The first Jewish president

Please compare to Bruce Schneier’s description of high and low-trust societies.

I’ve only read a couple of chapters of The Ordeal of Civility. Cuddihy’s style isn’t too my taste. I’d sum up the idea as that, as Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society,” and Ashkenazi society wasn’t very armed and thus was, despite its high literacy rate, pretty crass. So it ended up less civil than gentile polite society of similar wealth levels, which caused post-Jewish Enlightenment Jews a lot of distress and agitation when they tried to enter the broader society.

In a new article in Thermidor, Hoyt Thorpe summarizes Cuddihy in relation to Trump’s highly Jewish crassness:

Trump And The Return Of Pre-Modern Incivility

…Cuddihy describes civility as a ritual exchange of “gifts” among strangers enabling us to “live with unknown others without transforming them into brothers or enemies.” This ritual carries with it a differentiation between private and public behavior and spaces, with social appearances, respectability, and censorship (both self- and other-directed) coming to dominate the public sphere. In western Protestant society, civility demands public humility about one’s wealth and power, respect for strangers, and censorship of one’s private convictions about individuals and groups. The development of civility in western history is, for Cuddihy, bound to the refinement of “barbaric” behaviors, with the prototypical example being the refinement of the feudal baron into the high-modern aristocrat…

Steve Sailer
Judge Kozinski’s “Ordeal of Civility”

So we’ve had the first black president in Bill Clinton, the first female president in Barack Obama, and finally the first Jewish president in Donald Trump. Maybe next we can elect George Zimmerman and finally have a white male president again, to do the dirty jobs normie Americans can’t be bothered with.

Joking aside, that’s one of Sailer’s best posts and you should read the whole thing twice.

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20 Responses to The first Jewish president

  1. Boneflour At Large says:

    Holy shit that Thermidor article was amazing. I remember when Kantbot and some other dudes started Thermidor some months back. I wondered how some dudes’ ezine was going to make it with all the different magazines out there. Now they’re getting pings from Steve Sailer, wallquoted for blog commentaries and everything.

    Just goes to show, ignore the doubters and the haters and WIN.


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Anime is an idea. It was inside us the whole time.

      • Boneflour At Large says:

        Related: I read an article about this guy running his startup, competing with top Google engineers in the same space. Google offers to buy him out, he thinks, “Better take the deal, they have two fistfuls of programmers and Google resources.”

        He comes in to find out that the processes in Google were way different. They can’t just stop using a technology and flip to a new one in two days, gotta clear it with the project lead and check up the chain. Lot of overhead, politics. He could have been a contender!

        1-4 guys, hacking it away with a clear vision = SHIT GETS DONE

        ENERGY, MOMENTUM, FOCUS -some smart guy whose name escapes me atm =)

  2. Boneflour At Large says:

    On topic again:

    A key part of that Thermidor piece is the idea of Marx and Freud intellectualizing away a perceived cultural superiority (and concomitant narcissistic injury/status hit to themselves/their culture) by characterizing the Other’s “civility” as simply whitewashed versions of their own honest barbarism.

    Every capitalist is an exploitative parasite just like the Jew, just like every chivalrous white knight is just a Weinstein with better manners. True chivalry doesn’t exist, it’s either a pretty lie or the dopey platitude of the sucker.

    You can see that with La Raza, “THE RACE” that really wants to live in this stupid White Male country for some reason. “Viva Mexico” shouts the guy that ran the border to live in The Oppression City That Racism Built.

    I’m guessing the Neandersphere has this impulse to some degree as well. As a fellow Only Sane Man Sole Survivor Whose Compass Always Points True North, I gotta tell you, those normies, amirite? Manboon is not a learning animal. No self awareness, they rinse it out with fluoride every night.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, the world is ending in 15 years, I gotta write my perfect survival OS. It’ll be done in 17, probably. Got some pico-issues to sort out.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >A key part of that Thermidor piece is the idea of Marx and Freud intellectualizing away a perceived cultural superiority (and concomitant narcissistic injury/status hit to themselves/their culture) by characterizing the Other’s “civility” as simply whitewashed versions of their own honest barbarism.

      Correcting in the other direction, Robert E. Howard had a really good point.

  3. Solid says:

    Idiocracy is upon us. I witnessed not one but five drivers leave their cars running while pumping gas tonight because it was cold. Two of them were women wearing wool with children in the vehicles. The saps are getting crazier by the day.

  4. a says:


    trump tower

    Pretty interesting looking building… I wonder who financed it.
    Probably similar to the ones (George Soros and RCs) who helped Trump’s son in law Jared Kushner buy another interesting property- 666 5th Avenue.

    Checked T towers height just for shits. Guess what?
    According to wikipedia Trump Tower is 664 feet tall.
    Methinks that measurement is 2 feet off.
    “Attention to detail”

    Ah well, coincidences are coincidences, and I don’t want to make my head hurt.
    I’m just glad Trump is best friends with our greatest ally and signed a treat with them preparing for war with Iran yesterday.

    • Boneflour At Large says:

      OMG, Trump is like Pennywise! That’s just like that South Park episode:

      With that kind of heavy-hitting rhetoric, you could be a writer for Huffington Post, Entertainment Weekly, or maybe even The New Yorker!

      You might have some New York Times worthy writing at this rate, powerful stuff. I hate Trump 200% now.

      You know who also liked upside down triangles? HITLER:

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        The upside-down triangle may be interpreted directly as “submissive mystery”, i.e. the feminine mystique.

      • a says:

        All right, I played nice last time.

        I figured since all of the obvious betrayals by Trump were ignored

        ( Mnuchin, Cohen, Kushner, McMaster/Kelly/Mattis, the firing of Flynn, massive weapons deal with the Saudis- who btw invested in Kushner’s 666 building soon afterwards, Syria strike, increased agression against Russia, ignoring attacks on his own supporters and IGNORING the massive opportunities created by the attempted assassination of Steve Scalise, Battle of Berkely, etc. to fucking expose the true left- called for “unity” like Jeb Bush, DACA amnesty coming soon, where’s the wall?, not going after Hillary/Deep State/ “Globalists” in any major way aside from rounding up some low level pedos, princess IVANKA who parties with Soros in the Hamptons, “muh women in the workforce and stem” initiatives, best buds with fucking Netenyahu and the rest of the tribe, could destroy media- talks to the NYT weekly, will likely go to war with either Iran, Syria, North Korea, or send forces into Venezuela on a ‘peace missiob’, look at who he fn surrounds himself with- you are your friends; Trump cares about 1. Trump 2. Trump 3. Not getting JFKed and thus he helps greater Israel (And that’s the optimistic take))

        that it would be best for me to delve into the more woo stuff. But you REALLY dont want reality to get in the way of your admiration for a POS that has probably raped and killed kids at Epstein’s island just like Bill Clinton. And dont get me started on the ridiculous “Trump was sent by God” obvious PSYOP that so many conservatives slurped down ( Reliable Dodo birds!).
        Do you even know what’s going on bro? Do you KNOW why you think what you think and feel what you feel? Do you know WHY THE FUCK Trump didn’t have a ‘sudden onset heart-attack’ like your gut – and mind- tells you he should have if ge was legit?

        It was a dream, the whole thing.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I understand as well as anyone there are no good guys, but I’m still going to root for my guys. Saying it’s okay to be white means “It’s okay for us to be alive.” That’s all any of this Trump drama is.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I don’t think it’s news to anyone here that Luciferian symbolism is a class marker for the extraordinarily wealthy and influential.

  5. a says:

    Gonna plug one of Nottuh’s videos since this stuff will be coming up in January it looks like (It will be done by March in any case).

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