Masculine (dark) tetrad dynamics

Y’all gonna like this one. Please recall:


I propose the following, more technical version:


Each paradox indicates two separate, but dynamically interacting axes, rather than a false dichotomy.

R/k selection and narcissism (Charity)
Packer vs. mapper cognitive styles (Eternity)
Cognitive vs. emotional empathy (Morality)
Dominance vs. prestige social axes (Accountability)

In MBTI, we have extraverted (left) and introverted (right) expression of each function:

King axis = Thinking (Individualist Scrooge vs. Tribalist Hitler)
Magician axis = Intuiting (Political agent vs. Absent-minded professor)
Lover axis = Sensing (Understanding gnosis vs. Sympathizing bathos)
Warrior axis = Feeling (Inquisitor Judge Dredd vs. Merciful Vash the Stampede)

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3 Responses to Masculine (dark) tetrad dynamics

  1. Solid says:

    Id swap the Introvert and Psychopath. Psychopaths are chimpmanzees that congregate in groups. They need the emotional empathy to function. An introvert is more focused on solving the problem. An example (you will understand) is a broken window in winter time. The psychopaths will sit around in comittee and partake in a sharing of emotions. They will revel in it.

    The introvert, understanding its not a serious problem (Its only 20 degrees Farenheit) will get to work on fixing the problem (i.e. installing a fixed window.). The psychopath will throw up up a garbage bag fix and forgettibauhtit. The psycbopath will also wait an exorbitant amount of time to fix it.

    However, if theres a shootout the psychpath will act like a cup of water was spilled. The introvert will partake then mourn the loss, and probably be traumatized for an extended period.

    In short psychopaths overblow small stimuli (i.e. a corporate environment), but lose to an introvert at the street level.

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