Of disgrace and triumph

This week’s churchpoasting is a continuation of this blog’s emergent theme that Jesus’ message was an inversion of the humanistic Luciferianism to which humans return as a default position.

By Thomas E. Schmidt

Robert Gundry, in a new major commentary on Mark1, advances convincingly the thesis that the second Gospel is an extended apology for the cross. More specifically, Gundry argues that Mark portrays the passion of Christ as an aspect of his glory. This article intends to follow that thesis up an avenue not traveled in Gundry’s commentary – namely the Via Dolorosa, which, I will argue, replaces the Sacra Via of Rome and renders the passion a triumph in a quite literal sense. In other words, I will maintain that details of a particular segment of the crucifixion narrative (Mark 15.16-32) evoke a Roman triumphal procession, and that Mark designs this ‘anti-triumph’ to suggest that the seeming scandal of the cross is actually an exaltation of Christ. In this interpretation, many details of the crucifixion narrative that appear to be incidental are in fact important features in a parabolic drama which a late first-century Roman audience would be uniquely situated to comprehend.

Triumphal procession

An odd feature of Mark 15.16-32 is that, in contrast to an otherwise tightly worded passion narrative, this section includes a number of very specific details. These include the gathering of the whole guard, the requisition of a bystander to carry the cross, the translation of the name Golgotha, the offer and refusal of a drink, the specification of the time of crucifixion, and the numbering and placement of the bandits. It is not possible to account for all these details in terms of OT allusions. If, alternately, Mark is attempting to heighten the realism of his narrative, why to such an extent only here and why these particular details? I will argue that parallels between the crucifixion narrative and the Roman triumph supply a unifying scheme which best accounts for these details both individually and corporately.


H. S. Versnel’s detailed monograph Triumphus3 explains how the Roman triumph evolved from Etruscan and Greek ceremonies calling for an epiphany of Dionysus, the dying and rising god. In the Athenian New Year festival Anthesteria, Dionysus, portrayed in costume by the king, was carried into the city in a formal procession which included a bull to be sacrificed. The king was a fitting representative of the anthropomorphic god because Dionysus was generally portrayed as the god who triumphs, especially over men. The procession culminated in a cry for the epiphany of the god (epia!l~£, triumpe in Latin4), the bull was sacrificed, and the king appeared as the god. It is noteworthy that several ancient cultures celebrated similar rites and tolerated the simultaneous presence of the bull and the king, who both represented the god.

In other words, Great Man worship. The emperor is worshiped as an avatar of the emergent tribal gestalt, i.e. a man-made God, made man, who overthrows the old order (sacrificing the sacred cow). You can probably see why the Nazis were interested in reviving the specifically Roman form of Zodiacism.

The connection between the triumphator and Jupiter8 is remarkable. The triumphal robe (ornatus louis), a garment of regal purple embroidered with gold, and the gold laurel wreath, were both taken from the statue of the god in the temple of Jupiter Capitolinus.9 The face of the triumphator was painted red in imitation of the same statue,10 The crowd cried triumpe, a call for the manifestation of the god.11 It is remarkable that these and other signs both of deity and of kingship were not recognized or acknowledged during the republic due to contemporary views of ‘political correctness’. The epiphanic nature of the triumph remained latent until the first century, as we will observe below.

Today’s metal selection is an old favorite.

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22 Responses to Of disgrace and triumph

  1. glosoli says:

    Interesting. I read I, Claudius and the follow-up in my teens, all about Augustan Rome through the Claudian period. From memory, the Triumphs were celebrating a great victory in battle, and there weren’t that many in the Imperial Roman era.

    One thing that sticks in my memory is that the Triumphant man had a fool/clown in the carriage with him, mocking him, as a reminder to the general/emperor that he was a mere human. That somewhat contradicts your theory. Also, Christ did not have a clown mocking him during the march to Calvary, if I recall correctly.

    • SirHamster says:

      Also, Christ did not have a clown mocking him during the march to Calvary, if I recall correctly.

      He did get a thorough mocking on the cross, from the crowd and from the robbers crucified next to him.

      Interestingly, in the Passion of the Christ directed by Mel Gibson, Satan is visually depicted as following Jesus and fulfilling that role.

  2. Cease And Desist says:

    DO NOT delete the above comment, Aeoli. Pls just hide it in the wordpress system. I might need it later, depending on if Akuma wants to throw his life away by committing federal crimes.

    I am letting Akuma know this right now, in no uncertain terms:

    1. You are breaking federal and state law.

    2. Everything you have ever sent me has been archived. Think about that really hard…

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    Think of your family. Your dad G and your siblings. They don’t want you harassing people online, and doing other things that have very direct and very serious legal ramifications.

