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Over the moon

And not just because Vox discovered the principle of charity. This woopoasting comes courtesy of my Bible study group: I’d recommend skipping to the 13-minute mark because the intro he’s just talking about himself, and it starts a bit slow. … Continue reading

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AI demonstrates existence of objective truth in the arts and social sciences

Steve Sailer writes: There has been a lot of talk about bias and discrimination in artificial intelligence systems, such as last year’s NYT op-ed: “Artificial Intelligence’s White Guy Problem” Now, obviously, much of this represents rage at intelligence in general, … Continue reading

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Part 2 of this week’s homework

The statistical argument in the second half is a waste of time but the first half is worth the price of entry.

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Female owl melon example

The gal I posted about yesterday says she believes in wearing your psychoticism on your sleeve. So, everyone please meet Betelgeuse. For this occasion I am reinstituting comment moderation. You WILL be on your best behavior. Maybe if you act … Continue reading

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On female owl melon adolescence

The transcript of a particularly successful cold read follows the break. Hey! Sorry for the randomness of this message.. But I was talking with [metadata accidentally deleted by FBI] about owl melons, and I was curious if you got any … Continue reading

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Dating market value test results

I took Heartiste’s SMV test for men and scored a 5, Classic Beta. “You catch some girls’ eyes, usually the ones you don’t want. Try not to make fatty fucking a lifestyle.” For my own reference I’ve included parenthetical notes … Continue reading

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Boildown of Heartiste (posts 6-10)

Previous 5 posts. Her Opinion is of No Consequence at All April 16, 2007 by CH Dressing fashionably is more important than ever for men to be attractive to women, but don’t ask your girlfriend because she’ll sabotage you (DLV) … Continue reading

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Part 1 of this week’s homework

I was particularly impressed by the annual oath of Kol Nidre as a formalized institution reinforcing Thelema. Also, since it looks like I’ll be bringing back the church thing I was doing a while back (in Altrugenics 1.0), here’s the … Continue reading

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A tipping point

From Discord: Yeah, expect medium levels of trouble. Have a plan. A simple one. There is nothing more offensive to people than a new normal. Probably most will lurk, so we have to put on a good show. Persuasion by … Continue reading

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Announcement: group discussion on Discord, “rooting Judaism out of the church” next Saturday from 1 to 4 PM EST

Comments on this post will be deleted. People who do not participate in the sprint today are not invited to the discussion because I don’t care about the opinions of armchair generals. Nonbelievers and recent Christians may provide information and … Continue reading

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