Decoding fashy haircuts

Vox is sperging out again because the alt-reichtards triggered him over the Superbowl, because they’re trying (successfully so far) to isolate him from their target demographics: the lower-middle class and young people. It’s a shorter step from tribalism to extreme ownership than from radical individualism to tribalism, so I will need to be patient and show rather than tell.

Our disagreement spurred a discussion of fashion and its relevance to young minds.

I understand your point is to show your audience that Alt-White is retarded, to demonstrate the difference between you and them. And yet young Gen Z men in America of all political stripes cut their hair like Richard Spencer. So congratulations, you win…what, exactly?

Here are the top 5 haircuts for men in 2018:

  1. High Fade Quiff Haircut For Men
  2. Messy Undercut
  3. Modern Slicked Back Men’s Haircut
  4. Side Part Hairstyle
  5. Longer Natural Flow Hairstyle + Short Sides

(Why yes, I did notice these are all exactly the same.)

Fashion is the Shadow of our subliminal ideology. Show me how a man dresses and I’ll tell you what he believes. It’s not important who did it first, what’s important is why a young mother would give her baby this haircut and post the picture on the internet. But before we get into that, please recall:

The essence of globalism is the desire to reduce the complexity of human populations by removing the barriers between them and distinctions among them. There are several reasons a person might desire this, but the most common is extreme narcissism.

Narcissism is a combination of psychological solipsism and entitlement. The need to be special and better than other people springs eternal. This is due to a fundamental desire for attention and worship. In order for the narcissist to be special and better, it is necessary for other people to be relatively similar and worse.

Therefore, high average “desire to reduce the complexity of human populations by removing the barriers between them and distinctions among them” must follow from high average narcissism. This isn’t just theory either. Heaviside informed us (or maybe just me?) a while back that the US military did a study on average narcissism in the US population because it was bad enough to be interfering with their recruiting efforts. It follows that the average American is more inclined than a normal human to desire a world with fewer cultural details to distract everyone from paying attention to their virtue signalling.

Why narcissism leads to globalism

The Spencer haircut is the mark of a militaristic dandy. What does a dandy believe? Robert Greene has the answer:

Remember, there must be a reference point. If your visual style is totally unfamiliar, people will think you at best an obvious attention-getter, at worst crazy. Instead, create your own fashion sense by adapting and altering prevailing styles to make yourself an object of fascination. Do this right and you will be wildly imitated.

The nonconformity of Dandies, however, goes far beyond appearances. It is an attitude toward life that sets them apart; adopt that attitude and a circle of followers will form around you. Dandies are supremely impudent. They don’t give a damn about other people, and never try to please. In the court of Louis XIV, the writer La Bruyere noticed that courtiers who tried hard to please were invariably on the way down; nothing was more anti-seductive. As Barbey d’Aurevilly wrote, “Dandies please women by displeasing them.”

The insolence of the Rake is tied up with his desire to conquer a woman; he cares for nothing else. The insolence of the Dandy, on the other hand, is aimed at society and its conventions. It is not a woman he cares to conquer but a whole group, an entire social world. And since people are generally oppressed by the obligation of always being polite and self-sacrificing, they are delighted to spend time around a person who disdains such niceties.

Dandies are masters of the art of living. They live for pleasure, not for work; they surround themselves with beautiful objects and eat and drink….This royal manner which [the dandy] raises to the height of true royalty, the dandy has taken this from women, who alone seem naturally made for such a role. It is a somewhat by using the manner and the method of women that the dandy dominates. And this usurpation of femininity, he makes women themselves approve of this…The dandy has something antinatural and androgynous about him, which is precisely how he is able to endlessly seduce. with the same relish they show for their clothes. …This is not an attitude you should impose on those around you—you can’t make yourself a nuisance—but if you simply seem socially confident and sure of your taste, people will be drawn to you. The key is to make everything an aesthetic choice. Your ability to alleviate boredom by making life an art will make your company highly prized.

-Robert Greene
Seduction, pg. 48-50

To translate a bit, the paradox of a dandy is his obsession with appearance combined with a disregard for how he appears to others. No one is more obsessed with social mores than a radical nonconformist. He believes the power of symbols comes from breaking through taboos and distinctions (reference above: narcissism -> globalism) in a display of will-to-power…but only a display, because he gradually loses the ability to distinguish between appearance and reality. He believes all influence is power.

A militaristic dandy is the platonic fascist. He believes all power is influence. He responds to a social taboo which demands individualism with a radical collectivism, externalizing the law of attraction to mobilize entire societies in pursuit of a shared aestheticism. This is why many have noted a similarity between SJWs and the Alt-White: the former are radical collectivists preaching a dogma of radical individualism, and the latter are radical individualists, each individually breaking this taboo to preach radical collectivism. They are united by an intense fascination to appearances of group opinion, and in this are essentially feminine.

tl;dr- Richard Spencer’s haircut is important because the wearer is a narcissist who is convicted to use the power of appearances to effect reality. It’s an evolution of Game and the arms race between the sexes.

(FYI this isn’t the dankpost I promised, that’s coming later today.)

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8 Responses to Decoding fashy haircuts

  1. Ø says:

    Gordon Freeman: Amud
    Barney: Mousterian
    Headcrabs: Ruderal welfare parasites
    Vortigaunts: Melonheads
    Nihilanth: Utilitarian Ethos and/or Gnosis
    Xen: Hermeticism/Atlantis

    Combine: One World Government/Overwatch
    Combine Advisor: (((Greatest Allies)))
    Breen: shabbos goyim
    Ravenholm: American Inner Cities
    Black headcrabs: ratchet ass hood niglets
    Vorts: class defectors
    G-Man: Satan(?)

    Aperture Science: Zuckerbergian soyboy technocracy silicone valley dystopia
    Black Mesa: Deep State/MIT

  2. Alex says:

    Decoding faggy haircuts

  3. glosoli says:

    Late to this thread due to travelling.

    I didn’t research the reasons why Jehovah gave instructions on hair and beard trimming.
    Seems it could have been idolatry. Or a move against the Egyptian practices.
    Interesting however that the temples were not to be trimmed, and that’s the fashion these photos show. satan moves in mysterious ways maybe?

    Also. I have not seen any bible commands yet that mandate a beard?
    Are there any?

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