Announcement: Personal projects sprint on Discord, next Saturday from 1 to 4 PM EST

Mark your calendars, that’s three hours of sprinting and shitposting. Bring your favorite memes because I want to keep energy high and dopamine flowing. MM, please put another invite link in the comments of this post (NB: this sprint will be hosted in the #self-improvement channel). Everybody else, here are your rules for engagement.

1. MM’s domain, MM’s morality. I’ve told him I would prefer that he immediately ban anyone he doesn’t like rather than host a bunch of food fights in a space where we’re trying to be productive. Shitposting is encouraged but you must be willing to bend the knee, and he’s as disagreeable as I’m agreeable. So be good and play nice or stay out.

2. The point of this exercise is to engage in productive virtue signalling. This is an extremely important social skill, and there are two major* ways you can do it wrong: 1) not doing it at all, and 2) doing it in lieu of constructive activity. The first error is more typical in NW Europeans and aspies because we’re often uncomfortable with the idea of advertising. But it’s like dressing up for an interview: you have to advertise, and to market yourself well you have to practice until it’s natural. The second error is typical of most everybody else in the world, which is to oversell and underdeliver. The key is to restrict your bragging to portfolio pieces that market real areas of strength and use the prospect of future bragging to motivate deliberate practice.

3. You have to work on something you’ve been meaning to do, but just haven’t made time for. Maybe it’s creating a resume, portfolio, and applying to as many jobs as possible. Maybe it’s gathering a bibliography for a book you want to write. Maybe it’s setting up one of your computers to dual-boot Linux and Windows. Maybe it’s just working through a laundry list of stuff you need to do: cleaning your room, calling your mom, cooking your meals for the week, whatever. Hell, just read a textbook or do homework for one of your classes. Get yourself a Pomodoro clock and prepare your favorite headspace for grinding out a hackathon (caffeine, music, podcast, whatever works best).

4. Post a brief description of what you’ll be doing in a comment on this post, along with a minimum viable product (see my example). On Saturday, we’ll be doing check-ins at the 25-minute mark where everybody updates on their progress, then shitposts as hard as possible for the remainder of the five minutes. The sixth (last) Pomodoro will be devoted to bragging about whatever you accomplished in a separate comment thread that I’ll post on Saturday. Imitate Trump and have fun with it, because there’s truth in caricatures.

And remember, the only rule is HIGH ENERGY. Except for all those other rules I just said. So no black pills and no criticism of allowed, because this won’t be the time or place (if I think we need more of that, I’ll just make another post about circumcision). HIGH ENERGY ONLY! Virtue signalling and memes FTW, may we all bask in the golden glory of each other’s latent narcissism.

*Doing it without nuance is a minor way to do it wrong, like the difference between peacocking and looking like a badass.

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21 Responses to Announcement: Personal projects sprint on Discord, next Saturday from 1 to 4 PM EST

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    I’m going to do a collaborative web dev project with Boneflour, using some platform he mentioned on Skype today. Minimum viable product is to get the platform working (registration, etc.) and put up a “Hello world” page, anything after that is gravy.

  2. HalHarrison says:

    I’m going to listen to the audiobook of “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel (Because it is 4 hours long. Supposed to be a good book as well).
    Minimum viable product would be to get 3 hours done instead of 4 (I’ll make myself finish it before Sunday no matter what happens). Will post review on Fight Failure.

  3. Tolian says:

    If the sleep deprivation doesnt get to me I promise Ill be there our gracious host. I plan on bring the ingredient list for one version of Thal Force. Its natural, plant based, and religiously sound as well. I also finished 4 books this past week and started plowing through On The Existenance of Gods. The debate between Dominic Saltarelli and Vox is great entertainment. The debate is educational as well.

    The circumstances that are leading to the sleep “problems” will allow for a lot of reading. So Ill be doing overtime on the reading this week in case I cant make it. On top of all this I will be bringing some notes from Reconnaissance Man by Aaron Clarey. The notes are the preperartions for a recon trip come the end of summer.

  4. glosoli says:

    The time for procrastination is nearly over.

  5. Lizard King says:

    Well, I’m down for working on stuff I was already going to be working on. Don’t know how much shitposting I’ll be able to do. Once I’m in work mode I lose the ability to be humorous.

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