Definition of the problem and rules of engagement

Four people participated in the sprint last week and three spectated and shitposted with us. If you’re in one of those groups please look for the new channel and test your permissions—if you’re a “doer” you’ll have normal channel rights, and if you’re a “watcher” you can follow the discussion and add reactions.

The discussion tomorrow will be from 1 to 4 PM EST, and the topic will be a brainstorm about organizing and presenting an anti-Judaizer subset of apologetics, hence “rooting Judaism out of the church”. Although we are protected somewhat by obscurity and our low status as ineffective, ridiculous, fringe, brony whackadoodles, there is obviously a significant step up in terms of risk to reputation and career. So our first order of business will be to discuss due diligence and commonsense precautions. I am also instituting three hard rules:

1) Aeoli’s mom is watching. The discussion must maintain the highest possible level of etiquette and respectability without sacrificing dialectic. Do not say anything in this channel you don’t want to appear on the evening news.

2) There will be no discussion of effective action, only ideas for apologetics. Assume the Discord staff is watching. They are medium-converged and there is a non-negligible chance an SJW will be snooping on our chat to see if they should shut it down, but we will be protected by their inability to emotionally engage with dialectic.

3) This is not a discussion about the Jewish race, it’s a discussion about the Jewish religion. Yes, I understand ethnocentrism is part of Judaism. Insofar as it matters to their belief system and how selections of the Talmud may be presented to the target demographic (my mom), I will allow discussion of race, but only just.

On the off chance that we begin to become effective, we will ramp up what constitutes “due diligence” to levels that will appear unreasonable. For the time being though, we are low-value targets who do not present any serious threat, and that gives us some initiative.

I will state the problem as a counterfactual: “It’s the year 2033, and the American church has a culture that recognizes Talmudic Judaism as the Synagogue of Satan. It has created robust institutions which automatically diminish the social status of elitist Judaizers who would welcome Jews in exchange for the affirmation of their own special, aristocratic heritage as being “God’s chosen” by bloodline and not by spiritual adoption, i.e. Israelites. What happened between 2018 and today?”

Comments to this post will be deleted. If you want to be in future such discussions, you must be willing to 1) put in the work and 2) get along with people you disagree with. The next personal projects sprint will be the following Saturday, same time same channel same rules. If you participate or merely lurk as a shitposter you can be a doer or watcher on the next project (this one is officially closed to new members).

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