MBTI typelogic.com pairs chart

Here are the pair relationship descriptions.

2017-12-28 11_45_54-MBTI pair relationships.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

These are taken from typelogic.com. I wanted this next chart to exist and it didn’t, so…

Here’s the full version (click through for bigger).

2017-12-28 11_22_38-MBTI pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

Here’s the same thing broken up into groups so it fits in a 600-pixel column.

2017-12-28 11_33_50-MBTI pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

2017-12-28 11_34_33-MBTI pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

2017-12-28 11_34_53-MBTI pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

2017-12-28 11_35_11-MBTI pairs.ods - OpenOffice.org Calc

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