Re: masturbation

I see masturbation as a way to avoid burning (keeps one from fornication and whores).

I agree, with a couple of reservations. And I’d add that masturbation also attenuates the sort of crazy that causes individual mass shootings of the sort we saw at Virginia Tech. Our biology is primed to force high-risk behavior in sexless Gammas and Omegas because in Darwinian morality any behavioral outcome is preferable to grinding celibacy and slavery. The hindbrain doesn’t care that such things are incompatible with advanced civilization…what use is such a construct to an atomized individual who isn’t obeying the prime directive? So pragmatically speaking, masturbation is often the lesser of many evils available to incels, which means approximately 80% of modern men at any given time.

But this is purely the pragmatic perspective of a man who’s trying to get by as best as possible in a broken world governed by Satan and the Matthew principle. Does it prevent one from burning? The answer is no, obviously, and we understand this on a deeper level than cognition.

The Myth of Harmless Wrongs in Moral Cognition:
Automatic Dyadic Completion From Sin to Suffering

When something is wrong, someone is harmed. This hypothesis derives from the theory of dyadic morality, which suggests a moral cognitive template of wrongdoing agent and suffering patient (i.e., victim). This dyadic template means that victimless wrongs (e.g., masturbation) are psychologically incomplete, compelling the mind to perceive victims even when they are objectively absent. Five studies reveal that dyadic completion occurs automatically and implicitly: Ostensibly harmless wrongs are perceived to have victims (Study 1), activate concepts of harm (Studies 2 and 3), and increase perceptions of suffering (Studies 4 and 5). These results suggest that perceiving harm in immorality is intuitive and does not require effortful rationalization. This interpretation argues against both standard interpretations of moral dumbfounding and domain-specific theories of morality that assume the psychological existence of harmless wrongs. Dyadic completion also suggests that moral dilemmas in which wrongness (deontology) and harm (utilitarianism) conflict are unrepresentative of typical moral cognition.

Just as emission is the “little death”, so masturbation is the little suicide. Masturbation is not a victimless crime because suicide is a crime against God. The only way out of this mess is to “die” for others, i.e. emission for the purpose of creating new life.

My release from the addiction to masturbation must be understood as a small miracle, and I’m not advising a radical Nofap for everybody, anymore than I’d advise a lifestyle dedicated to perfect cleanliness (being dirty is also a sin). Both of these prescriptions would be neurotic and result in greater evils than the ones we’d be trying to avoid. Christianity isn’t a license to be stupid and ignore reality—if that’s what you’re into, try Gnosticism. This is why it’s so important that we don’t try to earn our salvation with righteousness.

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18 Responses to Re: masturbation

  1. Koanic says:

    Quitting jerking isn’t a miracle. It’s not even a goal mentioned in the Bible.

    • HalHarrison says:

      I remember in one of your old posts at Koanic Soul you described how you would do it for hours and hours. To gore porn.

      You fucking crazy loser.

      • Koanic says:

        You’re lying.

        • a says:

          Ill put it on the discord, I think I savved that one.

          • Koanic says:

            Oh no, be sure to post it right here. I officially grant permission.

            • m8 says:

              Cant find it in muh files. You talked about edging to oily strippers and then talked about gore porn. I quoted it here in a comment to you months ago man. Yknow what I’m talking about. Not gonna waste hours trying to find that particular piece of sick and weird bullshit when you created 4+ years worth of sick and weird bullshit.

            • Koanic says:

              You haven’t found the documents, yet your story has already substantially changed. Thus proving that you are a liar, as I proved before. Which fits your physiognomy. Edenism’s skeptics confirm its truth.

            • HalHarrison says:

              you know what Im talking about. If you want to play dumb to score an imaginary point go ahead, but I know for a fact that post existed and so do you (The fact that you would deny it just to get a one up and call me a liar is POS thing to do. I am honest all the time even with shitheads like Kratman. Melons=at least potentially honorable ppl. Thals= jews and useless spergs)

  2. Crazy Anonymous Guy says:

    Hey, listen, something fucking strange happened to me after reading your (previous) post (On Suicide). You know, I was about to fap then go to sleep, as usual, but then I thought that there was a story that I wanted to write for a long time but had no inspiration, and then after reading what you said about transforming libido in purposeful energy, or something such, I thought, oh well, maybe I shouldn’t masturbate and try to use the energy to think a bit more about the story. And then – crucial thing – I prayed, something I hadn’t done in ages, I prayed to Jesus for inspiration. And then, guess what?? Not 15 minutes afterwards, the story, dialogs, scenes, everything started to come to my mind, as if it was being dictated from above. What are the chances?? I mean, something like this hadn’t happened in years to me, usually it’s a pain to come up with reasonable ideas. So I wrote it as easily as if Jesus himself was dictating it to me, and then, I couldn’t fap to relax, because, well, I thought that if He kept his side of the bargain then maybe I should keep mine too… But then I couldn’t sleep all night. Because I was tense and couldn’t fap, and, see, I am mostly as agnostic as they come, but then I couldn’t stop thinking, “Hey, could this Jesus thing be really real and not just a pretty myth? Could praying really work??” I freaked out. I couldn’t sleep. I still can’t. I couldn’t understand what was going on. I still don’t. Anyway, thanks for your post, I guess. But now, I think it was just a coincidence, right? Yes. Just a funny coincidence. I can go to sleep now. And fap. Good night.

    • normie infiltrator of ravioli pasta blog says:

      I’m not sure I’m able to sublimate libido into purposeful energy the way you say you were able. I procrastinate, like a lot of people, and masturbate, like most people, and the two seem to go hand in hand (dick in hand lol). When a deadline approaches, I react to that stress with increased libido, and I blow steam by blowing loads. Maybe nervous energy translates to sexual energy (in me) for the same reasons Aeoli mentioned regarding the combination of sex and horror in American horror films a while back. Anyway, good luck with the story if it’s not already complete.

  3. Lizard King says:

    Awww, but neuroticism is fuuun.

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