Fixing Christendom’s degenerate sexual culture, part 2

The Christian West has a serious problem with family formation.

Christians blame this crisis on an intruding secular culture. I strongly disagree. The problem is religious in nature and perpetuated by the moral permissiveness of insecure church leaders who lack either an understanding of sexual dynamics or the courage to wrestle with them. There are three widespread sins of which the church itself must confess and repent:

1) The gnostic belief that sexual attraction between a man and a woman is sinful because it is carnal.
2) The antinatalistic attitude that it is morally preferable for Christians not to marry and reproduce except under idyllic circumstances.
3) The feminist unwillingness to preach hard realities about female sexual nature while institutionally aiding and abetting the feminine imperative.

The combined effect of these sins is to emasculate Betas, encourage spinsterhood, enable sluts, and disillusion Alphas. To borrow a saying from 2nd Amendment advocates, by criminalizing reproduction we have ensured that only criminals will reproduce. And the statistical reality bears out this prediction.

Despite the vehement accusations I’ve received from supposedly superintelligent Christians, I am by no means advocating a philosophy of free love. My imaginary utopia would be a monogamous meritocracy, where 10s marry 10s, 9s marry 9s, and so on down to the 1s, who can decide whether they’d rather marry or be single. But this is unrealistic in the modern day, where 25% of men are despoiling 75% of the women and the remaining 25% of women feel entitled to punch four and five points above their (considerable) weight.

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23 Responses to Fixing Christendom’s degenerate sexual culture, part 2

  1. Z says:

    Agree with some things and disagree with others.
    Yes, the Church is at fault.
    The Church has become secularized itself, and with that, they lost their power as the main force behind the moral organization of society. What authority do they have when they just promote leftism-lite and gay marriage?
    “it is morally preferable for Christians not to marry and reproduce except under idyllic circumstances.”
    Not sure what “idyllic circumstances” mean. But for most men, it is better not to marry and reproduce if it ends in divorce and having to support 3 kids that he barely sees and an ex who hates his guts. Easy divorce together with female financial independence are the bigger problems here.
    Online dating and social media are a curse which further skewers the divide between the have-females and the have-nots. It provides an easy way for females to filter out candidates who they have not even seen (and who in other circumstances might have had a chance).
    Catholicism is the one true faith and Protestantism is a heresy. ;)
    But the current Pope is not really a Pope. Actually I don’t like very much the Pope idea, but I like Catholicism.

    • SirHamster says:

      “Not sure what “idyllic circumstances” mean.”

      Think ideal and peaceful circumstances.

      “Oh, there’s war, sexual confusion, broken societal institutions … clearly I should not reproduce.”

      That surrenders the future to those who will reproduce. We may feel inadequate to the task, but if we have received anything good, we have a duty to give that same good to others. Between our attempts, our children’s attempts, and God’s work through us, we’ll make everyone better off, and that is Good.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        Leave the Papists to their folly; Papistry is corrupt beyond repair; they are starting to pay now for their persecution of Christ’s followers. It isn’t possible for a Catholic to repent; if he repents, he ceases to be Catholic and the church will turn on him and devour him as a Judaizer.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Arguably the entire church is corrupted beyond repair. If you aren’t praying for a miracle to fix it then you aren’t on my team. (Harsh but true.)

          • Mycroft Jones says:

            It doesn’t need a miracle, Aeoli. It needs faith. Christ said he would be with us to the end of the age. Even if it boils down to restarting with 12 faithful brothers, still, the gates of Hell shall not prevail.

          • Mycroft Jones says:

            Done my time praying for miracles. God gave us an action plan. Instead of praying for miracles, get with the plan, do your part, and watch the mighty outstretched hand of God take over. Do your part, and have faith that God is doing His.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >Done my time praying for miracles.

              Then you have no place here.

            • Mycroft Jones says:

              Is this the Valentines Day massacre, Aeoli?

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              I wouldn’t mind treating you as neutral. Lots of neutrals around here.

            • Mycroft Jones says:

              Aeoli, the Pharisees asked Jesus for a miracle. Here is how he responded: “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.” (Matthew 16:4)

              You know why he did that? Here is a clue: “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.” (Matthew 23:13)

              Pray for a miracle all you want. Without sincere repentance, it is for nothing. God isn’t listening. Work rather, to bring your lost brothers to repentance. Reject the Word and call us Judaizers, frolic with Catholics and other Churchian eunuch-cucks, and what will you attain? Really?

              May this New Moon of the 11th month bring you peace, joy, and good insight into the Word.

              Following Christ and the Institutions of Christendom are antithetical to each other. Choose now this day which one you will prioritize. For you cannot do both.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >Not sure what “idyllic circumstances” mean.


