of me, you advocate for you, and if I want you to stop I’ll say so.

That’s all for now. Normal posting should resume when I get back to Michigan and my routine tomorrow.

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