Contraction extraction

I have an unfortunate personality trait where I become more and more solipsistic under stress, so that it doesn’t occur to me to solve problems or ask for help. This leads to situations that seem pretty silly in retrospect. For example, I was driving a lot today and my feet went numb from the cold (I also have Reynaud’s whenever I’m not eating enough meat). It only occurred to me around lunchtime, when I’d warmed up a bit, that I could turn on the heat in my car instead of just tolerating the problem. Obvious, but my focus had gotten so narrow that such an obvious idea evaded me. This is a silly example, but in a highly stressful situation—education is the only example, honestly—this silliness becomes a neurotic death spiral of conscientious hyperfocus at the expense of basic good sense.

On the other hand, I’ve observed an opposite phenomenon when a high-pressure situation ends and a stressed-out person becomes psychotic for a while, before evening out to their baseline sanity. I’ve seen this in myself and several others, most recently involving a guy who’d finalized his divorce proceedings and then went a little crazy for a couple of weeks. As many have noted, there appears to be a roughly inverse connection between neurosis and psychosis not unlike the dew point analogy I used to illustrate r/k cycles. Maybe there’s an analogy to be drown from the ideal gas law regarding chaotic white matter (humidity) and orderly gray matter (air), where a drop in pressure can precipitate rain (psychotic episodes).

It’s also worth noting that the recovery period from a stressful period s when the best insights are born. This makes sense if we regard introversion as a way to reflect on recent stressors and plan for ways to avoid or resolve them in the future. Depending on the level of stress, IQ, and so on, the profundity of these solutions could range from a facepalm (“don’t put yourself in that situation again”) up to Solzhenitsyn’s monumental Gulag Archipelago, which I regard as a prerequisite to reading the Bible.

A possible practical use for these ramblings would be for creative types to schedule reflective time after stressful situations, in order to distill top-shelf loosh. Pretty basic bitch, but worth reiterating.

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18 Responses to Contraction extraction

  1. Lizard King says:

    “most recently involving a guy who’d finalized his divorce proceedings and then went a little crazy for a couple of weeks. ”

    One time, I knew there was stressful situation which was going to happen and it was going to last for several months and there was nothing I could do to avoid it. I just forced myself into crazy mode prior to the stress in order to deflect it. It worked pretty well but, like my charisma, only lasted for so long before it got tiresome. I’d rate, 7/10, would be crazy again.

  2. a says:

    B complex every couple hours. Vitamin D 10-20k IU. N- Acetyl L Cysteine
    That takes care of the cortisol
    High intensity cardio, probiotics, elimination of sugar, sleep, alpha lipoic acid and EHA(2g) from fish oil to take care of CYTOKINES (which are just as important as cortisol but usually get ignored)

    Also worth trying Lithium orotate… especially if you get psychotic. And pyschosis/prodromal/full-blown schizophrenia is a whole ‘nother ball-game. You know where to find me if anyone really needs to ask about solving that.

    • Ulixes Orobar says:

      > “…Vitamin D 10-20k IU…”

      That sounds like a lot of Vitamin D, especially for a White guy. Maybe that much would be OK for someone who never receives any sunlight, though.

      • a says:

        The only way to know how much you need is by taking several blood tests over time. Its just easier to take a dose that you can be relatively sure is enough. 20k wont be enough for many ppl. Anyway, its as nontoxic as zinc. Even above 100k iu daily the only thing to realy worry about is taking it all at once and making yourself sick. I did 20k+ for a year, nothing but good news. *You do need additional K2 with large doses of D3, that is important to mention.

    • bicebicebice says:

      Just crush up some lithium in the tub like every good Roman ever worthy of his salt.

  3. Koanic says:

    There are no prerequisites to reading the Bible, and if you interpret the Bible in light of a different book, you are following a different religion.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      The other option is to have enough experience of humanity to override the projection of “I’m a good person -> “people are generally good”.

      • Koanic says:

        No, the other option is to discard your garbage Millennial atomized mindset by immersing in Bible audio to root yourself in the bronze age.

        Interpreting the Bible in light of clown world will just result in clown religion.

        • bicebicebice says:

          Bible Ambience is the next big genré, as always you heard it here first and get your investments ready we are going to the moon, again.

      • Lizard King says:

        But Judges does that really well. For that matter, pretty much the whole OT is about “wow, these chosen people sure do fuck up a lot”.

  4. Sammykid says:

    So are you saying that neurosis and psychosis can’t occur simultaneously? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve had both happen to me, or more like one placed enough pressure on me (neurosis) to put me in a breaking point of psychosis. Any explanations, good sir?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I think the analogy would need explication–and to be correct–to say. Neuroticism is something like the tendency of a vessel to be pressurized, versus psychoticism being the tendency of water vapor getting into the system. You can have condensation at higher pressures if the dew point is high enough. I’m thinking of an air compressor when I do this.

  5. Wow I’m the totally reverse. I go totally scatty, creative, hyperactive with low attention span and work myself to complete exhaustion. Depending on how long it lasts I cycle between burnout and hyperactivity. Without meditation and the internet I’d have been thrown in the padded cell long ago I think.

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