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On the existence of archaic racial archetypes

There’s an ongoing debate in the ‘sphere about whether the extremes of human phenotypal expression can be explained better as simple variation in homo sapiens sapiens or as clusters of traits in the hominids which mixed to produce modern man. … Continue reading

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Updated morning routine

Here’s a routine that’s worked for me through thick and thin. (0. Get enough quality sleep. Ideally I’d get nine good hours per night, but sometimes I go quite a bit longer to make up on ever-encroaching sleep debt. In … Continue reading

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Definition of the problem and rules of engagement

Four people participated in the sprint last week and three spectated and shitposted with us. If you’re in one of those groups please look for the new channel and test your permissions—if you’re a “doer” you’ll have normal channel rights, … Continue reading

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Over the moon

And not just because Vox discovered the principle of charity. This woopoasting comes courtesy of my Bible study group: I’d recommend skipping to the 13-minute mark because the intro he’s just talking about himself, and it starts a bit slow. … Continue reading

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AI demonstrates existence of objective truth in the arts and social sciences

Steve Sailer writes: There has been a lot of talk about bias and discrimination in artificial intelligence systems, such as last year’s NYT op-ed: “Artificial Intelligence’s White Guy Problem” Now, obviously, much of this represents rage at intelligence in general, … Continue reading

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Part 2 of this week’s homework

The statistical argument in the second half is a waste of time but the first half is worth the price of entry.

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Female owl melon example

The gal I posted about yesterday says she believes in wearing your psychoticism on your sleeve. So, everyone please meet Betelgeuse. For this occasion I am reinstituting comment moderation. You WILL be on your best behavior. Maybe if you act … Continue reading

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