First draft of mathematical edenism, part 1

Fortunately, there’s an entire field called mathematical biology that we can steal equations from. Unfortunately, it’s not a field I know. But that’s never stopped me before! In words, here’s what we’re trying to describe. I’ll define cultural capital here as a culturally transmitted toolset (both memes like the Levallois technique, and mores like ritual burial of the dead) for solving common problems to better exploit the environment. Neanderthals create cultural capital, sociopaths sell cultural capital, and MOPs consume cultural capital (in the sense of destroying it by increasing information entropy). I’ll split sociopaths into two groups: simple psychopaths, who merely prey on MOPs (either literally eating them, raping them, or siphoning their resources), and sociopaths proper who prey on geeks by siphoning cultural capital to MOPs in exchange for resources/dominance/prestige/etc.

(Please recall my theory is that denisovans were originally a race of man-eating giants/trolls, i.e. psychopaths, whereas melonheads were a mix of denisovans with neanderthals, i.e. sociopaths.)

Psychopaths prey on homo sapiens (aka neurotypicals, Clueless) in the natural state of homo sapiens, which is Africa. The population distributions will follow the predator-prey equations:

Lotka–Volterra equations


This model meets the assumptions, but it ignores interbreeding between psychopaths and neurotypicals. Neither psychopaths nor unmixed homo sapiens change their environment much on a 40,000-year timescale (our window of interest), because they are too busy competing within their own populations, so we can assume cultural capital remains constant.

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28 Responses to First draft of mathematical edenism, part 1

  1. a says:

    The ever expanding victim narrative of Edenism is quasi marxist, factually wrong, and disgusting.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You know me, always whining and never doing anything. Not like the old Edenism. I remember we used to have a sign over the door with a tiger and the question “Are you WINNING son? Are you?” And the way to get in was you had to ignore the question and stare the tiger into submission, and the door would swing open.

      • a says:

        You are responsible for yourself and cannot blame “saps” and “melonheads” for your problems. Im serious, its a very unhealthy paradigm that sets you up for failure!

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Recognizing that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” is healthy and adaptive in an environment where social skills are important for success. This is just the long-form version of that commonsense truism, because I enjoy sperging immoderately.

          • a says:

            If that was your intent it is advisable to collapse the abstraction. You can still sperg while helping people with social skills and understanding, but a “what is the best specific action to be taken based on this aforementioned information” section would be highly recommendable. The criticism does have legitamacy, many here have a solid understanding of the psychology of victimization and seeing it present itself in this sphere is certainly a problem which should be recognized. That being said, if your intent is/was to provide ppl with a usable and helpful framework then I was wrong to use that criticism in that specific instance.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >That being said, if your intent is/was to provide ppl with a usable and helpful framework then I was wrong to use that criticism in that specific instance.

              The point of sperging is not to be useful, it’s to enjoy the thing itself via examination. You’re neurotypical, so analysis of a thing tends to remove the magic from something, thus removing enjoyment. For a sperg, analysis infuses the thing with more magic.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              To put it more autistically…think of a thing’s “magic” as the number of possible futures it presents. For a neurotypical, knowledge eliminates possibilities. For an aspie, knowledge opens up possibilities.

            • a says:

              It doesn’t remove the magic or enjoyment at all, and it opens up possibilities. I just choose the possibilities that matter most to what the goal is. The thing I seek most from knowledge is meaning, and tools.
              I should probably just read a book on aspies at this point. If you have a recommendation thatd be cool

            • Aeoli Pera says:


              The best introduction I’ve found was a lecture by Tony Atwood on a library DVD. I’ll put it up on Dropbox when I get home.

              The problem you run into is that, in recent years, autism has become a politicized topic with a number of interest groups pushing agendas. For example, “Asperger’s” was taken out of the DSM-V because it’s assumed to be high-functioning autism, despite HUGE diagnostic differences like normal language development vs. delayed language development.

              So just be aware, it’s gonna be like researching the Holocaust. There’s also a strong tendency to conflate Asperger’s with the traits common to German Jews, like myopia.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              To get an intuitive grasp of what people with Asperger’s are like, watch videos of Curt Doolittle.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Also watch videos of Richard Stallman.

            • Pseudorandom Bypasser says:


              >The problem you run into is that, in recent years, autism has become a politicized topic with a number of interest groups pushing agendas.

              Could you expand on this? This goes to woo territory, but is it part of this ongoing culture war and an attempt to remove the idea of a hyper-rational person that is actually not at all ill?

              Secondly, much or possibly most of expert and official knowledge is biased and full of shit. I mostly trust individual judgement and academical literature and papers somewhat. The problems with the latter are that they’re value free (not bad in itself), won’t necessarily follow to policy and require a deeper understanding of the matter. The people interpreting them do so based on their biases and connotations. The lower officials’ knowledge is a synthesis of socioemotional truths and drippage from above.

            • a says:

              Damn that cooijman’s link explained a lot. Reciprocity gap! Also makes sense why I was drawn to this sphere, I have a lot of things in common with aspergoids.
              Which makes sense, once you see the connection! :

              Click to access SiudaENGverPsychiatrPol2014v48i2.pdf

     (Just the first couple lines).
              Got in really good shape in terms of cardio and agility a few years ago and my neuroticism was one tenth what it was before (Which makes sense considering my cerebellum) !
              Maybe high movement exercise and balance work would give disproportionate benefits to those with Aspergers as well?

            • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

              omnes exeunt in mysterium

  2. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    You could be a god in some African village, Aeoli. Just get fancier clothes than the others and up your signaling. This could actually be packaged and sold to normie first-worlders.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      The charities, nonprofits, and NGOs have saturated the “white savior feelz” service industry. I’d need a fresh new angle…maybe bring Jamaican culture to Africa? Ganja and jerked chicken could actually go a long way toward pacifying the Congo.

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  4. bicebicebice says:

    “To get an intuitive grasp of what people with Asperger’s are like, watch videos of Curt Doolittle.”
    alcohol – spiraling into sape-ooga boogid monkey
    weed – sape = psychological discomfort, ooga booga = content and mellow
    shroom – will emulate spergness in small doses, stronger doses = mental hospital for life
    lsd – never give lsd to a normie
    white powder = melon powers that decline very rapidly

    alcohol – turns you into a normie
    weed – DUDE WEED, will turn you into a lax degenerate, still in the realm of normiehood
    shroom – would not recommend, turns you into twice or thrice the sperg, extremely small does smaller than sape if anything
    lsd – may not affect you at all, psychological ambience
    white powder – turns you into a melon in social practice and a ooga booga when it comes to doing that thing you will never do, more energy even less prone catch 22.

    alcohol – turns you into a sape that will ruin your social gains, hence the odd glasses of champagne, (very boring people to drink with)
    weed- melons don’t smoke weed, but they may use cbd oil and the benefits of said products
    shroom – turns melons into ooga boogas, you may sacrifice your druggies friends to quetzalcoatl despite never even having heard of said entity before
    lsd = turns you into twice or thrice the melon, not a negative if managed
    white powder = turns you into twice or thrice the melon, Not Good

    feelzing is believing

    • bicebicebice says:

      I forgot opium derivatives, the great equalizer.

    • Rape says:

      >alcohol – turns you into a normie
      >weed – DUDE WEED, will turn you into a lax degenerate, still in the realm of normiehood

      Can attest to these.

      • bicebicebice says:

        “I don’t do drugs, but when I do, I always make sure to get the best advice from the wholesome living God-fearing people @ aeolipera to assure smooth base-touching based on my genetic makeup”

        troothals huff blue paint

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