Alt-Right cosmology and the Ocarina of Time

Everything you need to know about what low-church Alt-Rightists believe is contained in the video game Zelda: Ocarina of Time. To spare myself a bit of time, I’ll be explaining them both in one breath. It pains me somewhat to ruin Ocarina of Time because I know a lot of aspies really like it.

The basic story is about Link’s Hero’s Journey to defeat the dragon and save the princess. Pretty standard for a masculine coming-of-age tale in the Western tradition. The psychoanalytic symbolism is spot-on too: when the child obtains the three childish spiritual stones (chakras), this is the rite of passage to enter the Temple of Time to become a full-grown man with a larger sword (penis/chi/vitalism) and greater responsibility to subdue a dark, imposing world. As backstory we have a world created by the three goddesses of Wisdom (superego), Strength (id/libido), and Courage (Ego).

This is the part that will probably ruin it for a lot of you. The chakras are not arrayed as you might expect, in the New Age style of counting seven from sacrum to crown. Instead, the three childish spiritual stones and six adult temple medallions are laid out as a Star of David centered on a phoenix, suggesting Masonic Kabbalism.

Chamber of Sages

triforce star of david

After our dolicocephalic Nordic noble self-actualizes into the Hero of Time and brings light unto the world, he goes to the dark tower and defeats the source of all chaos: a Khazarian racial avatar named Ganondorf.

Ocarina_of_Time_Concept_Artwork_Ganondorf (2)

“The contract is really just a formality, goy, no need to read it.” *vigorous hand-rubbing intensifies*


“I don’t enjoy haggling, you should just set a price and I’ll decide to pay it or not.” *vigorous javelin-throwing montage intensifies*

This goes back to the Manichean anthropology of John deNugent, whose racial genesis Mongol Thal Warrior was kind enough to summarize in a series of direct quotes on Altrugenics.

DeNugent’s anthropology is significantly different from us, but I believe it’s very necessary if we Edenists can learn from him and integrate the systems together. According to DeNugent, both the Cro Magnids (a mixture of square-faced Faelids, Mediterranids / Atlantids and Alpinids) and the Nordids came from space, and then intermix here. Neanderthals, meanwhile, where their bitter adversaries then and now, but DeNugent believes the modern descendants of Neanderthals were Jews and Semitic-influenced people of the Middle East and North Africa.

Mongol Thal Warrior
DeNugent (over)appreciation thread: the most interesting man on the Net / Altworld

In prehistoric times, criminals were often expelled from the clan, sent off to fend for themselves, and then, if lucky, were able to find and join up with other criminals. This is how the Habiru, the proto-Hebrews (the early Jews) were formed, from a horde of roaming bad guys. A vicious alien, Yahweh, then selected this group to be his people and instrument.

John deNugent
UPDATED What race were the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans? Cro-Magnons and Nordics — the two waves from the galaxy that made us

Primacy of the Yahweh Question confirmed for Indoaryan paganism.

Egypt was formed by dissidents who left Atlantis in fear and disgust after it became corrupted by a group called the Sons of Baal, who were the Jews in an earlier incarnation. Atlantis became increasingly wicked, the openly satanic, orgiastic, greedy and oppressive — very similar to the history of the United States.

Atlantis began tampering with nature and mining in such as blindly greedy way that the crust of the earth itself was damaged. It thus began to flood on its outer edges for generations before its final collapse, and more and more people left it, particularly after the failure of a conservative group called the Sons of the Law of One to retake power.

Luzifer vs. Ahriman, restated as Stan Gooch’s polarities.

Gooch polarities

Mayan and Aztec temples depicted the evil Grey aliens as gods; the Short Greys are brilliant, soulless, heartless flesh machines who serve the tall, long-nosed Greys, and terrorize humans at their wish and command

Going back to Egypt, alien, transdimensional, and amoral beings became its gods, and two different groups of them fought vicious battles with each other, just as in Sumerian, Greek and Viking sagas.

The upper class of Egypt (rulers and priests) was nordic, and thus the neanderthalic semites (first Jews, then Arab muslims) had to try to destroy them at the behest of their true masters.

Basically he takes the same position as Stan Gooch’s Jewish identitarian Edenism movement, which shares significant aspects with neanderthal theory. The paleo diet is inspired by the “blood type diet”, which proposes that angelic master race O-negative blood types ought to eat meat and veggies rather than carbs, which are for rhesus-positive agricultural peasant monkeys. As usual, there’s an element of truth in this, which is why the lies go down so easy. But deNugent turns it around to say that Cro Magnon and Nordic Swiderians (aka melon-headed Hyperboreans) carry the Logos in their blood whereas neanderthal rodeo clowns are the real ITZ.

Just assume, for a moment, that “white” = indoaryan cro magnons and “Jew” = neanderthals, and you will find this moral framework maps precisely to the cultural polarities emphasized by Andrew Anglin, The Right Stuff, etc., and it explains why their concept of sin = degeneracy (chaos/disorder) and Evil = Jews (darkbringers), understood as the embodiment of Jung’s Shadow (which embodiment appears to be mostly correct).

Naturally, the Zelda universe goes beyond low-church Indoaryanism to account for the Illuminati, a shadowy race of sheikah (wisemen) which serves and protects the royal family.


The Star of David thing makes more sense in light of these stand-ins for Rosicrucians.

Last note is that the Hylians are descended from the goddess Hylia (of whom Zelda is an avatar). This corresponds to the Lillin being descended from Lillith in Evangelion.

Aside from the solipsism of Jungian paganism, I dismiss this belief system as childish because it has nothing to say about sacrifice, much less self-sacrifice. On the other hand, it’s still quite superior to the Enlightenment, which is half the point of it.

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17 Responses to Alt-Right cosmology and the Ocarina of Time

  1. Lizard King says:

    Intredasting. I’m gonna think bout this one.

    Food for thought. If memory serves correct there were originally supposed to be 8 temples/medallions…I think the Ice Dungeon was supposed to get a medallion and…

    Ok, looked it up, Ice and Wind. Sooo…8 total originally. Allegedly.

    Btw u cant ruin Zelda 4 me cuz itz tha perfect game. fite me IRL. FUk u.

  2. a says:

    Your blog was just pulled on all of Yahoo search today. NOTHING comes up.

    Still up on Google but you have officially made it big time!

  3. Ø says:

    Beverly, Luke, Griffith and Link:
    heroes of film, cartridge and ink
    Make readers squirm and players gnash teeth;
    reveal hidden ugliness lurking beneath
    Indeed, some will find their own mountain too steep,
    fighting their demons in Water knee-deep.

  4. Heaviside says:

    Jews did not invent the six-pointed star.

  5. The Nordic Aliens are probably not just Melonheads. They could be a mixture of Melon genes and some space SUPERTHAL species. Who knows.

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  7. Chiff says:

    Can’t say this blog is where I’d have expected to find someone getting so close to figuring out that game, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

    Pretty much all East Asian creative works explicitly depict Jungian Individuation. Go visit the Shadow Temple and read what’s on the walls. Or better yet, just play Twilight Princess. The Triforce is representing Persona, Shadow and Anima, with the missing piece in the middle being Self.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’ve played some of Twilight Princess, but the open world plays havoc with my emulator. And the mechanics are way less crunchy than Ocarina of Time, which is the real shame. Hitting somebody with a sword needs to be crunchy.

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