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Reprise of the creative process

This will be an exercise in Aeolitalk. The idea of Aeolitalk is to build up an abstract system of ideas from simplified definitions which act as functional building blocks. For a non-woo example, see this post on abstract algebra. My … Continue reading

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Aeoli’s bowl cut

This term is a play on Koanic’s mohawk, the original description of which I couldn’t find. Someone plz link and I’ll edit it in. I’ve previously noted that associative horizon appears to correlate with absolute cranial width. Particularly, eminent philosophers … Continue reading

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Rostral/caudal streams- a speculative thing I done did

This is a highly abstract concept analogous to dorsal/ventral stream theory, which I barely understand. So it’s probably wrong. That said, I came up with it and it feels true, so it’s absolutely certain to be true (write that down, … Continue reading

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“The Killing Joke” and why leftists want to put us all in camps

Here’s a killer joke you may have heard before. A leftist regime takes power, rounds up millions of unbelievers into re-education camps, and then forgets to feed them. Lol, oops! If you felt a bit of mirth at that “lol”, … Continue reading

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The third step: leave the house and find other people who like music

Last time I told you to listen to music because it makes you feel good. So if you followed my advice (doubtful) then you probably experienced a huge surge of energy and motivation to GET OUT THERE and DO STUFF … Continue reading

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Amygdala hijack in Dilbert

Compare: This is a video of singer Meatloaf in what I would say is a level six or seven (out of ten) amygdala hijack initiated by Gary Busey, on the reality television show “The Apprentice,” hosted by Donald Trump. There … Continue reading

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The connection between Overwatch theory and Zodiacism, in brief

The entire written history of Man indicates that should slave traders arrive from Alpha Centauri, the various human elites will hasten to make deals with them to set up satrapies over which they will rule to provide them with the … Continue reading

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A quick note from management

Time gets a bit tight on my end sometimes and a number of people are waiting on replies, so I think it will be good to formalize my process briefly, so you at least know what to expect. Generally I … Continue reading

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Sexual degeneracy and Overwatch Theory

There’s a trend in American Christianity so pedestrian that even evangelicals have noticed it. Kids who grow up in church start having sex in their late teens, often becoming complete degenerates in college, and suddenly discover that they are freethinkers … Continue reading

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The composite countryman and racial infidelity

Starting from the assumption that humans can’t keep track of more than about 150 meaningful relationships, it follows that we rely upon abstractions to understand politics, cultures, and humanity in general. In the realm of describing human groups, these abstractions … Continue reading

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