Edenic relationships as predicted by MBTI

Recall from the previous post (courtesy of Joe Butt (lol “butt”))…

Taking this shitpost as Gospel, here are the predicted Edenic type relationships (click through for large version).

2017-12-28 12_30_08-Edenic pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

So what this means is that, because MT personalities will tend to cluster around an INTJ average (composite) personality (relative to white averages), and progressive cro magnons cluster around ISFJ, two populations shifted toward these poles will tend to have an “Enigmatic” type of relationship. Please note that we’re stacking pseudoscientific assumptions here, so this analysis ought not be trusted with any real weight. “(null)” refers to MBTI types that don’t correspond to particular genetic archetypes in the white race, or at least we don’t think so at present. Please also note that I’ve additionally assumed that Melonheads cluster around ENTP, and that “Cro Magnon = White normie” and “Homo Sapiens = Sub-Saharan African”.

Again, splitting these into column-friendly groups:

2017-12-28 12_31_13-Edenic pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

2017-12-28 12_31_39-Edenic pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

2017-12-28 12_31_55-Edenic pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

2017-12-28 12_32_08-Edenic pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

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22 Responses to Edenic relationships as predicted by MBTI

  1. Solid says:

    Bullshit for two reasons:
    1) Sapiens kills Neanderthal
    2)Melonhead invented Sapiens to kill Neanderthal

    Your model assumes none of the types will engage in violence against the others. We know this not to be true (i.e. extroverted bullying of introverts).

  2. Solid says:

    I found the Alt-Right uniforms:

  3. John Deer says:

    LOL Paul Nehlen rted one of my yt vids.

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