The Heroine’s Journey in Mulan

The Heroine’s Journey shall be defined as a girl’s quest to be the first to invade a male space, and thereby secure a much higher value husband than her SMV would normally allow.

The movie begins by showing us that Mulan is a selfless, sweet-natured Good Girl (AKA awkward nerdy girl with glasses and low self-consciousness, in modern sensibilities). But for one reason or another (beyond her control, obviously), the simple life of staying home and wifing up just isn’t sympatico. What is her call to action? The man in her life, her niceguy father, just isn’t up to the task of being a man. Female entryism is a Freudian phenomenon so we can’t avoid talking about the weird, uncomfortable phenomena of sexual transference and the incest taboo.

Distressed that her tribe’s men are insufficient and unattractive, Mulan’s penis envy is released from its incest taboo and manifests as a desire to invade (where the natural state is for men to invade, and women to invite). Thus, she castrates her father by taking his sword and assuming his aspect, as I predicted in the composite countryman and racial infidelity: “The patriarchal image is expected to react with a dominance display, therefore boosting his attractiveness, and if he fails to do this she will castrate and enslave him.”

This makes sense from an r/k perspective because women in places with low paternal investment have to fend for themselves. As we discovered yesterday in the notorious T-shirt thread at VP, when men are unable or unwilling to kill for their women and children this produces a fundamental insecurity that modifies their phenotypal expression (SSMV, in male terms). You may benefit from reading all of my comments in that thread.

In this next scene, please note the symbolism of the mother retreating and the father dousing the candle (fire = libido).

In the process of trying to become the man her father couldn’t be, Mulan meets the four masculine archetypes…


…the Lover, Magician, Warrior…


…and of course, the King.


Hijinks ensue.

Be a man

Mulan falls in love with the King, naturally, because that’s literally her job as a woman. Once the masculine role has been fulfilled by REAL MEN she can return to the safety of her feminine role and start looking around to bag the highest-value male. This highlights a sociosexual tension for leaders of men. On the one hand, allowing women into any male group destroys its strength through intra-group sexual competition, and the purpose of male groups is strength. On the other hand, a leader of men must be possessed of unusual masculine libido, which means that at its core the point of being a leader is to be sexually successful.

The Western synthesis of this paradox has traditionally been monogamy, where the group’s Alpha parcels out the feminine spoils won through group strength, but how many priests, pastors, generals, etc. have you actually seen to do this? Probably zero. More likely they were inviting more women into leadership roles and castigating the next generation of men as weak and creepy (another Freudian phenomenon released by R-selection: seeing sons as sexual competitors, and thus castrating them).

When the unbeatable foes appear, Mulan defeats them by directing the masculine libido in a way that causes a cascade effect of released potential energy. (This imagery recalls the “waterfall” question on the Maykorner test.)

In short, “let’s you and him fight”. Because as I said in the clown post, “the essence of all libido is misdirection”.


Please note the sexual symbolism here in this gif.

In all of this, Mulan is accompanied by a small serpent, which represents the female libido, who plays the functional role of her “conscience”.


As always, I’m left wondering how much of this the creators were consciously aware of. What I’ve begun to realize, from observing the various conspiracies being unveiled in PizzaGate, WeinsteinGate, etc., is that the answer is probably “all of it”.

In any case, we must take note that the feminine imperative contains a clear dichotomy: she must either castrate every man she meets, or submit to him. This is why, as Vox says, “The death knell is the female preachers. I don’t know why, exactly, but once a church reaches that point, you can rest assured that it isn’t coming back.” It’s the sexual nature of women to castrate any man in her care, for the crime of being weak enough to be under her. This goes for composites as well, like corporations, churches, et al. The nature of woman is to destroy male spaces until she finds one that’s too strong (high-value) for her to destroy it, then bag the highest-value man she can get. They can’t control this desire to destroy, they can only be contained.

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22 Responses to The Heroine’s Journey in Mulan

  1. a says:

    Damn It’d be cool for you to examine something classic like 2001 A Space Odyssey this way.

  2. Koanic says:

    The best way to shut a woman up is to make a baby to pester her 24/7.

  3. Lizard King says:

    Good shit man.

    “the answer is probably “all of it”.”

    Now, now, Aeoli. You can’t just jump to conclusions after seeing the same pattern hundreds if not thousands of times. Clearly, it was just an accident. Maybe it’s the toxic masculinity. That’s it. I think what we really need to do is go destabilize a middle eastern country. That’ll take all these worries off your mind.

  4. Pseudorandom Bypasser says:

    >another Freudian phenomenon released by R-selection: seeing sons as sexual competitors, and thus castrating them

    Supposedly this is common for both sexes in narcissistic personality disorder. You should make a field trip to the raisedbynarcissists subreddit sometime. Is narcissism the ultimate r disorder? Schizophrenia seems like the cognitive/neurological side of r.

  5. Boneflour Out Among The People says:

    Ohhhhhh. Yeah I can see how the 4 archetypes would be great for fiction writing. You could do an entire series just on those characters and various “fallen” types within (high chair tyrant, detached manipulator, etc.) Having those archetypes as a “gang of four” would be pretty damn anime.

    Will have to error check the intuition later, but KWML reminds me of A Team:×740

    Thanks for this post.

  6. Kyeesh says:

    This is all amazing stuff. What do you mean by the source of all libido is misdirection?

  7. FYI a Disney executive just got fired for being accused of raping a kid. Disney are a hot bed of pieces of shit and they are basically a Satanic organisation but they do make quality product. Alice in Wonderland, bro. Gosh I might even watch this cartoon tonight. I love an excuse to watch cartoons so thanks.

  8. a says:

    >As always, I’m left wondering how much of this the creators were consciously aware of. What I’ve begun to realize, from observing the various conspiracies being unveiled in PizzaGate, WeinsteinGate, etc., is that the answer is probably “all of it”.

    Pretty much. And its been going on since the beginning of the industry.

    36 min for just one example. Tower of Babel starting at 45:30. And looots more

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