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The 1% effort happiness shortcut

Just as 20% of your efforts yields 80% of the effects, I believe there’s a 1% in every domain that yields 20% of potential results. But it takes wisdom to know what that 1% is. I’ll give you what I … Continue reading

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FINALLY EXPLAINED The mysterious function of female dominance hierarchies :-OOOO

On today’s episode of “It Takes a Sperg”, I’ll tackle a question nagging the proprietor of Le Chateau: In my view, an unresolved mystery of human evolution is why women would bother engaging in status jockeying competition with other women … Continue reading

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The first Jewish president

Please compare to Bruce Schneier’s description of high and low-trust societies. I’ve only read a couple of chapters of The Ordeal of Civility. Cuddihy’s style isn’t too my taste. I’d sum up the idea as that, as Heinlein said, “An … Continue reading

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Masculine (dark) tetrad dynamics

Y’all gonna like this one. Please recall: I propose the following, more technical version: Each paradox indicates two separate, but dynamically interacting axes, rather than a false dichotomy. References: R/k selection and narcissism (Charity) Packer vs. mapper cognitive styles (Eternity) … Continue reading

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Edenic relationships as predicted by MBTI

Recall from the previous post (courtesy of Joe Butt (lol “butt”))… Taking this shitpost as Gospel, here are the predicted Edenic type relationships (click through for large version). So what this means is that, because MT personalities will tend to … Continue reading

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MBTI pairs chart

Here are the pair relationship descriptions. These are taken from I wanted this next chart to exist and it didn’t, so… Here’s the full version (click through for bigger). Here’s the same thing broken up into groups so it … Continue reading

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Addendum: sadism as self-flagellation

Original post. I’ve noticed a tendency for sadists to respond poorly to weakness in others (to put it mildly). They appear to be unable to experience anger in a non-sexual way, which comes out as disgust (the sense of being … Continue reading

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