Your daily dose of neanderthal supremacy

Here’s a fun PCA plot for all the haters and race traitors out there.


So is the horizontal component IQ or neanderthal admixture? Trick question, it’s both.

(I stole the graphic from this great Razib Khan article.)

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22 Responses to Your daily dose of neanderthal supremacy

  1. Tolian says:

    So what your saying is everything west of the Suez Canal needs to be nuked into oblivion.

  2. HalHarrison says:

    “to explain the data, they are suggesting here that the original population was not quite so small, but was isolated from the large African population for thousands of years. They assume genetic drift reduced heterozygosity, but if the model is correct I suspect that the way it worked was that bottlenecks due to climatic fluctuations swept clean a lot of the genetic variation. But in the interregnum the isolated population may have interbred with Neandertals. In fact, perhaps they picked up genes from Neandertals when their own effective population was extremely small”
    The Questions that need to be answered:

    Was it the massive genetic bottlenecking over thousands of years that caused Europeans? Or was it minute neanderthal admixture?

    Is it true that jews have the most neanderthal admixture? If so, why is neanderthal admixture a good thing?

    Is neanderthal admixture what is causing your autism/asperger’s/etc? Why does this disorder show up in blacks, who have no neanderthal admixture? (Maybe Asperger’s truly does not show up in blacks with no European/etc. admixture in their past. Great thing to find out!)

    What do these neanderthal genes actually do? Where is the proof?

    What about all of the other claims surrounding the effects of neanderthal genetic admixture?

    This stuff needs to be actually fleshed out, until then its needless self pleasuring; masturbation. And you don’t do that anymore.

    I really mean that btw. If you are focused on turning this sphere into something useful you will either have to get things in working order or drop things that waste everybody’s time and make them feel even more isolated from others (Which is a MAJOR disservice if it actually is not true. Though it is comforting in the sense that it makes ppl think there is no point in getting along with the “normie saps” since they are the descendants of fucking neanderthal who were created in rape orgies. Sick, twisted, creation myth right there. You need to be sure about this stuff!)

    • Koanic says:

      It’s like a Jew concern-trolling white nationalism.

      • HalHarrison says:

        Fleshing things out is hated by losers like Koanic that want nothing but a bitch cult.
        Go make another useless software program you fucking moron.

      • HalHarrison says:

        The Kike (((Koanic))) is projecting here. Everybody who has been around this sphere for a while remembers how you used to talk about your Ashkenazi blood

  3. Koanic says:

    > So is the horizontal component IQ or neanderthal admixture?

    Neither. It’s the Neanderthal vs sub-Saharan Erectus gap. A PCA is a PCA.

    • Koanic says:

      Literally speaking.

      Nonliterally, yeah. But that PCA doesn’t directly support the Edenism hypothesis. Edenism posits that La Ferrassie-style Neanderthal atavism accounts for half of white high IQ genes, and maybe 3/4 of the altruism + introversion genes. Which is not very analogous to the massive sub-Saharan IQ gap, but similar to the massive sub-Saharan altruism gap. However, due to the “Living Ghost” effect, the genetic telltales of the Edenic phenomenon are much fainter. Hence we rely on phenotypal markers with strong psychological correlates.

      Like Razib said, PCAs are fascinating for revealing the eugenic gene flow of geography, and that’s mainly what the chart shows. Whereas Edenism is the dysgenic gene flow of civilizational psycho-physiognomy.

      Cue BB with something stupid.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          No dox, not even first names please.

        • Koanic says:

          Surely you think you do me great hurt, for we all saw how hard you begged, nay demanded, that Aeoli expunge your record on this blog, the very one on which you now post links to my old VPS. Such is the way of your chiseling kind.

          • a says:

            I used my real name bro, something you never even had the guts to do.

          • a says:

            Also, your blog was so fucking embarrassing you had to delete the whole thing.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              You know Koanic is prodding you to get a reaction, so why do you continue to be prodded?

            • HalHarrison says:

              1. It’s fun. 2. I can say whatever and see the effect, try to learn generalizable insights 3. It’s a strongly entrenched habit. 4. At this point, I genuinely dislike Koanic

            • Koanic says:

              I didn’t delete it. I let the hosting lapse. You are the one who deletes your content out of embarrassment. You literally cannot fathom my motivations.

            • Koanic says:

              > You know Koanic is prodding you to get a reaction

              I might as well ping Google. You are mistaking the predictable side effects for the purpose. When your critic offers to trade his present credibility for your past public record, take the trade.

              Whenever one of my critics oversteps, I take notes. Every lie goes in his personnel file, and whenever I need to establish his dishonesty to a third party, I can simply copy paste. He who lies in little things, must also lie in great, and he will lie with friendliness, who lies when filled with hate.

              It is one thing to say “Well, he’s my friend,” and quite another to deny the plain evidence of a series of lies condensed over a long time period. Social predation depends on such records not being kept, on organic memory decay, and the attendant emotional homeostasis, which grants everyone a presumptive blank slate of innocence by virtue of attendance.

              Of course, some will hate such record-keeping, but they themselves are liars, and react out of fear.

              Actually, what I find interesting is whether such predators can modify their biological programming, after being exposed.

            • HalHarrison says:

            • HalHarrison says:

              > Guy literally LARPING as a neanderthal who made pointless autistic analysis galore, often for things that DONT MATTER like fucking anime and shit. This loser then transitioned to making shitty useless software like Cyobrganize.

              You are roleplaying as important, plain and simple.
              For all the “big talk” Ive done I actually FOLLOW through. Got a year’s worth of supplies mofo. Just Ask Aeoli.

              Poor “thals” can’t seem to ever do this- have to cry themselves to sleep while watching EVA and bitching about the guy who comes in, sees potential, and wants to do something.
              Whatever. Hopefully Aeoli can get things sorted out, but I know for a fact you NEVER will. And I stopped caring; the BIG MISSION comes first! (Cant help those that don’t want it).

            • Koanic says:

              Cool. Some more outright lies from BB:
              “homoerotic”, “no focus”, “low T digit ratio”, “only digest… soy”.

            • Koanic says:

              What’s the end game here? Do you want me to make you a case study? I do actually still own blogs, FYI. I also have your real name, and plenty of video. My todo list is long, but you might be able to work your way onto it.

              It’s strange, because I know you can’t take the heat. I’ve seen you run. So why don’t you think I’ll dish it out? After all your vituperation, I have difficulty believing you trust in my charity. You are not a forum applicant, and I owe you no guarantee of privacy.

              It’s either a lack of foresight, or you believe you have some leverage that will stop me. Like my real name. Which, frankly, is insulting. For the first time, I’m genuinely offended. Now I almost feel obligated to do it.

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