    Do not continue to harass me.

    I will no longer make my presence known in this sphere, on this blog, or on the internet in general because Akuma’s campaign of targeted harassment has now extended to my family and has me fearing for my safety and theirs as he is unhinged to the highest degree.
    As such, considering that I will no longer be interacting with anyone online, any further harassment by Akuma can only be considered to be a malevolent obsession on his part and STRONG and FIERCE legal action will be taken to make sure that Akuma does not hurt my family or smear its reputation any further than he has already tried to do.

    -I would ask the blog author not to delete this comment under any circumstances as it may be needed for legal purposes in the future, should Akuma continue his campaign of targeted harassment-


    • Array says:

      Funny Because those are the exact words Ive had in relation to your comments and everything youve said to me. Mutually Assured Destruction is ineffect. Also, Koanic has attacked your mother as well after you harrased him. You are a Gamma MM.
      Aeoli has also deleted comments where you have snapped for no reason and attacked everyone. What that means is you cant swing this as a targeted incident against one individual towards another. Its clearly me standing up against you where no one else will. You were the agressor in every incident.
      Also you have no reason to be up this late so technically your behavior is a symptom of a mental disorder. My work requires me to be up this late so I have a valid excuse. Just because something is hearsay doesnt mean it goes away. Everyone with an IQ north of 100+ knows your the probleb here. And to quote Aeoli “His mental hygiene is bad” His refer to you SWOG/MM/a/Cease and Desist.

      • Akuma says:

        >1. You are breaking federal and state law.

        So have you.

        >2. Everything you have ever sent me has been archived. Think about that really hard…
        So what? Your a gamma sitting around obsessed with me waiting for revenge. Youve posted far worse things that Aeoli deleted. Including Doxing of myself and family. If anyone is obsessed its you. Obviously what we have here is a narcissist getting pissed off someone is using his own tactics against him. IDGAF if its hearsay.

        >3. If you continue to harass me, on a blog that I do not even currently comment on, or anywhere else, then you will face the full legal consequences of your actions.
        Speak for yourself. There was one thread where you released the names of three people and posted close to 50 comments attacking them. You also mentioned that you are not a member of the edensphere but then create a Edensphere chat room on discord? Youve been commenting on this blog for years as well. Current doesnt work with me. It might work for people who dont pay attention, but not the rest of us. Nobody wants you here except Aeoli. Doesnt suprise me as he thinks Vox actually has minions thatll attack people.

      • Cease And Desist says:

        I will repeat, you are committing federal crimes in no uncertain terms. The laws for your state are particularly harsh.

        I DO NOT want to even be on this blog commenting. GOT IT?

        I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. BE. HERE.

        I just want to be left alone. Thats it.

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        Take this shit seriously man. This is your life!

        Do you really want to throw your life away- for no reason?

        Think about it a very long time, Akuma/Tolian/so so so many others.

        Think about it very carefully.

        This can all be avoided, if you just leave me the fuck alone to go and be somewhere else.

        • Not who MM thinks this is.... says:

          >Think about it a very long time, Akuma/Tolian/so so so many others.

          So many others eh? Theres multiple comments where you thought it was me but it was in fact someone else. Just goes to show whose obsessed with who Agrochick.

          The only way you could possible know who Tolian is if Aeoli told you which means theres a conspiracy going on here.

        • fuck you says:

          fuckin do it then pussy

  3. Koanic says:

    If you guys want to document stuff, use http://archive.is/

    There’s no need to demand that Aeoli save stuff.

    • Koanic says:

      Solid primatology overall, however there’s a zoological inaccuracy in the chorus which I simply cannot overlook:
      I have never seen a non-pro girl or girrilla fight in which an elbow was thrown, much less landed.
      It’s mainly slapping and hair-pulling. Elbows would be a whole different level of devastation. I’m sure I’d remember it.

  4. Ø says:

    If a charitable man gave you a brand new house in perfect condition along with a wad of cash and instructions and tools for its proper maintenance, I wouldn’t go blaming him five years later when the walls are crumbling, the carpet’s torn up and the windows are all broken out.

  5. glosoli says:

    Start your own church, make it biblical. It’s my grand plan, once I have read the bible.
    There will be plenty of men who join.
    Don’t allow women to speak in church at all, and make them cover their hair.
    There will be plenty of women who will join.
    No doubt some new Christian families will form and have many babies.

    This is what God wants now, a remnant to be there ready for post-collapse.

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