Co-ethnic celebrity worship explained as Edenic political science

Some expert-level noticing by Steve Sailer in this Taki’s Magazine column.

The celebrity battles of the 21st century tend to be fought most fanatically by foot-soldier fans who assume that they will in some way benefit from their idol’s triumph.

There’s a lot of magical thinking these days about how the good fortune of some individual celeb will somehow benefit the mass of her co-ethnics. For example, in The New York Times on Tuesday:

Can Meghan Markle Save the Monarchy?


I’m a black British woman who never cared about the royal family—until now.

Steve Sailer
A Tay–Bey Melee

I just want to point out that this behavior is predicted by the first law of Edenic political science: “Intra-species conflict stems from various phenotypes unconsciously trying to alter the environment to favor each of their respective reproductive strategies.” If this law is true, then co-ethnic celebrity worship is a rational behavior—co-ethnic celebrities are expected to use their influence to alter the environment in favor of their ethnicity’s reproductive strategy.

You may recall that I’ve been all preachy about charity, Christianity, and the resurgence of Zodiacism as the natural religion of man projecting his inner psychological battles on the heavens (i.e. backwards astrology). The first step in this transition, as the Idealists discovered, is to redefine gods as the emergent gestalt of the tribal consciousness. The second step, as Hitler demonstrated so well, is for a charismatic human to be reified as the avatar of this tribal consciousness.

“Ye shall be as gods.”

Or if you prefer, “I’ll make ya a star baybee, but you gotta do a little sumthin fer me in exchange, you know nuthin’s free…”

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23 Responses to Co-ethnic celebrity worship explained as Edenic political science

  1. Koanic says:

    I love when one of your wanderings through nth dimensional woo takes a sharp turn back into meatspace.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I enjoy discovering the abstract insights a lot more but I understand the need to justify them with concrete examples. That’s Frame 101.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Now’s I think about it, that was Tex’s biggest communication issue. He didn’t acknowledge the need to explain his woopoastings, and would only condescend to do so when insulted and challenged with concrete stuff.

        • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

          “Average people tend to believe some tacit and naively realistic philosophy. Moderately gifted people tend to believe some conscious and creative reinterpretation of realism. Profoundly gifted people tend to believe an almost automatic anti-realism. The realism assumed by most people doesn’t resonate with them. And I need to explain what I mean by “believe” here. I don’t mean that someone engaged them in a discussion and are convinced by logic or eloquence that an anti-realist philosophy is true. I mean something close to experience, as we believe that a radiator is hot after we touch it. Realism is obvious for someone of average intelligence. For someone profoundly gifted, coming to that perspective represents a significant achievement.”

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            This has been a fun read so far, maybe a bit long.

            Regarding the question of whether math is discovered or constructed, I do consider this obvious (contra the alumnus): just as the landscape is discovered and the map is constructed, the logic of math (or you might say the conclusions) is discovered and the teachable techniques for reaching them are constructed. That said, the construction can also be used for discovery, just like how you can point at a map and say “look, we haven’t been here yet, let’s have a gander”.

            • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

              Well, mathematicians are autists

              There are some perspectival tricks here; It’s possible to be simultaneously subjective and objective. Gurdjieff called this “self-remembering”.

          • Ulixes Orobar says:

            This isn’t about realism versus anti-realism; it’s about common versus uncommon subjective experiences and the cognitive models of those experiences. As far as I can tell, all subjective experiences are real. Some experiences are less common than others are. Normies struggle to distinguish uncommon (yet veridical) patterns of experience and thought from madness and wrongness, though. It looks like anti-realism to others, but, as the quote suggests, it’s not about believing an anti-realist philosophy.

            • Son of Distant Trebizond says:

              Yes, but your point veers close to expounding pure semantics, even if it seems like an expansion of perspective.

            • Ulixes Orobar says:

              Trying to make sense of both common and uncommon experiences will lead to an expansion of perspective.

              Sorry for sperging out over semantics. I just think that calling a given (set of perspective(s), “realism,” assumes far too much. (It seems a bit narrow and solipsistic to me.) Still, I understand what “naive realism” means in philosophy and psychology. Studying physics and the processes underlying perception will destroy one’s sense of naive realism IMO, though. Material reality exists, but we cannot perceive it exactly as it exists. (Do you see all of those quantized waves, which interact with each other as if they were also particles? Neither do I.)

      • Koanic says:

        More like you need to ground them to narrow the manifold of possible meanings.

