Some expectations

Although “likes” aren’t something we really do around here, you may be interested to know that my post Reinventing normal, self-help for the new underclass has far and away the most likes (six likes, five of which appear to be girls FBI agents) and is in the upper 0.5% of posts in all other engagement metrics. So despite the REEEing (or perhaps evidenced by it) I’ve clearly hit on something emotionally salient. Now, please recall that a “normie” is functionally an idiot savant whose One Thing is to know what is expected of them.

The purpose of a normie is to be a low-effort voter. Their function in society is to show up with a sense of entitlement and espouse political opinions that are as moderate as their cognitive abilities will allow.

On normies

A number of otherwise very disagreeable people agree: I don’t do a good job of setting clear expectations. This is mostly my fault for constantly returning to my concept-meandering baseline, and partially yours for failing to deliberately practice cognitive empathy and anticipate my expectations (low cognitive empathy is the primary cause of aspie social blindness and failure in life). So I’m going to share some remedial social skills training I was doing with Akuma, then at the end I’ll share the most basic bitch expectations I can think of. Edited transcript begins after the break. Most of this criticism applies to the Edenosphere in general, because Akuma was merely an extreme example of a more general malaise around here.

You did good for a while there, but you have serious behavior control issues and you rationalize it as superiority. I’m willing to work with you but you need to be willing to put in the effort to change.

The main issue is that you’re vindictive. The only thing you absolutely must not do is try to burn the place down because you’re offended about something. Second, you’re oppositional/defiant. This is not entirely a bad thing but it makes me unable to use your destructive capacity in some constructive way (e.g. trolling campaigns). I don’t have the institutional infrastructure of the SEALs to put almost-criminal thought processes to good work. Third, you’re a bit psychopathic and a lot narcissistic. There are some good things about this but the psychopathy means high time preference and the narcissism makes you predatory. I would really like to use your talents in a constructive capacity, or see you using them yourself for your own ends, because you clearly have a high IQ and a lot of energy.

1. No rules lawyering. I won’t spend the time to explain all the nuances just because you want to dodge and twist and be clever playing between the word and the spirit of the law. I have zero interest in that.

2. Pretend to be humble. You may continue to consider yourself essential to the world but you must pretend to humility at the blog. This will cover over most of your issues and you’ll be able to get along with people.

3. No attacking people on and around the blog. Those are my people, and if you go after them we have a problem. I will decide who is a problem. I saw MM post that Norm Macdonald bit under a different name and IP address and I took it as an insult to me. [Ed: MM says I’m mistaken, and this was someone else.] When you have a problem with someone you come to me, you don’t fix it yourself.

That’s it.

I’m not expecting you to be polite, or not say “nigger”, or be nice, or not call me a jew-loving faggot nigger. In fact, I quite enjoy your insults. They have a sort of poetry that is lacking in more passive-aggressive people. I expect you have the warrior gene. There are worse things to be than a warrior poet.

If you have any more questions, let me know. My dream is that you would have a good life. But I will consider the good of the group above your good.

You threatened to dox me a couple of months ago. I appreciate that you didn’t, but I want you to observe that this isn’t confidence-inspiring. No one in this sphere understands why I’ve tolerated you for so long. I sense the possibility for great good or great evil in you.

Change how?

I need to know whats wrong before that can happen.


Ive had to deal with a Fake American before with this. I have very little patience for Real Americans acting this way.

Specifics? A real laundry list would be great

Why should I do this homework assignment if I don’t perceive that you agree your behavior ought to improve? Sounds like a waste of time. It needs to improve or it needs to be excised. If you aren’t on board with improving it then it will be excised. Tell you what, we will make the list together. I think you can work on one or two things at a time. I’ll give you one thing for you to improve on, then you give me one thing you think you should improve on.


So come up with something you think I’d want you to do or not do. Here’s mine: “What behavior? Im not the one who said ‘Rape is our future’ You did. You should probably take responsibility for what you say like an Adult.”

I hope you know that was in good jest.

I understand that. Do not jest when an authority figure is angry and threatening you. Flippancy in this situation is interpreted as a rejection of the authority. Now you go. What’s a behavior you anticipate I would like you to change? Anticipate a behavior I want you to change in the context of getting along in a small team environment.

More tact.

Correct. Please explain what tact is and why people do it.

Tact is telling the truth in a polite way. It’s related to emotional intelligence. Telling the truth when in a socially appropriate environment or way. People do it for group cohesion and to avoid fights, which keeps people coming back.

More specifically, they make us stronger than the Other.

I disagree, but I’ll hold my tongue.

Ah good, we should debate this point in the future. There are tasks where an individual’s heroic effort is indeed preferable. For now, merely understand that I’m demanding 1. at least pretend submission in public when I chastise you, and 2. more tact regarding other people’s sensitive spots. I’d encourage you to practice disagreeing in a way that reassures your persuasion target that you care enough about their problems not to hurt them. This is good rhetoric unless your target is too feral for rhetoric to be effective. You’ll know if they mock you for showing empathy for their situation.

