On female owl melon adolescence

The transcript of a particularly successful cold read follows the break.

Sorry for the randomness of this message.. But I was talking with [metadata accidentally deleted by FBI] about owl melons, and I was curious if you got any opinion/ info about owl women.
Thank you!

Afraid not, I don’t really have a grasp on them (or female types in general). It’s not a topic that comes to mind, but I might be able to get something if I dwell on it. Haven’t tried before. If you have any specific questions that might help me to get started.

This intrigued me: Behelit myth | https://aeolipera.wordpress.com/2015/06/29/behelit-myth/ .
You mentioned something about a strange period in owls life, a kind of “coming of age” episode in their adolescence. I think i passed trough this fire. I m curious if you know more, i want to make comparisons.

It’s not so much knowing as being able to guess much better than it seems like I should.

So here’s a guess: female adolescence is characterized by passive-aggressive social conflict and cruelty. I suspect you skated through this period in high school with so much ease that other girls openly envied you, due to your social perceptiveness and talent for cruelty (basically, being so good at it that nobody bothered taking you on most of the time). Then you hit college and were shocked by the level of degeneracy, not of the student body but of the academy itself and the state of so-called higher learning. This is when you began to really sense the crushing weight of evil involved in controlling such a large population of humans and began to understand whither the casual expressions of cruelty in our social mores and cultural institutions. At this point your melon-back would have begun game theory calculations to determine the most efficient path for navigating these cultural institutions, while simultaneously becoming something of an introvert out of disgust.

That was all pretty specific. So how’d I do?

Oh, and the fire would refer to some kind of worldview failure due to too much ambition, sort of an “unyielding force meets immovable object” type of thing. This self-immolation would prompt soul-searching and identity rebuilding. Possibly you are now on the tail end of that phase.

I admit, i felt as if i were in the audience of a gifted magician. Spot on.
Nobody dared to say me anything. Most of the time they stood out of my way. I made my own circle of trusted people, and i enjoyed( and still do) thals’ company. My cruelty was rather a kind of sadism, where i tried to get reactions from other people. It’s not stupidity that disgusted me…but the hypocrisy. Strangely enough, i always had a strong moral code. But of course, being bitter at society’s faults is comparable with being angry because it rains. Of course i try to carve for myself a place in this world, but compromising is out of question. I want to do it my way. I have pretty traditional expectations. Maybe it’s the thallish part of me that craves for a tribe.
And you are right. That trial ended the last Christmas. I had a pacifying “revelation”. Your secret thal metods are fascinating. ;)

*self-fanning intensifies*

Here’s a pathetically small gallery of suspected owl melon females. The first is a random dating profile that we analyzed on the forum. I call her Mox Day.


Vox’s wife Spacebunny Day is probably also this type, judging mostly by reputation.


Side note, I find upwardnose predisposes women to affection for large animals (horses, big dogs, etc.). Last example is Cara Delevingne.



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23 Responses to On female owl melon adolescence

  1. You know damn well who this is asshole..... says:

    I know one IRL. Smoking Hot. INTJ. Fits this post perfectly. Their eyes are almond shaped. Pure Raw dark feminine sexual energy (She tried to sleep with me in five minutes). Your game better be locked tight if you encounter one.

    P.s. Their was parietal bantz and we got into a food fight with popcorn after I showed her Polymaths facial composites.

  2. Ø says:

    Milla Jovovich
    Debbie Harry
    Alexandra Daddario (sockets)
    Natalie Portman (Jewcel; T-Back)

  3. glosoli says:

    Please delete the VD/SB photo, it makes me feel nauseuos.

  4. spigot says:

    Could you say how old they were at the time of writing?

  5. kensuimo says:

    For the sake of controlling for confounding factors, the responder has heavy lidding + hooknose and nonnegligible thal influence. Two transformations that sort of cancel out, but given that it is the initial state that is attempting to be described, they should be noted.

    Vox’ wife clearly has socket depth.

  6. Invite her to a sesh says:

  7. areola parachute says:

    make brood of hybrid offspring with owl and teach them karate and melon casuistry

  8. bicebicebice says:

    birds of a feather flock together – old edenic saying

  9. Patrick says:

    I think you nailed this one absolutely. My school was disproportionately Owl melon, being an old Scottish private school it was all Thally Melony with not such a strong dividing line between ‘jocks’ and ‘nerds’ and ‘skaters’. I always floated between groups never really fitting in and dealing with crushing loneliness and various psychotic episodes that I basically had to deal with alone. This story maps the path of a lot of people. I can relate to a lot of this myself.

    The owl melon girls I know it definitely fits. Introverted, smart fierce but also socially conscious. Cool but difficult to get along with. I was always too nerdy for them I think. I was like a low-tier jock in those circles. Good at sports and cracking jokes but too unreliable and never vibing with the feels of the team enough. The real owl melons would always either crucify me or just be disappointed and sort of shun me, which always made me sad and I really wanted to ‘get on board’ with the logic but it always seemed to harsh for me.


    • Patrick says:

      I sat next to a girl who looks like delevingne but with little eyes in Chemistry class. She’s a doctor now. I met her again a few years ago and life just seemed to have weighed on her. She had that fire of world-weariness and disgust. We used to have so much fun back in those days. I even laugh now thinking of how we used to prank the teacher and tell the most outrageous jokes. And, of course, we all got straight As.

      • Patrick says:

        There’s also a thing about timing. Owl melon women have very good timing. Good rhythm. Whether it’s knowing when to strike or knowing how fashionably late to show up to the party, they sort of always swoop and catch their prey. It’s otherworldly and impeccable and always the cause of envy. They are always envied and feared in equal measure.

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