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Re: masturbation (improved version) and a quick reminder

I wasn’t happy with yesterday’s post, so I thought of a much better way to explain what I believe about masturbation, by analogy to head meds. Stephen L Anderson says mental illness isn’t real based on the verse “For God … Continue reading

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Your daily dose of neanderthal supremacy

Here’s a fun PCA plot for all the haters and race traitors out there. So is the horizontal component IQ or neanderthal admixture? Trick question, it’s both. (I stole the graphic from this great Razib Khan article.)

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Re: masturbation

I see masturbation as a way to avoid burning (keeps one from fornication and whores). I agree, with a couple of reservations. And I’d add that masturbation also attenuates the sort of crazy that causes individual mass shootings of the … Continue reading

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On suicide

(This is a feelzpost. If you prefer the dialectic version, read this instead.) The first pivotal moment in my life was when I decided not to kill myself. I’d been lying in bed for about a week after burning myself … Continue reading

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Attn: Mycroft

You owe someone a resume and he says he needs it by Thursday. Get your shit together Mycroft.

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Aristocratic Judaizers

You might recall I said: The problem is that narcissistic Christians have a tendency to start believing they’re the chosen people. Narcissists are always looking for a way to purity spiral and self-identify as special, and within the Christian worldview … Continue reading

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Final Fantasy 3/6, part 2

Part 1 Characters Now we’ll look at the plot, which chronicles the rise of a bleak, Kafka-esque, dystopian clown world ruled from steampunk Mordor by a literal clown named Kefka. Harry Steinhauer, a professor of German and Jewish literature, says … Continue reading

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Some comment

How the Alt-Right Uses Social Science to Make Racism Respectable It’s a strategy long in the making. By Khalil Gibran Muhammad … These new white supremacists are coming not with tiki torches but with reasoned arguments, buttressed by facts and … Continue reading

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10-year goals

In order of importance, not in order of critical path. 1. Become a holy warrior: Loved by God, feared by the wicked, and shameless before the righteous. (More of a vision than a goal, tbh) 2. Become a great writer. … Continue reading

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Boildown of first five Heartiste posts

Nottuh and I are collaboratively deep diving on Heartiste and Rollo from the beginning as part of our commitment to deliberate practice. Taking great notes like this isn’t just a way to study, it creates reference material that’s organized more … Continue reading

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