Oh yes I know. I live in ***. Holding a door for someone is tantamount to murder.

Just practice on my blog for now. Most of these people are very alienated and require great sensitivity, even when they deserve otherwise. That’s all for today.

Ideally I’d be able to devote this kind of attention to everyone here, but it’s just not possible. So here are some very clear guidelines for staying on my good side.

1. I am a Christian. Do not give me reason to think you are an enemy of Christ or the institutions of Christendom. I don’t expect you to be a Christian, but I do expect you to be at least neutral or an exceedingly polite envoy. Criticism is allowed provided it is constructive and made in a spirit of strengthening the church.

2. I am a tribalist. Do not attack my people and expect me to stay your friend for long. I don’t care if you think it’s necessary or you think they deserve it. It’s not your call. I’ve only begun applying the lightest possible pressure by introducing the mere idea of boundaries, and those boundaries are going to start shrinking. If you’re disagreeable and conscientious, I expect your criticisms to be constructive and made in a spirit of love for building up the person whose behavior you disagree with. If you’re unsure, run it by me.

If you need an outlet to vent, send it to me in private. Or criticize my handling of the situation instead. I need the feedback and the negativity doesn’t bother me.

3. Don’t tell me what I can or can’t say. This is just a pet peeve inherited from being a deep intuitive among academic types who are scared to believe even the most basic facts of life without reference to a lengthy paper trail of citations. If you disagree with my conclusion, just say that. If you need a developed academic field to tell you that race exists, whatever, that’s your Dunning-Kruger, just don’t expect sympathy from me if you can’t recognize the pattern that people who look like snakes have bad taste in art.

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17 Responses to Some expectations

  1. Koanic says:

    These rules feel like a strait-jacket.

    Thanks for the hug.


    (While you studied the sword, I studied the haiku and the sword.)

    • Mocheirge says:

      When your haiku falls flat and
      Your shivs dull with overuse
      Only then shall I brandish
      My dodoitsu

      • Koanic says:

        Good try, but the first line needs to stay with the sword theme if you want to achieve the proper aesthetic effect.

        • Mocheirge says:

          Haiku sharpens haiku, but
          Sharp shivs dull with overuse
          Meter unsheathes to reveal
          My dodoitsu

          • Koanic says:

            I liked your first one better. Japanese syllable count rules don’t carry much punch in English, which has its own native formats. It’s just nerd points. You worsened the flaw of the last poem, which was an inappropriate metaphor operating on an abstract entity breaking the atmospheric concrete imagery characteristic of Japanese poetry.

            The only abstract entities should be the two dueling poem formats, like so:

            When your haiku’s askew and
            Your shivs dull with overuse
            Only then shall I brandish
            My dodoitsu

            • Koanic says:

              Perfect example of why the syllable counts don’t matter:

              This version is “wrong” but stronger:

              When your haiku’s askew and
              Your shivs dull with use
              Only then shall I brandish
              My dodoitsu

            • Koanic says:

              Actually though on a meta level, the first dodoitsu version makes sense again:
              the first line falls flat
              the second line is dull through overuse of syllables
              and the last two flow like the drawing of a blade!

            • Mocheirge says:

              ooh, “haiku’s askew” is great. I like unusual rhymes (“Heaven rest us, we’re not asbestos”).

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That was pretty good.

  2. Asshole says:

    If someone posted a Norm Macdonald clip, it was probably me (and I’m not MM). I’m not sure which post you’re referring to, but I wouldn’t use a Norm clip as an insult (MDE for that), and also I have no complaints regarding this blog or with any of the usual commenters. It’s either a misunderstanding or I’m socially retarded, and it definitely isn’t a misunderstanding.
    I really need to start sticking with the same name here… Anyway, sorry about that.

  3. Patrick says:

    So… basically… you just told someone to shut the fuck up and stop being such a fucking dick all the time. That’s what friends do to friends sometimes. Good post. I would have just posted shut the fuck up but… ya know… I’m not a rapper…

  4. Tom Kratman says:

    I do believe I told you that some things were just too hard or too unlikely of success. Still, you tried to a more than reasonable degree and, I am fairly sure, God approves.

    However, that good karma (or call it what you will) may be lessened by telling Akuma the little white lie that he was terribly intelligent. The evidence for the proposition struck me as very thin, indeed.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It’s not a white lie, he’s objectively in the 140 region, like me. The primary difference between us is we occupy opposite positions on the conceitedness spectrum.

      • Tom Kratman says:

        To me it was obvious that he was far below that, but lied (to some, convincingly) to himself and others that he was not. However, if you honestly believed he was above that then no lie was uttered, white or otherwise.

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