        • bicebicebice says:

          Dice rolling of the mind irl is the equivalence to that thingamajing writers use to “solve”(postpone the inevitable endly outcome) impossible tv-drama scenarios they themselves created that everybody hates (something 98% of the population are guilty of doing themselves anyways which is probably why they hate being “called out” in a sense) and then the shows ratings plummets, in animation the shows ratings goes up instead.
          “- If it doesn’t work, just get a bigger die!”, said the gratuitous convoluter before he wrote a highly critically acclaimed modern masterpiece novel on how he the author raped kids in the public-mental-space, mentally in the mind of the readers but it wasn’t the writer who did it no it was the antagonist who discovered this whilst in honest actually reality it was the writer who created the scenario from his own wicked mind, while getting paid at the same time.
          The people who defend these “masterminds” always struck me as absolute fucking garbage who jump every hoop possible in order to get away from the fact that these “horror stories” are nothing more than the psycho rapist who get the same pleasure from mental rape as raping someone in the bushes at night. Kinda how jews don’t consider one of their own a member of the tribe before they deconstructed his penis. “My Son the heavenly godly meanings of your missing foreskin are plentiful bountiful and wonderful indeed”. Ok.

          Reality raping 101. And then they all mysteriously get caught up in pedo “scandals”(“out of the blue”). How could such a pure soul who created satanic “fiction” be caught up in wrongdoing?!? “Then protocols aren’t real!”. And then they all hide in the public spotlight for extra dopamine kicks.
          Minus moral behavior is still very measureable to the observing feelzy eye, its funny how jews don’t use the + sign become it reminds them of the cross whilst I in my first math lesson ever aced every + question and got every – question wrong, a totally alien concept to me at the time as a child. Deconstruction still has the word construction (*The construction) in it, sure, but why go there? A positive negative? No, I’m still not interested in a benign brain tumor thank you very much.

          This is why Autistés are good coders (pen and paper dice-rollers) and Jesus was a carpenter who beat the stupid with his ruler. Whack em straight in sweet spot and sapes turn from rubes to cubes. Less disturbance of the peace this way and waaay faster.

          But, some people need to be ground into marrow in order to be narrow, otherwise their minds will warp jump across time and space looking for plausible deniability sweetspots where the light hasn’t reached yet, and you have to “it’s all so tiresome”ly- chase them with your katana until the last words they ever hear is “nothing personal kid”. The King of kings and Lord of lords and Light of Light.

          “I’m a black British woman who never cared about the royal family—until now.” Famous last words of the r-menace thinking now is the time to declare total war on whitey , ooga booga spears hurt but im not so sure words put together by jews parroted by homo erectus have much affect on a people who pride themselves on laconic brevity, and im not really sure being propped up by literal pedophiles strengthens ones brand when push comes to shove. Besides, isn’t beyonce being butted out by the muttified kardashians cellulite ridden bottoms? Arseholes gaming assholes, pee pee poo poo pedowood.

          “I am Brittish!”

          Santa + Jesus = Trump german altruism. REAL Estate itz proof bombshelters for everyone. The Woo must flow.

          • Lizard King says:

            It’s like you’re in my head or something.

            Bravo. 10/10.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Dammit, where’s Boneflour? I need my bice interpreter.

            • Lizard King says:

              I can try.

              Randomness (lel im so rndm) in public = deus ex machina-ing (except Tolkien cuz he’s cool). TV sucks because they just deus ex machina shit and it isn’t very clever.

              People who write horror novels, edgelord tier garbage, and deus ex machina everything are garbage people and prolly pedos tbh famalam. Watch out for people who project like this.

              What you project is who you are. Fiction is no exception. Symbols are important. Watch for what symbols people cling to or avoid. They were right about Elvis and his pelvic thrusting. It was degenerate. Nothing is harmless. Be careful of gray areas.

              Coding and carpentry are similar in that they both reflect physical reality/math/truth. You can’t cheat the system. People try to hide in gray areas in order to be edgelords/pervs. You need to nip this shit in the bud. (preferably with a katana, “nothin’ personnel kid”)

              The sapz think it is time to attack because they feel threatened.

              ITZ HABBENING. We must keep on the attack.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Heh, bicelandic. “bork bork bork”

  2. Lizard King says:

    I finally connected teh dotz. This is why Tex quit blogging.

    (RIP In Pizza Tex, Press F to pay respects)

    Pack your rice.

    • bicebicebice says:

      Maybe he realized that the australian-nasal spray to turn sapes normal was the autism vaccine all along and felt a bit silly having shilled against it for some time.

      “I’m a black British woman who never cared about the royal family—until now.” = “I never knew how to destroy this thing before but now that I know how to do it I care about it” <— the eternal sape someone mellow that bitch out with the cattle-needle prod, can't do much damage if they sleep for 20hours per day now can they? Based Melons offering free vaccines, I think in all seriousness Tex finally reverse engineered himself back to reality.

      Ground the sapes up into soylent then have them drink each other to death, thats way my Rabbi always used to say.

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