      “””Maybe this is where the tradcon young men are: stuck between ‘ewww’ and and the impossibly high standards of parents. How many young men could possible be able to give the positive, hoped-for answers when surprised with a grilling on five dozen questions? (Oddly, had I simply lied or stretched the truth, we’d probably be courting).

      Of those very few who could possibly meet those requirements, how many will not be ‘ewww’?

      I would guess there is probably a huge positive correlation between being able to meet those dozens of parental standards and being an ‘ewww’ guy.

      If parents and young women make it impossible for young men to live up to your courtship standards, how can they possibly complain about being unable to find young men.”””

      He is correct about the correlation, which I will demonstrate later.

  2. glosoli says:


    Your idea of utopia sounds miserable. How about imagining a polygamous patriarchy instead.
    Or just think about the Old Testament, which appears to favour such a set-up in actual reality, no imagination required. Women have no say at all in the choice of their husband.

    How does one define merit? I can only think of one measure myself (no, not golf handicaps), and that’s how holy and righteous a family/ tribe can be. How does one define those attributes?
    Do they keep Gods law? Do they start their own churches and insist on silent women with their head covered? Do they exclude unrepentant sinners?

    You cannot expect any existing Western churches whatsoever to do these things. So all of the rest is irrelevant, because women will rule those churches. We can’t blame the churches, we can only blame those who attend. If everyone walked away, and did their own thing, we’d be blessed. But many walk away, only to start with another church that’s really just as bad.

    Mission critical: start our own proper churches, at home, then expand the congregation with word of mouth, maybe an online presence. Your buddies would want to attend, may even come to faith by attending, and the women would be drawn to the testosterone of alphas with a mission. Babies galore would follow.

    • glosoli says:

      It’s strange. Bible listening after I wrote the above, and decided to go for Matthew tonight.
      And my next verse was 22.
      The first half could have been written just for us on this blog at this time. Have a listen.
      Mathew 23 is also very apt:

      ‘Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye pay tithe of mint and anise and cummin, and have omitted the weightier matters of the law, judgment, mercy, and faith: these ought ye to have done, and not to leave the other undone.’

      It’s easy to become a hypocrite, but I think we’re straining at gnats whilst swallowing camels. Note the first in the list above: the law. Everything flows from that.

    • Mycroft Jones says:

      The question of women’s choice is an interesting one. There are examples that show women have moral agency. The men often consult the women and pay attention to their feelings… before making the decision on their behalf. :-) Take the story of Jael and SIsera. A woman takes it upon herself to kill the king of the Syrian army with a tent peg. Take the story of the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca. Or David and Mical. In both cases, daddy inquired to make sure there was some spark of willingness on daughters part, before going ahead with the marriage.

      Men lead, and women like it. But if the women don’t like it, the man soon loses his leadership to some other man.

    • Koanic says:

      Ruth exercised informal power in her choice of husband, as did Rebekah.

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    Monogamy is the very beginning of the degeneracy you describe Aeoli. But you are on the right track; our current system punishes Alpha and Beta alike. The roots of Christendom’s cuckoldry stems directly from the doctrine of monogamy, which contradicts the Apostle Paul directly and the Bible generally. Christendom adopted it from Rome, which in turn got it from Babylon. Monogamy is a technology of Empire, which is the antithesis of Biblical Holy Nationalism.

    • J.M. says:

      You are more ignorant than you can imagine. I guess a lot of those monogamous prophets were heretics….after all the Authority has spoken…

      That’s the problem with people like you. You read the Scripture but cannot understand what you read…

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  7. Quasimodo (I did *not* choose my genes -- neither did God) says:

    “Girls” weren’t even on my mind in my twenties. Philosophy, learning was on my mind. I came to the realization that I’m not a genius, which meant that my life was pointless, and I did not want to drag my useless existence forth another sixty years or so as an average joe. I mean, even as a genius it’s meaningless, but at least I would have been occupied and could have gotten some value out of my suffering. So I had no interest in girls during my twenties. You guys come across like incels actually, being obsessed with the alphas taking all the girls etc.

    Apparently, as Kevin MacDonald writes in his essay on monogamy, at the end of the 17th century, 23% of British women and men between the ages 40-44 were unmarried. Some men might have visited prostitutes, but apparently, it was not a big deal, because sex was not a big deal. I also remember reading about a German Lutheran pastor (19th century) who lived with his three older sisters and one brother together, all unmarried. In the 19th century, the Austrian government wanted to tax unmarried men (“Hagestolzensteuer”). Even in Rome, there has been a tax on the unmarried at some point. So this is not new. Only nowadays does everyone play up the important of marriage and sex itself even.

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